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Pattaya Thailand IRL – Soi 6 LIVE Barhop with Bow! ($3 TTS Superchats/PayPal Donations Enabled!)

Hi there guys, my name is Jon and I’m currently living in Pattaya, Thailand! I genuinely bear lived in Pattaya for nearly 4 years now and I genuinely bear labored on Soi 6 as a bar supervisor for 3 of those years.

I could per chance fancy to mediate I genuinely bear a first payment knowledge of Pattaya and esteem helping others out that portion the identical passion for Pattaya and Thailand on the general.

In this Livestream I could be answering any questions you guys bear about Pattaya/Thailand or lockdown and in most cases lawful having some relaxing on movement.

To ship a donation/tip to jon555 – please click on on the link underneath to make utilize of PayPal – https://streamlabs.com/jon555-weeklypattayathailandvlogs/tip

The Superchat & Monumental Decal feature is also on hand! (PayPal likelihood is most well-preferred as YouTube takes 30% or more from a Superchat donation!)

You might per chance be in a space to now also hit the Join button underneath the video to accumulate a fab Crown Emoji first and predominant of your name that looks on comments half and likewise through Livestreams!

Join right here – https://youtube.com/c/jon555pattaya

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2 thoughts on “Pattaya Thailand IRL – Soi 6 LIVE Barhop with Bow! ($3 TTS Superchats/PayPal Donations Enabled!)

  • February 7, 2021 at 11:25 pm

    Interesting livestream.I esteem the potential you said several instances you had no opinion what took predicament then proceeded to suppose us what took predicament several instances 😉

  • February 8, 2021 at 10:17 am

    Jon mate… Tom is dragging you down. Here’s not the first time he's been caught arguing over trivialities. 25p / 10 baht ffs. You are getting tarred with the an identical brush as Tom. Around town, the large streamers won't touch him. Pause sure mate. You know the vigilante channels (all almost definitely the an identical bloke lol), they might indulge in a field day over this one. Tom already on skinny ice immigration real looking. Receive care man.


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