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Pattaya 4K Wander Chaotic Saturday and Pretty Ladyb*y. Soi Chaiyapoon, Soi Honey. 5th Feb 2022.

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[This VideoRecording StartTime : 5th Feb 2022. PM17:40]

0: 00 Intro
0: 20 Bua Khao Market
1: 20 Soi Bua Khao
2: 15 Around R-Con
3: 30 Chaloem Phrakiat 13
4: 50 Around ROADHOUSE 13
8: 30 3rd Road
10: 55 Chaloem Phrakiat 10
13: 35 MeeDee Restaurant (shabu)
14: 50 Soi Arunotai
22: 10 Bong Koch 8
25: 40 Gentleman’s Club Dwelling
29: 25 Around City Center Characteristic
31: 15 Chaloem Phrakiat 18
34: 10 Chaloem Phrakiat 18/1
34: 45 3rd Road
37: 35 Soi Chaiyapoon
39: 25 Attacked by Pretty LADY
41: 35 accident
42: 15 Soi Bua Khao
43: 05 Soi LK METRO
45: 50 Soi Diana
46: 20 Around ARECA LODGE
47: 50 Diana Bar Dwelling
49: 10 2nd Road
49: 45 Around THE BASE CONDO
51: 10 Soi Honey
55: 30 Fever Time
55: 50 Soi Bua Khao
57: 15 TREE TOWN Bar Road
59: 00 TRREE TOWN New Bar Dwelling
1: 01: 35 Soi Made in Thailand
1: 02: 45 Soi Bua Khao
1: 03: 20 Bua Khao Market…..END

To of us in the sphere who wish to transfer to Thailand nonetheless can not dash.
I hope you will feel as must you were in Thailand even must you look for this video.

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