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Pattaya Thailand – She acknowledged: I love mature males! – Vlog 144

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Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Thailand, that is a toddle back and forth video that comprises avenue scenes and funny tales from these cities

0: 00 A comedian story: a foreign man travelling to Thailand portray his Thai female friend why he loves her
1: 09 A comedian story: expat in Pattaya talks to a Thai lady about what to develop tonight in Pattaya
2: 27 7-Eleven Thailand
6: 10 A comedian story: Pattaya 2-weeks tourist tells a Thai lady about his military abilities
7: 25 Is Thailand a males’s Paradise?
8: 29 Bangkok avenue scenes
10: 15 A comedian story: a foreign tourist leaving Pattaya says goodbye to his Thai female friend
10: 36 Pattaya avenue scenes
13: 50 Dazzling sales lady in Pattaya
15: 25 Diversified technology of Thai ladies folks in Bangkok
18: 08 A comedian story: an expat in Thailand talks to a Pattaya citizen
19: 38 Pattaya on the present time
22: 34 Thai avenue food in Pattaya
23: 39 Thailand ladies folks and motorbikes
27: 20 A comedian story: Pattaya ladies folks focus on what make of males they love
28: 42 Where to eat in Pattaya
32: 04 Thailand stay
35: 34 Bangkok on the present time
37: 11 7-Eleven Bangkok
39: 00 Thailand on the present time: subway gallop in Bangkok

Here’s the Thailand vlog 144

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