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[Music] boy dangle we had some wild climate the day past and at the present time viewers take a look at this out [Music] holy man at the present time we I on the sad aspect and it’s pissing down guys and SOI cowboy is correct became a raging river it tried to discover down as some distance as I may perchance to discover some true photographs this as some distance as I purchased us to petrified the man on you feeling this the attach she is they’re strolling truly gets fun this man’s gonna stride man perceive at these two troopers standing guard in search of to encourage your entire water out of their house true ruin [Laughter] and to the I know that crimson Suzuki while you’re watching this video now you realize who was a qualified dent within the front of your car [Music] perceive at this unlucky mature man the remains of his qualified s key he’s having moderately of a laugh about it as rapidly as I ever loaded right here and there in fact pumping water into the avenue in grunt of diverting it away see we are down the backside of SOI cowboy and this blokes cleansing up your entire mess floodings spicy effectively over and my take a look at out all these bloody amount plates that were ripped up the vehicles [Applause] so yeah there’s aloof tons of water round but the worst of it’s over and yeah I’d hate to happen right here effectively per chance I’d dangle loved it yeah we did see one loopy man and a trace-unique Mercedes Benz pressure down that river and yeah it was one among basically the most insane issues I’ve ever considered this man took his trace-unique Mercedes and went but Tommy realized that he couldn’t create it he was getting washed down the avenue I didn’t dangle a camera on so yeah that’s the design in which it goes in it so this mature guys aloof cleansing out garbage from the drain then hoodies came upon he’s came upon of Xperia P truly is all the issues in this joint hi there they’re spicy costly fan they’re true effective cellular phone and any individual’s uh misplaced this and sound wounded up right here remember the mature guys sq purchased washed away the attach it is down advance the educate tracks had no one can come down and repair it up or not but uh that’s the attach while you’re procuring for it’ll there there she is there yeah so the day past it rained most of the day and yeah it did tons of hurt on the seashore they’ve correct spent the closing you realize year and a half of fixing the patio Seaside up captaining sand from round Thailand and AD down from rayon and this storm came in from time to time the starting up of the moist season and it’s correct rip patty of seashore objects it’s washed your entire sand within the market me ins Bart the attach the sands long gone and divulge you the starting up of the moist season it’s not taking a scrutinize true so it’s savor this the total size of patio Seaside so in all areas that weathers water may perchance speed all the design in which down to the seashore it’s correct taking the sand with it that is correct out of doorways central festival and betrayed and who care worthy hurt has been performed right here I indicate that’s a that’s spicy dramatic and it’s savor this your entire formulation down the worgen Aspect highway so the central festival there and it could probably probably likely should always were leisurely ID when it was raining the day past since the sins been washed formulation out right here I am standing down advance the low-water designate and you correct see how worthy sans been washed away so it’s going to be attention-grabbing to perceive what patio metropolis council decides what to realize after spending all that money whether they’re gonna strive to repair this up another time or whether it’s going to let it end the design in which it is optimistically repair itself but yeah it’s a spicy qualified setback I’m very a lot surprised that hadn’t came about sooner divulge you the true fact but one thing’s for sure we’ve had a spicy wide moist season the closing three four years in Patea so yeah this won’t be the closing storm we’re gonna discover this year I’d suppose so yeah true excellent fortune Patti a seashore and viewers correct a reminder that Songkran 2019 begins concerning the 13th of April 13 to 14th though from time to time it begins early and that as early as the 10th so discover your tickets discover right here discover your water pistol and discover moist and while you don’t prefer to be pilots on crying discover out of Dodge ahead of it’s too leisurely so that’s correct about it for this video guys thanks for watching hit that subscribe button and I’ll see you subsequent video thanks for watching bye for now

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