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2 thoughts on “Pattaya shoreline raod lately- QUARANTINE DAYS

  • August 26, 2020 at 7:53 pm

    Pattaya is closed Thailand will carry within the 14 day quoranteen solutions and as soon as you get aid one other 14 days so that you’re going to Desire a visa to get in and the flights Will be double the associated rate hotels will double there tag and the alternate charge is crap its shit 41 baht to the pound 38 to the euro crap crap and as soon as you get here and quoranteen 14 days you WILL FIND 95% GIRL'S HAVE GONE HOME EVERYONE IS LEAVING PATTAYA OVER THE NEXT FEW WEEKS EVERYONE WILL BE GONE GONE. IF YOU BRAKE 14 RULES YOU WILL BE BAND BAND FOR THAILAND FOR LIFE.


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