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Pattaya 4K Stroll Soi BuaKhao, Soi Chaiyapoon, Soi Boomerang, Morning stroll. July 2022.

Welcome to Pattaya 4K Walker Channel!
This channel is a strolling video began for folks who worship Pattaya and these who can’t come to Pattaya.
I hope you might watch my video and essentially feel Pattaya. Let’s decide a stroll in Pattaya collectively!
The motive of the video is to present you with with a taste of the avenue atmosphere of Pattaya.
all scenes filmed at public placec however anyway, Presence of every particular person, persona, store, is Completely by Randomly and could perchance merely be deleted by first query. I attempt no longer to teach my face as mighty as doubtless. When you look it disadvantageous, we are in a position to delete it so please contact us by email.

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[This VideoRecording StartTime : Am 7:48 17 July 2022. ]

0: 00 Intro
0: 15 Pattaya Seaside
1: 25 Pattaya Seaside Facet road
1: 47 Around Mike Procuring Mall
5: 40 Around Hooters Pattaya
8: 10 Around Royal Backyard Plaza
16: 20 Around Walking Facet road
18: 18 Intersection 2nd Facet road & Pattaya Tai Facet road
18: 45 Pattaya Tai Facet road
21: 40 Pattaya Tai Market
25: 28 Soi BuaKhao Market
30: 35 Soi BuaKhao
35: 06 Around SUNVIEW PLACE
37: 21 Support Alley
38: 57 BuaKhao 15 (NEW AMETHYST CONDO)
39: 50 Soi Boomerang
41: 18 Soi BuaKhao
42: 30 Around Sutus Court docket
43: 33 Intersection Soi BuaKhao & Soi LengKee
44: 04 Soi LengKee
46: 30 Around VOGE Resort
47: 49 third Facet road
48: 45 Soi Chaiyapoon
52: 38 Soi BuaKhao
55: 31 Around TREE TOWN

To of us within the area who desire to proceed to Thailand however can no longer proceed.
I hope you might essentially feel as if you were in Thailand even if you watch this video.

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