Pattaya Night time Out – Vlog 112 (Soi 6, 7, 8 & LK Metro)

Pattaya Night time Out – Vlog 112 (Soi 6, 7, 8 & LK Metro)

A video of a evening out in Pattaya from November 2016. This video ends around nighttime and is the first of two parts.

Parts of this video encompass:

0: 03 Soi 6 at the side of a watch at the Night time Desire bar
5: 41 Heading to Soi 7 on a baht bus
6: 36 Soi 7 at the side of a terribly cheap beer bar
9: 53 Soi 8
13: 05 Making my components to LK Metro
14: 41 Bronx Pizza, presumably my authorized in Pattaya
15: 43 LK Metro gogo bar space
17: 55 40 baht mototaxi to Walking Avenue
18: 55 Outro from the Loopy Horse Circus bar in Patong

Further notes:

In September 2012 some younger Western guys opened a brand unique bar on Soi 6 known as the Night time Desire bar. Using the easy ways of getting themed party nights, social media advertising, having fun girls, having a Western manager onsite and cheap drink prices they’ve expanded their empire to now delight in 9 bars on Soi 6 in just over 4 years.

Bars within the Night time Desire community encompass:

Night time Desire bar (flagship bar)
Butterfly Bar
Foxy Bar
Sexy Bar
Kawaii Bar
Offshore Bar
Pussy Club
Sexy within the City Bar
and the Toy Field Bar.

Themed party nights encompass relief to varsity, bikini evening, no underwear evening, challenging lingerie etc. Free meals and shots are most frequently on hand too.

‘My Buddy You’ bar additionally on Soi 6 has very cheap Leo and Chang beer at just correct 55 baht a bottle. Unbeknown to me I didn’t realise that being so darkish inner it is some distance a properly-known BJ bar. I sat on the terrace outside which is reverse an unlimited pawn shop.

Don’t race from Soi 6 to 7. It be no longer that the race is long at 680 meters, it be just correct that there’s practically nothing to delight in a examine and a baht bus poke is properly price it.

On Soi 7 there is a beer bar with just correct about basically the most payment-efficient drink prices in town. It be just correct right through and down barely from 69ers bar.

A desk spoon of moist chilli flakes within the soup noodles. I will deal with the dry chilli flakes enough, but in the case of the moist ones they surely blow your hair relief. The locals deal with them elegant as they’ve been drinking them their complete lives. Maintain a sort if you’re in town and let me know the components to rep on 🙂

Tahitian Queen gogo bar nostalgia.

This is the oldest gogo bar in town, and the bogs delight in some advantageous veteran photos of days passed by.

Bronx pizza is my authorized in Pattaya. It be New York sort pizza by the slash so might perhaps well presumably no longer be to every person’s sort. They’ve doubled in measurement since my final talk over with and likewise delight in seating inner so that claims plenty about how properly they’re doing. Closed on Tuesdays.

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