PATTAYA – I invite a Thai Girl and breeze Santa Fe (Vlog)

Went to Santa Fe and like for less 10 bucks for 2 particular person. Please Subscribe
[Music] to originate a correct day you will must have some donuts and low so let’s breeze forward we breeze Spacious C some taffy you have gotten to – hon hon hon watch out if you happen to set apart apart off odds in Tainan constantly survey in each set apart apart what’s that this I love Tyson if you happen to take one hiya telly so cycles stare right here a 10% good buy what you inform what you worship to have test right here so you have gotten rooster steak with pie spices anybody 199 buta pork marinated murky pepper however the disco stick racy stores you have gotten this spaghetti thank you worship that sufficient I could gather something worship that rooster steak first petit that’s a diversified right here’s yummy yummy upstate or 101 one-on-one over 109 motivate let’s walk it in right here let’s stare let me take a seat right here you worship to have take a seat within the motivate and I surely feel I don’t surely feel originate right here oh yeah it used to be 25 sweetie you worship to have spaghetti 19i motivate return they won honey yeah she desire this nineteen shining that every every other why we didn’t must even humor this one is $4.99 allotment yeah so you worship right here many other folks now this village is why right here’s why that stuff for light so we’re going to take spaghetti and rooster steak or what you worship to have you yeah what’s that rooster sector barbecue eeeh and these are free doings to doing straightforward that sufficient for the spaghetti for a diagram considerable it used to be stating that something worship this huh desire I respond – for your spoon properly yeah she can be able to escort we’ll stare sufficient miss Scheele akimichi you worship to must test out this for you for my subscribers [Music] so sage there’s extra request of worship sufficient it’s correct you are attempting yeah so you watched it’s correct tribal society so since each and every I don’t worship it so considerable my first mighty rubdown if you happen to cease you supposed to love with a fork but not now she’ll give a hug for me oh yeah in Thailand it with Hamza no we will stick or with spoon and he or she cannot give a we bought to doings what cease you mean are you breeze what’s he lemon and lime – tea there’s extra iced tea what it is considerable potato mash why not police evening and me I purchased she can be able to rooster Specter identical thing pineapple salad and two portion of breeze forward pepper sauce tamarind sauce which on the present time to T and so this will trace presumably repeat me it is probably going you’ll perhaps also stare for $99.99 and 85 at observed but act already free inappropriate observed which is the nine bucks eight bucks in Elissa one sausage closing so we’re doing too considerable appropriate it’s higher to repeat or something worship some french fries right here’s too shrimp and I worship I worship the mashed potato as correct for you no doubt she would be cooking rooster she can be able to stick used to be correct it’s sufficient but what yeah we stare develop you solely – my most challenging one portion is that right here’s why we bought spagett right here yeah yo yo I most challenging know tips on how to order Eastern restaurant for mistake on the present time [Music] [Music] [Music] it doesn’t survey very tasty so considerable [Music] why she won’t present you with continue to some neighbors [Music]

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