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Pattaya Night time Scenes – 2018

Pattaya Night time Scenes – 2018 – Soi 6 & Seashore Avenue – Vlog 283

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A video of an evening out in Pattaya, Thailand. The video begins at Soi Buakhao shut to LK Metro, then Soi Diana, Soi 6 and at closing on to seaside motorway…

Substances of this video consist of:
0: 04 Intro
0: 42 LK Metro
1: 08 Soi Diana, a watch at some noisy karaoke bars that play loud tune unless 2 or 3am
3: 06 Soi Diana beer bar complex
4: 12 The Edge condo pattern, units starting from 4 million baht ($121k)
4: 32 Baht bus prance alongside 2d motorway to Soi 6
5: 40 Plan of the baht bus prance, 10 baht for the 1.4km accelerate
5: 44 Soi 6
6: 25 A beer in the Jungle bar who hang an filled with life fb page
8: 45 Soi 6 scenes
9: 51 Baht bus prance alongside seaside motorway
10: 35 Seashore motorway
11: 36 Tahitian Queen, an veteran faculty bar that is upright in the afternoons as well to in the nights. Cloak: they play tune at a low quantity here…
12: 06 Seashore motorway freelancer ladies folks, the police had been cracking down that plan with regards to every lady was standing on the other side of seaside motorway
13: 00 The exhaust of a man as a human defend 🙂
14: 03 24 hour KFC voice at Royal Garden Plaza mall
15: 43 Scenes from shut to the crimson sculpture shut to Strolling Avenue
16: 37 Seashore nourishment?
17: 30 Pattaya beer backyard bar complex
18: 17 Outro

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1st song:
Misplaced Outrider – Fires Above Luna District

2nd song
Kotovsky – More Lovewaves

third song
Hour of darkness North – Consume Me to the Depths
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Termite Infested White Wooden Fence – Tomove

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