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Pattaya, 7.8.2020, Begin, Bars, Eating locations, Strolling, Views, Thailand | Elegant girls, What’s inaugurate,

Night question, Strolling avenue, Pattaya What’s Begin, Change on what’s closed at stop of this video, So Many of us taking part in an night out i breathed a pronounce of reduction for Thailand when i made this video so correct to evaluate Strolling avenue coming relieve to lifestyles, 😍
My unique digicam, GoPro HERO 8 Dim, on sale right here low cost tag,
With reasonably sprinkle of song. Added by me.
Thanks to Tune by @ikson
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seventh song : Free Receive : https://theartistunion.com/tracks/f251b2
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Welcome relieve everyone
Strolling Boulevard night change 7.8.2020
Put together on video from this morning
Strolling Boulevard 😍
Tranquil some closed but tremendous to evaluate of us right here,
let’s dawdle enjoy a behold judge what’s going on
BB taking pictures fluctuate inaugurate👍
Stones bar inaugurate🎸
Having a behold correct up to now😀
Qualified smiles from the girls tremendous to evaluate chuffed faces😃
The mountainous bars appear like inaugurate👍
Effective to evaluate police right here👮‍♂️👍
having a behold after the Boulevard conserving vacationer tremendous 😁
I judge the stores from this morning
some are and not utilizing a doubt shut down😞
Having a behold cherish there would possibly be an excessive amount of of us forward👍
1st closed bar
Actual to evaluate masks in use 😷
Wow that was once a surprise Sky-tumble shut😮
One more survivor inaugurate👍🙏
Girls from this 1 enjoy long previous palace
More closed Yikes❗
I will judge lights on in Lobster pot🤞
Colorful lights i am furious 😃
extra of us right here😁
Golden membership & Panda shut oh no😕
extra closed making an try to cease distinct for the firms 🤞
Russian bar looks to be surviving👍
Rent signs from earlier
Boulevard food yummy😋
top lawful window gorgeous dancing lady💃
Ice bar inaugurate👍
Star bar inaugurate👍
Boulevard food🍤
wow many taxi motorbikes 🏍🏍🏍🏍
808 This predicament is continuously inaugurate👍
Contemporary Star bar has been inaugurate all day smartly performed👋
Sizzling avenue food served right here 😋
Closed shutters on the lawful aspect 😕
B J 3 Begin phew❗❗👍
More avenue food😋
More chuffed of us tremendous to evaluate 😃
Elegant girls on an night out👋
Having a behold busy right here👍
Actual news👍
Good day Mo👋
some extra closed firms
Adorable avenue cart expedient colours🌈
Store for hire
Glass Condo inaugurate gorgeous girls out of doorways👋
Camera terrified
Good day Mo👋
Merely type aloof closed from the morning video
More taxi bike’s
Lucifer inaugurate from earlier video correct to evaluate😀
Fellow Vloggers as an example hello😃
are living streeming chilly
Elegant smile
Qualified couple,
Contented Vloggers I treasure my job💖
Palace Atlantis, Tantra inaugurate 3 in a row 😀👍👍
Central Gems was once inaugurate in day so some accumulate shut at night
cherish some shut in day
Moon bar inaugurate pleasant news 👍
Elegant girls on Strolling avenue tonight👋
Loads out tonight so tremendous to evaluate some crowds all yet again
XO Begin👍
Pin-Up inaugurate chuffed day’s 😉
Istanbul Kebab inaugurate😋
Girls coming out of Pin-Up must be busy in there
Effective question of Strolling avenue up to now so correct
Shifting on
Might well per chance perhaps accumulate with a avenue light or 2 right here💡
Sport Sq. aloof closed
Harem closed
Absolut inaugurate👍
Coronary heart rock inaugurate with a couple of in
hope they accumulate extra customers 🤞🙏
Itsy-bitsy crowd of visitors👋
Extensive sea food restaurant closed
hope it’s fair correct short-time duration🙏
Tattoo inaugurate correct news for Tattoo fans
What tremendous man giving me the thumbs up
Elegant smile Mo😍
More tourists😃
Linda bar inaugurate 👍😀
More tourists👋
Romantic chuffed couple keeping hands tremendous 💗
Marlowe closed, was once inaugurate earlier 👍👨‍💼
Wow that’s a lustrous inaugurate bar 😃
2 Elegant girls out of doorways Noodle stall
Bhodi tree of correct fortune in Thai custom🙏
More inaugurate bars i accumulate the feeling they want customers
I am hoping they accumulate some almost right this moment🤞
Boulevard food i steered you about earlier 😋
WOW ❗❗ He has labored all day
Bar inaugurate & waving👋😀
Successfully-known i-Bar inaugurate as continuously🤩
i-Salon inaugurate too👍
Marvelous waves all yet again👋
Live song bar inaugurate🎷🎸🎹
1 closed aloof in commerce though👍
Restaurant inaugurate 😋
Some shut but no longer shut down👍
Family mart inaugurate👍
Gain together attire galore right here inaugurate👗🥻
This Jewlers is closed but no longer shut down💎💍
Security first masks on pleasant stuff girls👍👋
Might well per chance perhaps use some light please❗
where’s the avenue lights💡
More tourists heading down Strolling avenue
Same boarded up stores from the daylight hours
strolling video,
I made earlier to expose what number of are closed down
One more mountainous one closed for commerce
No longer distinct why this ones no longer inaugurate on a Friday night,
