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Pattaya Seaside (daytime) : Chonburi, Thailand | Walking Tour [4K]

Pattaya feeble to be a extremely standard tourist vacation enlighten for each and every Thais and foreigners. However now the entire lot has changed! the relaxing, the colors and the insanity… the entire lot is all long previous, simplest silence remains. The number of vacation makers dropped by more than 70%


If you happen to need some privacy to sunbathe on the seaside, feels cherish a non-public seaside. Pattaya Seaside is for you.


Date and time of recording the video.
: February 2022 (2: 45 p.m.-3: 00 p.m.)

Filming Space.
: Pattaya Seaside (Chonburi, Thailand)


Thank you to the total viewers who joined me on this lag.

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