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Pattaya from a rush angle| LK Metro| Buakhao Market| Thailand Appropriate Now

4K video. Pattaya? Pattaya from a rush angle. Thailand Appropriate Now

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Ey champs! What’s taking place?!

Pattaya extinct to be really one of many perfect social gathering locations in Thailand with a huge selection of prostitution and Ladyboys. In the following couple of episodes, we are able to preserve you updated on what’s taking place right here at this very moment and we are able to recall a examine Pattaya from a rush angle.

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Pause champ!
We’re in pattaya ladies and gentlemen I¬†
appropriate arrived. I’ve been right here just a few days.¬†¬†
It’s going moderately crazy right here.¬†
But yeah we’re appropriate gonna creep¬†¬†
off direction moderately of bit and we’re¬†
gonna hang some meals fling around moderately  
perhaps pick up out just a few hurry facet of Pattaya we’re going¬†
to Bokkau market. effective will we fetch them this one
what are we having?
There is really I didn’t know is¬†
marijuana right here this marijuana is  
appropriate staunch you might want to fetch stoned right here in 
Thailand I’m no longer gonna abolish anything wow
So there is a large selection of amazing stuff out right here 
I’m gentle moderately of bit shocked about¬†¬†
the 20 bucks for that we’re¬†
gonna model later it looks to be that  
love half of of it’s finest start there is love¬†
areas down at the abet uh they’re love no¬†¬†
one is there no one is promoting this it be it be 
really restful when compared to what it extinct to be
which one abolish you recall to hang you ever hurry are going to 
love this I, I don’t mediate I could love it¬†¬†
so right here is inexperienced curry and then 
right here is it be appropriate uh all staunch
come on thanks
so he checked now love can can start or no longer he 
listens to the sound or something oh this one effective
there is also a 2nd hand fragment 
of the market let’s strive it out¬†¬†
presumably much less animated attributable to there is 
no meals right here i mediate to register as soon as more
oh for the ladies for the ladies
ten bucks for a handbag love 
come on plenty however finest this one
for the ladies subscribers, right here is the pronounce to 
creep whereas you happen to whereas you happen to don’t solutions secondhand dresses¬†¬†
it’s really low-rate and there could be some marvelous¬†
stuff around love staunch now full cup what’s this
what’s banana
my father put my mother meals okay yeah yeah my 
particular family you can deserve to construct my e book in  
okay my job you can hang appropriate cash okay yeah nine 
months my home you can hang what does this mean  
this one for whereas you’re employed in¬†
no relate you realize working laborious
this day
love me similar as buddha yeah whereas you happen to could hang a 
appropriate heart with my job appropriate success what number of  
other folks are love shams did you hear this appropriate success 
thanks could i abolish this one appropriate success thanks  
thanks so considerable this became as soon as really appropriate however now 
we deserve to pay also no yeah okay god thanks
v gonna hang one more tea for 
the avenue we’re gonna head abet¬†¬†
uh this became as soon as a effective expertise really customarily 
there are taxis utilizing and so that they’re no longer taxis love¬†¬†
for interior most transport no longer it be they’re love¬†
taxi buses it finest takes 10 bucks to recall you  
somewhat a far bit so i am talking about these ones 
after they creep by they honk the horn they’re trying and¬†¬†
uh you realize pick up out about whereas you happen to recall to deserve to fetch on as successfully you 
appropriate fetch on the abet whereas you happen to recall to deserve to fetch out you um  
yeah you appropriate ring the bell and then they cease 
for you and you pay 10 however that’s it we’re walking¬†¬†
abet from soy Bokkow market on the main avenue oh 
i do know we appropriate ate a inexperienced curry however I’m taking a look¬†¬†
ahead to that pad thai as successfully now we hang bought a huge selection of 
meals really now we hang bought banana we bought the sweets
oh yeah the vegetable asparagus 
asparagus successfully right here is movement facet toll road  
no movement staunch now no movement this day perhaps subsequent 
month perhaps subsequent month customarily ladies dancing on  
the bar it be going crazy right here and I really deserve to stamp 
out the build I fling I’m gonna destroy a leg in the end
so that you fetch the image guys love 
customarily in each build ladies males love  
seeking something seeking love this 
is the right here is love really one of many appropriate locations however  
it be all shut and it does now not look love it be going 
to start any soon 27 000 euros you pick an condo  
right here in Pattaya that’s somewhat animated to¬†
know as successfully love you can hang a spare 27 000.
Italian Italian meals many many Italians right here 
many intelligence right here i hope to meet one Italian  
guy he instructed me that he can fetch a really appropriate 
carbonara so with any luck, we take a look at that out as successfully  
in a while and our pause in Pattaya I’m gonna text¬†
him in a while i’ve bought his number so with any luck, we¬†¬†
fetch uh fetch to model the excellent cabernet in Pattaya 
I know many YouTubers abolish this already so I’m no longer¬†¬†
gonna film too considerable of it however LK- Metro you form 
of deserve to fling thru it love it looks to be that this  
one is love really kinky you realize love other folks 
fisting every other they’re working laborious right here
all staunch gents okay nothing to abolish eh
huh thanks what are they serving right here appropriate meals
why love western or Thai oh yeah 
so whereas you happen to recall to deserve to hang a ladyboy
you fetch very lucky right here very lucky we 
deserve to search out them basically the most handsome  
right here in Pattaya however for the time being it be moderately of 
bit tougher attributable to no one is partying no one is  
you realize out and about everybody’s staying at¬†
home so we’re gonna pick up out about what’s that you might want to possibly be mediate of or no longer¬†¬†
there is positively an episode coming 
up about basically the most handsome ladyboy  
in Thailand so we’re gonna hang moderately of contest I¬†
would order uh however yeah subscribe to the channel and  
there will be many movies about Thailand no longer finest 
just a few crazy social gathering however we pick up out about tradition we’re gonna¬†¬†
we’re gonna pick up out about nature and we’re gonna focus on with¬†
a huge selection of local other folks so whereas you happen to’re attracted to¬†¬†
that appropriate subscribe to the channel and uh yeah 
so whereas you happen to recall to deserve to stare something in particularly  
entitled let us know in the disclose allotment 
attributable to right here is an interactive channel huh
Can? police no?
I’m gonna trespass i am gonna trespass¬†
the i appropriate deserve to imagine v is love  
my tour handbook of the day manny by many 
lad, Ladyboys could every part can  
just a few homosexual guys no worries everybody can 
fetch what they need we appropriate decided to  
frigid down moderately of bit in central competition 
it be a purchasing mall and so that they’ve air
oh yes please wow
oh it feels so effective it be appropriate so effective  
so bought half of a kilo for 790 baht of durian fun truth 
by no technique drink a huge selection of alcohol whereas you happen to eat durian or  
the choice come around attributable to you might want to die from 
it it be really terrible so whereas you happen to’re inebriated by no technique¬†¬†
eat too considerable durian bought all different mangoes so 
many alternative kinds one two three four 5 six  
they’ve the total different cheeses love it’s a¬†
cramped bit costly however they’ve every part in right here
every part
that became as soon as a really effective frigid down  
abet in the heat however it absolutely’s magnificent we’re¬†
appropriate gonna head abet slowly to the hostel
what’s this mercurial change this day 1919 original cases in¬†
entire, no longer 29 000 uh other folks hang confirmed cases  
we’re gonna dig into the twenty baht Padtai
and it’s really appropriate really¬†
it be appropriate it be a appropriate stuff
taco taco cramped cakes 10 bucks 10 baht however
on the total birthday coconut on the head and 
sweet potato on the bottom this became as soon as it champs  
i hope you enjoyed this episode as considerable as 
we did chuffed Sunday. Bye for now pause champ!

