Pattaya Beach with guests starring Kevin in Thailand

Having a rupture day work and to meet up with our very true buddy including Kev in Thailand. it used to be there final day in thailand and we the set aside pleased to spend the day with them At Pattaya Beach , i include to additionally insist thank you to Kev in Thailand for all his toughen on helping making my channel develop.. please subscribe adore and piece to augment my channel guys thank you Ka

I am a lady from Issan making videos about Thai Custom and work in Thailand, I are looking to point to you round via the Eyes of a Thai !

Hi there All people, In case that you just can well include to abet my channel and would include to originate a cramped donation, This would possibly maybe well be most welcome, I thank you very worthy. https://www.paypal.me/SirintraPhosai

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