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Pattaya Streak Now Lockdown relief Living chase Center Pattaya Soi 12 Terminal Pattaya Seaside Sep.21

Hello each person, welcome to my channel Pattaya Streak Now in video convey material. no extra dialogue It is miles an objective walking tour. The video will be up to this level at 2: 00 AM Thailand time every night time. in the event you treasure my video Please subscribe to my channel..to each person on this planet who wants to trudge in Thailand and Pattaya. nonetheless didn’t drag to if you occur to perceive my video You are going to feel treasure in Thailand and walking in this Pattaya metropolis, sure it is lovely for you. On story of I discontinue it for you. Thank you all.

▶️ ซอย พัทยากลาง 12

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⬇️ Chapter

0: 00 Intro

0: 14 Central Pattaya Avenue

01: 30 Foot rub down salon for successfully being

03: 31 Foot rub down salon for successfully being

04: 17 Central Pattaya Soi 12 (Soi AR)

10: 10 Centara Nova Hotel

12: 10 Nova Suites Pattaya Hotel

16: 39 Recede straight to Pattaya Second Avenue

16: 50 Petchtrakul Avenue to North Pattaya Avenue

17: 30 Memoir Restaurant, Isan folks

19: 58 Recede straight to the third highway, Pattaya.

23: 04 Effective C Department Store, North Pattaya Branch

25: 00 Petchtrakul Avenue

34: 20 Petchtrakul Avenue Intersection, North Pattaya Avenue

36: 45 Terminal 21 Procuring Mall, Pattaya

44: 22 Second Avenue, Pattaya

46: 36 Yellow Massage

49: 52 Second Avenue, Pattaya Soi 1

56: 41 Pattaya Seaside Avenue

57: 36 North Pattaya Seaside

59: 53 Central Pattaya Seaside

01: 03: 00 Central Pattaya Seaside Department Store

01: 03.46 Central Pattaya Seaside Department Store………Eading

⬇️my video

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Thank you to each person who came to perceive my video so that you just don’t leave out the new video I upload. I want you to subscribe, press treasure, press share. See you in the next video. God bless each person. Bye👋

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