Beginning from second motorway and walking down Soi 7 in Pattaya Thailand. A dawdle down Soi 7 to inform you the guest obliging motels, beer bars, ago lunge bar, thai therapeutic massage stores, thai bar ladies, restaurants, currency alternate booths and whatever else on Soi 7 that you indubitably would indubitably like to peek. I dawdle previous the Sunbeam hotel, Eastiny Hotels and The Flipper Resort Hotel shut to seashore motorway. Then dawdle down seashore motorway into Soi 8 and dawdle down Soi 8 Pattaya Thailand and inform you the loads of beer bars, guest obliging motels, restaurants, thai therapeutic massage stores and thai bar ladies..I lunge.pady silver star ago lunge 2 and inform lunge Shooters var as effectively. I am hoping you revel in this video and it keeps you suggested on what is on Soi 7 and Soi 8 in Pattaya Thailand. Thank you for watching this video and subscribe to Pattaya Slyman.


hi there ray we’ll take a look at out so I ate time now’s spherical 4: 30 so this is what it looks to be take care of appropriate now 4: 30 p.m. candy as you appreciate candy as many therapeutic massage parlors butter bars lot of motels convenient place and this place you appreciate will get going in a while appropriate now it’s roughly kinda dreary appropriate now but that’s center of the evening arise it’s a runt bit busier and the total bars roughly originate up there’s Sunbeam hotel you never stayed there so I don’t indubitably know significant about it looks to be take care of a tight hotel even supposing let’s transfer on it’s an Irish therapeutic massage it’s yet another hotel East anyplace [Music] effectively are you hiya hiya sunshine hotel on my left factual a spammer here Destinee plaza this is yet another hotel Sarge parlors here and at the conclude there’s a flipper Resort on my left and as a significant Buffy for 199 BOTS and these areas they as effectively byron seashore hotel and there’s some beer bars appropriate over here on my left destiny hotel and it’s take care of freedom here on this soy bullying are residing 3r let’s lunge lunge by here as effectively star Google my left been there for an awfully very long time it frail to be decent abet to dig I haven’t been there this day out yet all people whisper significant boys in a given evening be a appropriate and disagreeable for the extra severe it’s extra beer bars on my left and here is a slipper Resort so on my left boobers am i appropriate [Music] it’s no longer too busy appropriate now it’s low season so it’s no longer very busy anyways you appreciate dawdle Avenue used to be rather busy last evening room disco used to be packed and the lunge-lunge boys are rather busy appropriate nearly here seashore motorway here down sois seven on seashore motorway appropriate now Burger King on my Rach that’s indubitably new most continuously I don’t take care of doing this appropriate now this share of the date some of us safe pissed off and stuff so the irregular particular person seeing stuff seeing shit [Music] that cockroach I don’t take care of that [Music] hiya I’m busy appropriate now Silver Star chewable the silver skedaddle one who used to be on soy utilize and we purchased Silverstar tube and candy seven I haven’t been there for an awfully very long time as effectively as effectively so I indubitably don’t understand how that Google bar is now frail to damage a reef Cantina in restaurant indubitably appropriate restaurant I’ve eaten there repeatedly indubitably appropriate Mexican American food lolly instructed [Music] so this is take care of the significant beer bar complex on Slate 7 we’re going appropriate by it this place will get indubitably busy at evening loads of females here loads of girl boys play pool here low-impress beer and aid drinks loads more inexpensive than dawdle Avenue and also you in Pattaya Thailand factual come here and revel for your their evening as effectively and candy 70 [Music] this runt Patrick take care of a aspect-motorway candy seven over beer bars here [Music] and been down here for an awfully very long time this aspect trek guest homes here beer bars restaurants laundry shop and every little thing’s over here let’s dawdle abet down here there is a Hilton Hotel clutch to peek there at one time in my existence costly lunge you suggested my my cash away on Rue mistake [Music] return down this fashion [Music] she’s return down there but there’s a guy over there it’s roughly getting pissed off me in college anxiousness it some balls [Music] enormous and whistle pump had some appropriate reports about this place appropriate restaurants appropriate food Rosy’s it’s potentially decent there as effectively [Music] boulevard to soy eight [Music] hola restaurant my porter here it’s potentially appropriate there as effectively I’ve never eaten there and appropriate reports about that place as effectively [Music] [Applause] [Music] and their flipper air module repeat clipper dwelling low-impress accommodation rapidly a pool as effectively appropriate now we’re nearly down the very conclude and we purchased shooters on my left [Music] here so significant significant bar to hold out in there repeatedly you considered seen my movies horny females in there for particular all appropriate very conclude of seven on the second rule ok thanks for watching and please please subscribe to potato slammin thanks very significant [Music] [Music] [Music]

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