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Pattaya 4K Run Soi BuaKhao, Soi LK METRO, Soi 7, Seaside Toll road. Dec 2022.

Welcome to Pattaya 4K Walker Channel!
This channel is a strolling video started for parents that fancy Pattaya and people that can no longer shut to Pattaya.
I’m hoping you would possibly gaze my video and feel Pattaya. Let’s capture a stroll in Pattaya together!
The function of the video is to give you with a taste of the avenue ambiance of Pattaya.
all scenes filmed at public placec nevertheless anyway, Presence of each particular person, persona, shop, is Absolutely by Randomly and will doubtless be deleted by first seek files from. I strive no longer to hide my face moreover-known as doable. While you derive it disadvantageous, we are in a position to delete it so please contact us by email.

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0: 00 Intro
0: 20 Pattaya Seaside Toll road
0: 50 Seaside Run
2: 23 Pattaya Seaside Toll road
7: 00 Seaside Run
7: 44 Pattaya Seaside Toll road
9: 18 Central Competition Pattaya
11: 12 Pattaya Seaside Toll road
11: 38 Around MIRROR BAR
13: 46 Pattaya Seaside Toll road Soi 7
18: 42 2nd Toll road
20: 37 Soi Contemporary Plaza
24: 18 Soi BuaKhao
26: 00 Around R-Con
27: 15 BuaKhao Market
29: 53 Soi BuaKhao
31: 38 TREE TOWN
33: 03 Soi BuaKhao
34: 05 Around Annie Jack’s Bar
35: 04 Soi LK METRO

To people within the world who would basically like to head to Thailand nevertheless cannot plod.
I’m hoping you will feel as whenever you were in Thailand even whenever you peep this video.

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