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Pattaya Beach Road & Strolling Boulevard Tour Live!

Right this moment we preserve shut a stroll down Beach avenue uncover a coconut to drink bounce on a songtaew randomly and hit up walking Boulevard. A fun day in Pattaya with the sun brilliant gleaming. I hope you enjoy.
Peace and Esteem, Geofrey

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5 thoughts on “Pattaya Beach Road & Strolling Boulevard Tour Live!

  • December 10, 2021 at 12:17 pm

    GP, no longer criticizing you but I witness you graceful noteworthy continuously wear your hide delivery air. Is that level-headed a requirement as I witness lots of of us weren't wearing them whereas delivery air. Personally, as lengthy as you're no longer attain any individual, I don't inquire some degree out wearing it delivery air, plus its hot as balls available. In case you level-headed enjoy to wear it, I'd finish it obviously as well but it may well maybe perhaps furthermore be stifling.


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