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Pattaya 4K Scuttle LockDown Living. May15th. Restaurant will Snug Commence from Could 17th.

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[This VideoRecording StartTime : 2021 May 15th.PM17:55]
Ingesting and ingesting in the restaurant is proscribed to 25% of the total preference of seats.Alcohol in the restaurant is NG.Please display that there are already some restaurants that enjoy and drink in the retailer.

0: 00 Intro
0: 06 Pattaya Seaside Avenue (Thai Air Scheme of labor)
9: 50 Round Pattaya Seaside Avenue Soi 5 (U-Turn)
11: 40 Pattaya Seaside Avenue Soi 3
14: 35 Seaside Avenue Soi 3 Bar Avenue
18: 25 2nd Avenue
20: 00 Pattaya Seaside Avenue Soi 4
21: 50 Round Resort VISTA
25: 25 Pattaya Seaside Avenue
29: 45 Pattaya Seaside Avenue Soi 6
34: 15 2nd Avenue
38: 00 Centric Sea Pattaya
39: 30 Back Alley
42: 00 AMMA KiTCHEN (ไก่ทอดแหลก)
44: 40 Pattaya Klang
45: 00 Bella Dispute
45: 45 Leng Kee Restaurant
46: 25 Soi Bua Khao
48: 10 Fresh House?
49: 15 Round Soi Fresh Plaza
51: 10 Round R-CON
52: 20 Bua Khao Market
53: 25 Bathroom
53: 35 stroll Again in Bua Khao Market
57: 18 Soi Bua Khao
57: 58 Round Soi Made in Thailand
59: 15 Treetown
1: 00: 40 Treetown Food Court
1: 01: 15 Soi Bua Khao
1: 01: 25 Round Hungry Hippo
1: 01: 50 Round Turkey’s Kebab
1: 02: 00 Round Sawasdee Siam Resort
1: 04: 30 Intersection Soi Bua Khao and Soi Diana
1: 04: 45 Soi Diana
1: 06: 20 Round LK METRO
1: 06: 50 ARECA LODGE
1: 09: 00 Steak Avenue
1: 09: 55 Kiss Food & Drinks
1: 10: 10 2nd Avenue
1: 11: 35 Pattaya Seaside Avenue Soi 12
1: 14: 40 Pattaya Seaside Avenue
1: 15: 55 Round Footers Pattaya
1: 17: 40 Round Royal Backyard Plaza
1: 24: 00 Pattaya Beer Backyard
1: 24: 20 Strolling Avenue……….Ending

To people on the earth who ought to transfer to Thailand but can’t saunter.
I’m hoping you’re going to truly feel as if you were in Thailand even supposing you behold this video.

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