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  • May 16, 2021 at 7:28 am

    Loved this Chai & even though it's very aloof there, on the least theres some things begin.Low-rate low-rate food & the see in your face ingesting the 10baht barren keep is humorous.Good to see the comely Vee with you.I mediate you must maybe possess to quiet be applauded for your English, given it's now not your first language, you talk it very very effectively. Recognize to you.Attend the flicks coming.

  • May 16, 2021 at 12:03 pm

    Whats up buddy you test up on the father ray basis in pattaya they devise some unbelievable work!!

  • May 16, 2021 at 4:11 pm

    I've been browsing at that Topps Market in Central Festival and yeah, it is more costly. My favorite avenue market is on South Pattaya road end to TukCom however it's closed thanks to covid. You have to maybe well wanna test up on the Naklua fish market. It's kinda a vacationer enchantment. They sell hundreds of types of sea food, most quiet alive. It's a immense market. Now not clear if it's closed thanks to covid too.

  • May 16, 2021 at 6:55 pm

    What did the fortune teller predict? Anything provocative?

  • May 17, 2021 at 7:21 pm

    Succesful your whole ninja turtles bro!!!! Btw is that your girlfriend? Admire! you see snug!

  • May 18, 2021 at 8:09 am

    Pattaya looks admire it's a actually varied grunt from the final time I frolicked living there, in 2004. Oh cling on, it IS entirely varied. You have to maybe well invent a continual series about Pattaya, once every week visits and discovering recent stuff. And there's heaps to see there, as you'll hit upon…Good one mate!


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