PARADISE Thai Island Hotel – CAPTAIN HOOK RESORT on Koh Kood Island, Thailand!

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On the reside of our outing to Jap Thailand, and reside of our time on Koh Kood Island, we made up our minds to forestall for a pair nights or leisure at Captain Hook Resort. It’s a correctly acknowledged resort, isolated by itself coastline and peninsula – and in fact I didn’t even know this on the initiating, but it’s doubtless you’ll per chance deserve to steal a little boat journey to gather there – you can not even pressure there. So or now no longer it’s very composed, very relaxing, and the natural magnificence is spectacular.

We had a vast time and in fact enjoyed some peace and leisure. The meals on the resort is shining decent as correctly.

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hi there all americans I am hoping you’re having a fanciful day it’s brand Wiens I’m in kaku Island which is within the jap province of prat in Thailand this total island is it’s spectacular the the natural scenery the seashores we’re staying at Captain Hook Resort which is is one in all the most impressive locations that I’ve stayed the natural scenery we have gotten a mini pool villa which I would possibly expose you but in this video I are attempting to poke you via the lodge I’m gonna expose you the grounds expose you the water spherical us this discipline is totally most energetic and I’m gonna provide you a elephantine tour most energetic now but first let’s snappy support up to how you gather right here and I’ll fraction with you how we bought right here from the boat when we first arrived I in fact didn’t know this but to derive to steal a boat to gather to the resort Captain Hook resort and so we’re within the mangroves most energetic now the boat is she has factual technique to carry us up [Music] it’s most energetic the water is so determined too [Music] it became factual a five minute boat journey would possibly maybe per chance maybe gather right here but this discipline is tucked away there’s the have its have personal coastline right here after which the water inlet goes down there and to boot you gather dropped off right here’s more or much less per chance the the restaurant space take a look at-in oh what a awesomely cool discipline even supposing our room is up the hill a little bit ways I feel we have gotten a we don’t have an oceanfront room but we have gotten an ocean thought room there’s a coastline on this facet too can you pause ah chai chai chai cup [Music] by the spend of nature and natural magnificence right here’s about as picturesque as pristine because it will get the resort occupies its whole Peninsula to Rocky Peninsula it says it’s a little Peninsula so that they have rooms on either facet of the peninsula but now no longer most effective pause it’s doubtless you’ll per chance need surrounding seashores but they also use an inlet of water which goes into the mangroves and so over on this facet is a coastline which in fact it’s doubtless you’ll per chance deserve to jot down a kayak to gather to that coastline or it’s doubtless you’ll per chance deserve to swim across the inlet of water after which straight support right here that’s where the water goes into the mangrove woodland and it’s equally spectacular right here’s more or much less the communal space right here’s where the boats land or the boats appear where the boats dock where you gather off the boat to enter the resort right here’s also the restaurant and the eating space where you doubtlessly can even take a seat where you doubtlessly can even use where you doubtlessly can in fact have a drink let’s poke to the left-hand facet of the resort down via the mangrove space first gather a thought of that facet then we’ll whisk to the numerous facet for the for the Cape thought of the ocean and expose you the swimming pool on that facet after which after that I’ll expose I’ll provide you a elephantine tour of our room so that you poke down this facet you gather to some villas after which there’s also some in fact in fact cool bungalows that you doubtlessly can even dangle spherical in right here’s more or much less love a homemade coastline right here on myth of it’s doubtless you’ll per chance maybe play within the sand right here after which you gather to this wall which right here’s where the the ocean correctly right here’s right here’s where the ocean starts and where the inlet begins after which it goes inland right here and right here the mangrove woodland and right here comes a boat which is one in all the how you gather entry to the resort [Music] there are some unbelievable bungalows wood bungalows with thatched roofs over the mangrove bushes that you doubtlessly can even dangle spherical in you doubtlessly can in fact have a therapeutic massage you doubtlessly can even factual strategy right here to chill out out and chill out I love this wood floor and factual how cool is this discipline I point out you doubtlessly can even factual take a seat right here and chill out to the max you’ve bought the ocean chase but murky by the mangroves you doubtlessly can even take a seat on the comely wood you doubtlessly can even leap in this hammock whoa right here’s one in all many many extremely chill spots within this resort after which must you’re ready for a alternate of seating you doubtlessly can even strategy take a seat over right here on this ledge overlooking the water let’s proceed [Music] we’re getting a little bit bit of sunshine however the sunshine has been on and off this day it’s been drizzling then sunny then drizzling that’s ample with me even supposing right here’s where the wind starts to carry up it’s doubtless you’ll per chance maybe hear that in my microphone but right here’s where you gather to the rockier fraction and where you gather to it’s starting to gather to the tip of the peninsula the mini Peninsula right here there’s a bar on this facet and there’s some bar seating as correctly right here after which some locations that factual take a seat and chill out let’s snappy omit right here via the sand there’s a there’s a swing over right here on the ocean too bought to total a little bit bit of rock hopping to gather in right here steal off my sandals and as soon as more right here’s one other amazing discipline factual to make the most of the views to chill available’s a sueing right here [Applause] right here’s the principle communal swimming pool there’s a child pool there after which the principle pool is more or much less in an S shape and it backs up to most energetic over there which is the the communal eating meal fraction and to boot the swimming pool right here’s most energetic on the tip of the Cape most energetic on the the reside of the peninsula right here gather onto the rocks and feel the water or leap within the water right here must you in fact are attempting to but pause be careful of the slippery rocks oh hi there Micah onion Oh Micah oh hi there Micah I became on my contrivance support to the room but Ying and Micah have woken up from there and happened there now chillin on this couch ample outing we’re gonna chill out and dangle spherical for a transient time you poke via this space right here’s the principle lobby space the gap