Pattaya Thailand Seaside at Evening — Loi Krathong

Pattaya Seaside at night. An dazzling night within the course of Thai Holiday Loi Khratong.
[Music] it’s sorry about that my internet dropped out relating to the same space so I’m gonna I will’t streak abet in direction of that home by these pictures if I work we got quite a bit of I know quite a bit of what’s going on right here right here’s central competition mall [Music] I got a for ballet within the abet of there you accept a leo beer I procure a boot for beer tonight accept over right here I’m in actual fact I’m sorry you truly feel dazzling on every occasion I eat tantalizing food I truly feel a minute better and I know my sea-begin I want to search out anyone to settle this camera livestream so I’ll possibly exercise my varied camera film anybody desires to attain tonight me can settle my settle my livestream [Music] [Applause] whats up [Music] I choose anyone that comes correct tonight me however yeah while you attain so that you will must settle my livestream my my Kimball I will want to settle my camera doing I choose some aid I will’t attain both of the same time [Music] got accept quite a bit of police out right here some militia guys I saw yeah it’s purchasing for anyone to help me I are looking out for to need a dwell skedaddle with film within the same time I choose anyone settle a gimbal ok however it absolutely appears to be like to be like cherish you’re more or less doing your maintain thing nah that is dazzling so that you’re dwell streaming yeah cool down yeah subscribe attain revel on your night are you from States yeah North Carolina oh chilly okay right here it’s assemble a blinding night is what this lady friend I’m looking out out dwelling aid to settle the yeah I got Mason how many subscribers I meet right here Natalia [Music] we’re in a taya Seaside Highway shapely seaside avenue Pattaya I’m yeah I’m purchasing for anyone to settle a gimbal and it would possibly possibly perchance truly perchance gaze recommendation from the camera we talked to those females that is a substantial time to film too [Applause] [Music] [Music] be conscious all these folks your complete device over there some reason I accept shut to that stage that’s where it dropped out last time the internet utterly I’ve by no device considered it before completely dropped out on me for 20 minutes folks are asserting was a YouTube voice however it absolutely dazzling befell again I used to be about to attain it again I so I flip abet there I are looking out for to circulation over there however I will’t they got some more or less a blocker or one thing for heaps for dwell streamers and Facebook folks I got some more or less unusual a blocking thing going on there yeah jammer that’s what befell on account of I’d by no device considered it before completely dropped out and it was beginning to occur again I needed to flip abet however that’s where the principle action is up there I will’t streak over there I don’t mediate [Music] [Music] well I’ll strive to circulation abet over there if it occurs again I couldn’t accept the internet abet for 20 minutes either hi there folks are asserting it to YouTube be conscious they be conscious your complete Qatar’s on the seaside there let them lighting them aflame and setting them off within the ocean they attain it within the river they attain it in lakes rivers lakes I’ll repeat you right here setting it off [Music] you be conscious the ocean it’s seemingly you’ll perchance moreover be conscious a entire bunch of em available and these guitars are all made from plant topic so it’s all biodegradable banana leaves and that more or less stuff in reveal that they’re now no longer polluting don’t fear about pollution and the candles made of wax that’s all biodegradable stuff you get you’re gonna assemble millions of these items all around the set Thailand tonight he’s got one too they streak out into the water you comprehend it’s time to let a minute mouth we got to there some town your so I mediate you’re a peculiar uh we assemble been we assemble been faring particular person pretending cherish you’re a Thai girl that’s why I mediate you are however it’s seemingly you’ll perchance moreover strive some comedy right here there’s okay we’re now no longer gonna ban you yeah I don’t thoughts unusual commoners you know I don’t my or now no longer mine folks elect rollin either slack trolling yeah alright possibly some Tamriel is a 18 yr broken-down Thai girl now she’s now she’s crying she’s got cherish she’s got a strategy of phrases yeah I don’t mediate I mediate it’d be a foreign particular person the vocabulary and stuff I mediate it’s anyone from cherish UK or The United States can be a 60 yr broken-down guy from the UK a foreigner Jose dwell – I dazzling got a notification for YouTube I don’t gape plenty for Joe movies that’s excellent chilly I got a notification he’s now no longer dwell very in most cases so test his livestream out or he’s at I lay on youtuber he’s in a single other parlor Patong be conscious so I’m gonna streak abet to this home with any luck we don’t accept chop available’s no tag jammer that’s what befell last time where are you from Assam town yeah test out 400 OHS dwell skedaddle guys he’s a he’s dwell to you accurate now [Music] that is substantial I cherish this name Philippines okay that now that in actual fact makes sense welcome song town that makes sense then no I didn’t know your truly feel I believed you assemble been Thai or pretending to be tie or your Philippines that makes lost sense I’m sorry to accept your case on Tama dazzling