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Pattaya Soi 6 – The absolute best vacation role for men? | Thailand 2019

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A coaching video about existence in Pattaya. This will doubtless be a video for people that are going to commute to Thailand.

It modified into once filmed in 2019 on Pattaya streets equivalent to Soi 6, Soi Buakhao, Strolling Motorway, South Avenue, 3d Avenue. From the video, you will know details about Pattaya motels, restaurants, streets, bars, clubs:
0: 01 Soi 6 Pattaya, Jungle Bar, low label room rent
4: 40 Pattaya Third Avenue, motels, stores
6: 02 2nd Avenue, Aree Rub down
7: 47 The Hideous Pattaya condominium
10: 01 Pattaya restaurant 24 hours
10: 49 Pattaya Strolling Motorway, night time scenes
14: 20 Pattaya Soi 6, Soho bar
15: 02 Baht Bus, the most standard routes
16: 35 Seaside Avenue Pattaya, stroll around after heart of the night time
18: 30 South Avenue, road scenes within the daytime


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