as we watched the Mushrooms being delivered
in the begin of the day video
XoXo tout passing out leaflet’s👍
Motorcycle taxi’s all on their mobiles📱👍
Watching Candy Media video’s🤩
Money belt (Stable) 👍
Constructing plot from earlier🚧
McDonald’s aloof shut😕
Ice cream aloof inaugurate yummy 🍦 correct news👍
More bike taxi identical identical on mobiles 🤣🤘
On left
Wig store no longer inaugurate at night but aloof in commerce👍
One more mountainous restaurant closed😕🙏
Nasha membership inaugurate👍
ATM inaugurate💰👍
Steak home seems shut down cherish earlier😕
Begin but too composed🙏🤞 hope they are okay
More minute stores closed
This stretch looks badly afected lot’s long previous😕🙏
My coronary heart goes out to those of us
who enjoy misplaced their active hood🙏💖
Sim card opening almost right this moment aloof identical🤞
More tourists👍
Wow no longer 1 customer in plot on a Friday night,
She’s correct, Aww i wished that 😃
Thailand of smiles aloof lawful Bless her🙏
Quite lights🌈
One more inaugurate 👍
As i feared earlier Windy inn is closed
let’s hope its fair correct short-time duration
Shifting on to the final leg🤘
Here’s the most contemporary corpulent dawdle on Thailand Successfully-known
Strolling Boulevard in Pattaya
7.8.2020 Friday Night Actual question👍
For those of you that watched the corpulent video,
I enjoy added 8 minutes of bonus photos🎬
Of the finest bits on the dawdle relieve👍
Thanks so mighty,🙏
For all of your support in growing my channel👍
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For extra updates & movies of my Vlogs🤘
Cool light’s on that Scooter😍
Aww he has held her hand by plan of the corpulent dawdle,
What a gentleman💖
There would possibly be the stop of Strolling avenue 👍
Now for that bonus photos on the formula relieve
I will achieve a link at the stop for someone who uncared for,
Friday 7.8.2020 Day dawdle down Strolling Boulevard change
I will judge the pub from right here🍻
I’m thirsty 😋
Never mind what’s closed let’s accumulate what’s inaugurate😀
Good day all yet again viewed them 3 occasions tonight👋
Anyone be unsleeping him👍
Effective thumbs up man from the scooter earlier🏍👍
Love the precise light’s 😍
Pin-Up Dawdle-Dawdle looks busy tonight😃
Wow treasure the hair she’s bought, wonder if it’s proper?
Cherish those from morning video in the wig store🤩
More Quite girls out on Strolling Boulevard👋
Ticket of the occasions😂
Seek an excessive amount of Thai girls on mountainous bikes no longer too lengthy prior to now🏍🤘
Of us aloof heading for the clubs 💃
They shut at Hour of darkness due to Covid strictly managed,
by native police👮‍♂️👮‍♀️ 👍
Effective behold lashes correct job🤩
Quite lady on lawful seen a customer is he thirsty?
Contented couple masks on tremendous😷😷
Bhodi tree, Respect🙏🤘
Girl on scooter utilizing previous👋
Tranquil many folks out on Strolling Boulevard👍
Sneaky aspect entrance i cherish😂🤘👍
Disclose hello to Linda bar’s gorgeous girls👋
More romantic couples keeping hand tremendous😍
Very sultry stance😉
😷😷 Conceal’s on chilly👍
Time to head to Moon bar🍻
accumulate a chilly one
That is better 🍻 relieve on the Vlog😷
Sizzling skewer’s Pork, Rooster and fish 20 baht
Delicious snack’s on a Friday night😋
Looks cherish plenty inaugurate in the centre👍
Lot’s to evaluate right here😀👍
Busy location this bit 👍
Cherish that yellow dress
Lucky lady bought some plant life 💐
7-11 frontage seems busy
More tasty snack’s 😋
More chuffed couples keeping hands😍
Quite lady’s strolling previous👋
Search for out for cars 🚘 when strolling many drivers
enjoy their behold’s on other issues😂😉
Appears cherish the girls outnumber the guys tonight👍
Feels cherish an amazing event ambiance tonight🥳
All americans out is in excessive spirits a proper chuffed vibe😀
Effective to evaluate event of us taking part in them selves
Tranquil of us going in the clubs,💃
Have to pleasant for the crew to build up some customers🙏
One more Vlogger perhaps or simply correct making a condominium movie
Haha compare the pickup Vlogging cruise by, treasure it👍
Man strolling elevate with a plate of food😋
Scooter taxi guys will most likely be busy later 💰👍
Wow this bit’s lustrous🤩
This the center of the most critical bars on Strolling Boulevard👍
Love Balloons🎈🎈🎉
Wow expedient dress 🤩👍
They cherish the be conscious king on Strolling Boulevard👑👍
This man’s ball expertise correct🏐👆⛹️‍♂️
Ahh Dim Banana is inaugurate chilly👍
Man aloof recording 🤘
Extensive pickup cruising previous
Quite outfit she’s carrying with tremendous procure too🥻👜
Tune is pumping right here disgrace about song tips 🎶
Colorful lights forward😀
More avenue food would possibly per chance per chance select a snack😋
Hungry work this Vlogging 😉
Save a delicate-weight on any individual 💡🤣
More balloons 🎈😍
Rollers girls outfits are lovable 👋🤩
Back to the begin of Strolling Boulevard 👍
To extra chuffed waves from the girls👋
Take a look at the link out above while you didn’t judge the first half
of this video where i walked in the day to expose
how mighty was once shut👍
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