uh I gotta accept quite a bit of trolls on occasion I gotta talk abet to the trolls we got some photographers out right here [Music] [Music] okay we’re now no longer dropping the tag all’s dazzling yeah however need to been a YouTube plan [Music] well yeah thanks for staring at somtam you’re welcome right here sorry you get banned before however consider a member of the of the channel we can’t we got militia guys right here cherish we can’t streak any further and we got a concert particle physics this would possibly possibly perchance in most cases be a tricky theme of film with the camera my varied camera well you get these floodlights right here while you be conscious lighting up the seaside in most cases Seaside is a extremely shadowy an night to film we’ve got these massive floodlights which is which is dazzling your complete device down the seaside and my camera is excellent adept at low-gentle [Applause] I’m base anyone they gotta streak into their tub you know mediate I click on your title your channel title or they got streak into their into their bagless and don’t delete the it presentations all people that’s base and your YouTube community page [Music] mentioned he wanted setting one off [Music] [Applause] Oh coming abet you get to circulation out into the ocean to truly effect it off he’s going available [Music] [Music] [Music] I’ll possibly streak vlog within the philippe’s thanks anxious I mediate so at some point soon I accept these random Philippine folks coming into my channel commenting and stuff that’s excellent chilly it’s seemingly you’ll perchance moreover accept a excellent dazzling Philippine viewers vlogging they’re either cherish I by no device accept any ties utterly just a few ties comedy [Music] [Applause] [Music] well lets streak to the temple they got up they got upon within the temple where they’re setting off that’s what we’re gonna streak subsequent in actual fact there’s a entire varied thing going on on the temple there [Music] [Music] I’d settle to accept just a few photographs with my camera if I got truly nowhere I’ll possibly effect this once the fats moon [Music] thanks very unheard of at some point soon that’s dazzling to hear that a Philippine girl finds me charming possibly others will after I am going there gape i gape i monk on the huge temple you know South Pattaya that we streak to your complete time that’s where quite a bit of action is correct now so we’re gonna poke we’re gonna poke there your complete device that’s a extremely chilly one you be conscious that one accurate there the serpent one [Music] well I mediate some some time is simply too younger for me I mediate she mentioned 17 or 18 one thing in there so [Music] be conscious how many folks is incredibly a extremely busy direct accurate now [Music] all people’s exterior accurate now [Music] you [Music] we’re gonna streak to the temple we are going to likely be able to strive to poke there if now no longer we constantly settle the Papas this is never any doubt one of the few few streets of it she was just a few days of the yr I will poke down beat Roy with a gimbal up camera in most cases we’re now no longer be in a position to attain that [Music] at nighttime we’ll assemble a blinding streak back and forth some town [Music] yeah coconut trees I cherish the assorted coconut trees [Music] well there’s there’s quite a bit of retirees right here in Pattaya I imply a ton now no longer dazzling within town I imply on your complete home you know cherish settle champion and the shadowy facet and even some little cities in 30 minutes we hear a trauma proper I got after I went to within the seaside thinks all accurate there’s there’s many of on this home possibly 100 to 200 thousand retiree expats in full you’re round expats [Music] [Music] you get these are a turtle turtle ones yeah the the retirees are the spine of this community I imply uh you know 50 50 to 90 yr olds and mediate it or now no longer yep there are a preference of a a amount of 9 85 to 95 yr olds on this town even perchance up to 100 you know obviously there’s gonna be fewer at at age dazzling on account of the form of most folk don’t fabricate it that long however a somtam don’t uncover any of these guys any of your records e-mail or they’ll strive writing it out of you or your your Facebook or Instagram dazzling my recommendation [Music] so quite a bit of the actions by central you be conscious you get effective chairs right here it’s seemingly you’ll perchance sit right here [Music] that is the wave hotel they’re doing quite a bit of construction work in reveal that they’re digging stuff up slack once that’s performed hi there chop Shula TV and welcome you attain subscriber over right here shapely Pattaya Thailand we’re headed to the temple the principle temple which goes to be quite a bit of stuff going on for the vacation right here Thai vacation Laura Katara we’re gonna settle a bop bus we’re gonna settle a bot plus on account of uh my vitality ranges are now no longer that substantial being so more or less sick so I’m gonna preserve some vitality and settle the mass transit that one’s fats we’ll settle the next one appears to be like to be like cherish they’re all fats this present day [Music] you guys the streak abet [Music] there’s Mike taking a procure out about girl [Music] yeah it’s an dazzling night that is how the next four months are gonna be excellent unheard of then March begins to accept hot again it’s soundless very effective in March in April – dazzling more hot although [Music] possibly a minute of a poke boots went to we strive to poke your complete device