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Pattaya After Hour of darkness – Vlog 131 (Bars, Girls & Trouble!)

Pattaya After Hour of darkness – Vlog 131 (Bars, Girls & Trouble!)

A video of a evening out around the bars in Pattaya, Thailand. This video is the 2d of two parts.

0: 04 Strolling Avenue honest after dreary evening
2: 25 Bamboo Freelancer Bar (Popular Thai tune: https://www.youtube.com/safe out about?v=RP1-k9eoLTM)
5: 43 Abet to Strolling Avenue
6: 44 Soi 15 gogo bar alley
7: 33 Trouble with a Western guy and the police
12: 34 One other incident for the police
13: 47 Strolling aspect twin carriageway at 3,30am
16: 08 Strolling aspect twin carriageway at 4,30am
18: 05 Outro from the Loopy Horse Circus bar in Patong

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Additional data:

Bamboo Bar

That is a big bar for guys who’re into older ladies folk. The freelancers here typically are usually ladies folk working usual jobs, and moonlighting at the Bamboo behind at evening to complement their income.

As you may well per chance look it used to be very busy, and seeing the dance floor beefy of couples used to be love coming into into one other dimension. Ought to you may well per chance even be into MILFs then the Bamboo bar is a big recount to discontinue by.

Soi 15 gogo bar alley

When in Pattaya I retain coming assist to this alley and my current favourite gogo bars encompass Sapphire and What’s Up Agogo. They are greater end dear gogo bars typically beefy of some of Pattaya’s finest attempting gogo dancers.

Misty’s Agogo used to be ghastly on this evening and I finest stayed for 5 minutes sooner than transferring on. That is an actual indication how fickle gogo bars can also additionally be from evening to evening, as previously Misty’s had been undoubtedly one of my favourites.

Loads of the Pattaya gogo dancers are on 10 day contracts via agencies in articulate that supplies the ladies the energy to transfer freely from bar to bar.

On this search the advice of with to Pattaya I used to be in Farenheit Agogo one evening with a truly tremendous girl who kept kissing my ear. She suggested me I can also pay the barfine after which it shall be 100% free for short or long time with her. Unfortunately, I needed to grunt no her pleasurable supply as I had a prior engagement. Perchance she observed one thing in me and even it used to be an angle to safe a holiday bf and safe shacked up for a week. Both attain it used to be a line I’ve never ever heard from a Thai gogo dancer 🙂


It seemed the elephantine attempting Westerner had assaulted somebody on Soi 15 alley because the What’s Up and Dollhouse safety workers were accessible.

Never thoughts what he did he set now not had been knocked off his chair (even supposing he did milk it) at the police checkpoint. It goes to drop into bedlam when feelings speed high even with the police accessible.

My advice is easy within the event you safe into wretchedness, pay your payments even within the event you may well per chance even be scammed, and do not expect any reduction from the police. If there is a dispute strive to envision it with out getting the police enthusiastic. It goes in opposition to our Western values nonetheless in Thailand the buyer is now not continually valid. TIT.

Settling a minor dispute sooner than getting the police enthusiastic is much extra honorable than losing hours reserving an incident at the police web site and paying greater fees within the end (including police prices). The police are extra than seemingly to aspect with a native industry proprietor than a passing tourist and even a native expat.

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