Pattaya Night Scenes – Vlog 351

Pattaya Night Scenes – Vlog 351

A spacious relaxed video with 2 bike rides and a beefy dawdle of Soi 7 around 9pm in Pattaya, Thailand.

This video turned into as soon as taken after just a few hours of afternoon drinking in the bars of Soi 6. I turned into as soon as very very under the influence of alcohol and no longer making the good picks by refusing a helmet and asking a massage employee if they had been a l@dyboy or no longer.

Moreover of tag, I turned into as soon as so inebriated I accidentally aged the defective camera and had to alter some settings in post. Apologies if any scenes seem too shadowy or grainy.

Aspects of this video include:

0: 04 Soi 6 bike whisk at 9pm
3: 59 Bulky dawdle up Soi 7
8: 39 Lady or LB? 🙂
10: 15 Motorbike whisk down Soi 7
11: 49 Seaside road
14: 19 Soi Diana
15: 21 LK Metro
17: 18 Outro

Outro tune
Termite Infested White Wooden Fence – Tomove

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