from central to poke the avenue we’re now no longer going to poke in avenue however the temple is now no longer a long way from there handiest handiest five minute poke [Music] I’m on a AIS kit [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] there’s the McDonald’s Lewis Cabo was speaking about by making it a nook retailer that’s guilt somewhere round right here will likely be dazzling direct however you don’t assemble quite a bit of proper stakes that giant takes up quite a bit of home you get this consumer I spin there eternally you get the nook accurate right here that is likely to be the proper nook accurate there it’s a chef’s store that’s possibly that junk retail outlets been there eternally that is likely to be device too unheard of device too unheard of cash by it’s seemingly you’ll perchance moreover assemble cherish no doubt the form of retail outlets cherish that one accurate there shoe store be dazzling for college and we’ll accept off right here we can poke the leisure of the model [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] they assemble been going to the template I want to learn the model to claim that title gape from trombone there’s a secret entrance device accurate there that gate we’re gonna streak there it’s a succesful shortcut to you’re attempting to accept you’re attempting to accept from 2nd row to to important voice accurate now would possibly possibly be going to be getting across the avenue let’s fabricate a drag for it secret passageway [Music] in actual fact appears to be like cherish I used to be right here two years ago now no longer as unheard of stuff going on they’d cherish a entire bunch of stuff temple they need to assemble the crit arm so on the Parana be conscious that was truly effective two years ago I used to be right here [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] accept some coconut begin accept proper crowded right here [Music] I got this exchange excellent crowded [Music] [Music] they fabricate a sushi accurate right here these are five odds at ten our bodies which American bucks is 72 33 cents entire box of sushi for cherish three bucks [Music] that was cherish AG is imitation trousers the reports 10 baht for those fish tax that’s a penny soba that’s the pickled ginger I cherish hoarseness that before I got sick ties Enoch deal [Music] [Music] the library materials enjoyment and [Music] dazzling I will procure out about for a job abet riding accurate [Music] [Music] right here’s a minute guitar to the guitars are [Music] [Music] you be conscious this with a lid off the Fatah hands it’s a massive line your complete line folks accurate there it dazzling started on account of it’s now no longer many that is likely to be fats of rhetoric later on tonight [Applause] runners ready [Music] [Music] they’ll fabricate offerings then they accept a thing and to boot they set [Music] [Music] [Music] I will assemble to manufacture the operator myself [Applause] I got by no doubt the form of sticks first I set a hundred I by no device be conscious if I attain 100 it’s handiest 20 or 50 be conscious we got right here he dazzling attain 20 okay it’s cherish I set this right here the spirit [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] accurate [Music] settle some picnic over right here on my camera monday netball you uncover me now no longer a blinding day right here’s a conventional welcome abet this present day I cherish [Music] be conscious all these bucks right here all of them excellent unheard of continue to exist this temple I mediate there’s many many monks in dwell in snow you know all ages from minute to 80 years broken-down we streak over there we can effect the camera down can assemble to you snatch some pictures I didn’t bring my zoom lens hi there guys aid your be a part of the it’s high vacation right here I mediate we’re going to circulation test out the market a minute bit after which they name it a skedaddle accept a minute bit tired [Laughter] [Music] [Music] one other man [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] de la persona however Roy accurate man I’m Roy [Music] within the course of the [Applause] [Applause] yeah I’ll possibly reach abet settle a break dazzling nap or one thing accept some fruit and snarl soundless be going down right here possibly we’ll reach abet to attain a glossy dwell skedaddle or one thing round 11: 00 we’ll test out your complete guitars you streak abet accept some leisure a minute bit that is perchance essentially the most busiest hour so it’s miles likely to be two for the 2 crowded accurate now after I accept exterior this temple the boys possibly set the livestream possibly begin a glossy one later yeah thanks for tuning in [Applause] it’s a anybody else dwell streaming border Joe so why can assemble to I cherish staring at my better half cherish as an instance if anyone’s cherish there was times when cherish bar fights or Chuck was doing cherish early in fishing livestream and cherish folks wanted me to affix it by dazzling I didn’t are looking out for to affix I dazzling wanted a gape if I joined it will settle away from my dazzling point a web page web page visitors jam right here yeah by born a silly myth he’s a blinding blogger from American guy lives in Bangkok his youtube title is foreigner silly myth he’s a retired guy he has quite a bit of ice about that I met ah I met a pal of his right here at Pattaya woods all accurate guys gaze recommendation from you later possibly possibly we’ll attain one other one tonight I gotta accept some leisure

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