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Pattaya 4K Stroll TREE TOWN, Soi Bua Khao, Pattaya Tai, Evening Stroll 18th Oct.

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[This VideoRecording StartTime : 2021 18th Oct. PM18:10]

0: 00 Intro
0: 20 Wide-C Pattaya Tai
0: 55 Wide-C Facet Road
4: 00 Ar-Ma Family Cafe
4: 40 Ayutthaya boat noodles
5: 20 Pattaya Tai Road
6: 45 Steak Loongyai Pattaya
9: 20 Aid Alley The Grass Serviced Suites
11: 10 Kanpai2
18: 00 The Corner Resort
25: 40 Soi Bong Koch
30: 20 3rd Road
31: 00 Xzyte Sq.
33: 10 Soi Chaiyapoon
37: 05 Soi Bua Khao
37: 50 Spherical LK METRO
39: 25 Spherical TURKISH KEBAB
40: 00 Spherical TREE TOWN
42: 55 KASIKORN BANK building?
43: 40 Bua Khao Market
45: 25 Soi Bua Khao
46: 05 Spherical Soi Made In Thailand
47: 40 TREE TOWN…….Ending

To of us on the planet who desire to switch to Thailand nonetheless can’t plod.
I hope you are going to feel as whereas you were in Thailand even whereas you see this video.

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