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Pattaya 4k Moto Ride – pattaya sai 2 soi, pattayasaisong 16, soi kho pai 4, khopai 4-3

Welcome to our thrilling video where we expend you on a non-extinguish bike hurry by procedure of one of the most most vivid and vivid streets of Pattaya, Thailand.

0: 00 Pattaya Sai 2 Soi 18
1: 17 Pattayasaisong 16
1: 56 Pattaya Sai Music Soi 17
3: 25 Soi Kho Pai 4
4: 20 Khopai 4-3
6: 02 Regional Land
8: 08 Soi Kophai 10
9: 33 Thepprasit road

Commencing on Pattaya Sai 2 Soi 18, we scoot by a bustling avenue corpulent of outlets, eating locations and bars. As we continue our dawdle, we hurry by procedure of Pattaya Sai Music 16 and Pattaya Sai Music Soi 17, where we gaze the native residents going about their day-to-day lives and participating in the intelligent ambiance of this vivid city.

Next up is Soi Kho Pai 4, where we search for the distinctive blend of ragged and in type architecture. The vivid constructions and avenue art construct this avenue a have to-gaze destination for any traveler.

Transferring on to Khopai 4-3, we hurry by procedure of a more residential situation, where we are in a position to gaze the native folks going about their day-to-day routines. The restful and restful environment is a stark distinction to the bustling streets we perfect passed by procedure of.

Next up is Regional Land, where we receive a search of the huge and various differ of housing strategies in Pattaya. From excessive-rise condominiums to quaint bungalows, Pattaya has something for each person.

As we continue our dawdle, we hurry by procedure of Soi Kophai 10, which is well-known for its intelligent nightlife and entertainment strategies. The wise lights and intelligent ambiance construct this avenue a have to-discuss to for somebody procuring for a fun evening out.

In the extinguish, we extinguish our hurry on Thepprasit Road, which is a main thoroughfare in Pattaya. Right here, we search for the hustle and bustle of city existence, with automobiles and motorbikes whizzing by as folks scoot about their day.

General, our non-extinguish bike hurry by procedure of these vivid streets of Pattaya has been an thrilling adventure, and we hope you loved coming alongside for the hurry!

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