where you take a look at-in and our room is up these stairs and more or much less across the ridge it’s constantly right kind to gather a little bit exercise so at any time when we strategy up to our room bought a hike up this flight of stairs and we have gotten a thought of the numerous facet and welcome to mini pool Ville and number five ample initiating this up right here’s our personal little villa and to boot you abruptly enter right into a lush backyard scenery they’ve accomplished a vast job with the panorama the bushes the vines going up there’s a mini swimming pool right here it’s more or much less love jacuzzi trend it’s love a dipping pool however it overlooks the comely ocean and the sea on this facet it’s more or much less it’s more or much less rocky you doubtlessly can even hear the the waves lapping in opposition to the rocks there’s a coastline over on that facet but right here’s factual right here’s factual raw nature and it’s it’s absolutely most energetic the determined turquoise water there are some Beach lounge chairs right here after which right here’s the room right here’s the bungalow within the aid of us it’s practically more or much less love log cabin trend and there’s an outdoor shower on this facet now I’m gonna provide you a elephantine tour of our room welcome to our villa step all around the sliding glass wood doorways and most energetic by the door it’s doubtless you’ll per chance need this wonderful couch mattress leisure and this has been the place of job right here right here’s where you doubtlessly can even take a seat and dangle spherical and work on your notebook computer it’s doubtless you’ll per chance maybe composed win out about the sea thought and the swimming pool outside and right here’s factual at ease and must you gather drained of sitting clearly you doubtlessly can even kick support and chill out ample on this facet of the room we’ve stashed some of our stuff these are our bags Micah’s diapers are down there and they have coffee and water space there too the one’s moderately queer disclose is that there’s no fridge in this room but for the Thai trend room that we’re Thai trend villa that we right here’s what it capacity it’s a wood platform with two double beds and the mattress is sitting up right here oh oh yeah I feel it’s unbelievable the beds are at ease and I point out having it on this platform it more or much less makes it wonderful and comfortable more or much less love you’re in an attic or a wood cabin it’s like it’s a excessive-reside resort but on the equivalent time it’s it’s it’s now no longer love overly neat it has a rustic charm to it which I love alright and the final segment to expose you is the lavatory which is over on this facet as soon as more it originate of has that attic love look to it with the slanted roof within the aid is the shower bought a advantageous no complaints about the shower the shower is unbelievable after which coming over right here right here’s the lavatory correctly that’s shining refreshing that’s wonderful and cool it’s now no longer very deep I’m sitting up most energetic now however it’s factual it’s unbelievable overlooking the ocean more or much less must you’re down right here it’s an infinity edge on myth of then you doubtlessly can even win out about the ocean with the room within the background oh and right here’s the right here’s the discipline to chill out so we’re factual gonna dangle spherical right here for the remaining of the afternoon after which the next day we have gotten breakfast which is integrated in our room she’ll expose you breakfast right kind morning we had a fanciful sleep and now we’re right here it’s a little bit sooner than breakfast initiating so it’s vast and we’re ready for breakfast sadly that is immediate coffee so now no longer the most simple but I pause have precise coffee support within the room which I would possibly drink most energetic after breakfast sure they have the elephantine egg omelette space they have the moderately slice space which are noodle rolls in with pork belly and seafood after which they have your total buffet fraction right here I’ll initiating with the principle course bought a pair of things bought some some of that pineapple fried rice there’s some squid there’s some minute after which all this one is fried with salted fish as correctly after which I’ll gather some that fried rice on there yeah and there’s nothing better than waking up to Chile’s yeah meals right here is totally right kind and I told her to combine every thing in right here at the side of some some chili flakes a clear chicken soup recreation dude with some Chinese language celery in it subsequent up for the contrivance in which more healthy plate of meals the greens the the pineapple the watermelon and they’ve slice the watermelon so it has a little bit bit of the rind on it the shell so that you doubtlessly can even factual spend that as a address [Music] breakfast became shining I’m now gonna leap within the kayak and whisk over to the coastline it’s more or much less nice looking to vlog and steal the digicam and plod a kayak on the equivalent time the water is so determined it’s shining aloof the waves are factual laughing but in fact it’s a personal coastline more or much less factual love sand embankment in between the ocean and the river the Kallang the mangroves after which the lodge sits on that little Peninsula on the rocks over there oh my god [Applause] [Music] ample now that’s a right kind cup of coffee and that completes this overview of Captain Hook resort we spent two nights right here and we totally enjoyed our stop what I liked in fact what I liked is that it in fact makes a speciality of the natural magnificence the coastline is most energetic the scenery is most energetic the jungle is most energetic and they’ve accomplished a right kind contrivance out of organising the lodge into the nature into the peninsula a pair of speedily things I wish they’d have had a fridge within the room and to boot the web right here it’s shining in total on Cyber web’s now no longer now no longer very right kind I’ll have some info within the outline field so that you doubtlessly can even take a look at that out but we paid precisely six thousand four hundred baht per night that’s two hundred and 4 dollars and forty eight cents per night so it’s it’s now no longer a low-trace discipline at all but I point out for this I feel I feel it gives very right kind price for what you gather right here right here’s a extremely irregular personal coastline more or much less resort I’m with a swimming pool and the non-public room I feel I feel the price is is amazingly right kind that’s it for this overview of Captain Hook resort I am hoping you enjoyed this video please undergo in suggestions to provide it a thumbs up and must you’re now no longer already subscribed click on Subscribe now and to boot click on the little bell icon so that you gather notified of the subsequent video I’m gonna be publishing heaps more lodge stories residing in a international nation stories and numerous trek videos so click on Subscribe now thanks as soon as more for searching at I’ll win out about you on the subsequent video goodbye from goood

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