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One Hurry, 300 Meter Fall!! Thailand’s Most DANGEROUS Temple! | Wat Phu Tok (วัดภูทอก), Bueng Kan

Wat Phu Tok (วัดภูทอก) Temple in Bueng Kan (บึงกาฬ), Thailand!
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Welcome to Bueng Kan (บึงกาฬ), the extremely stress-free province in the Isaan advise of Northeastern Thailand, on the Mekong River. It’s a procedure that you just can perhaps perhaps perhaps also talk over with for rest, Isaan culture, and seriously adventure and nature. Thought to be one of many areas I was as soon as most having a depend on visiting in Bueng Kan (บึงกาฬ) is a temple that’s constructed on and surrounding red mountain rock, called Wat Jetiyakhiri (วัดเจติยาคิรีวิหาร) or better often called Wat Phu Tok (วัดภูทอก) Temple – lonely mountain temple. #BuengKan #Thailand #WatPhuTok

The temple was as soon as in the initiating founded by Ajahn Juan who loved the mountain for its unhealthy natural world equivalent to tigers and snakes. In the end monks carry out a series of shrines, and ladders, and wood plank walkways spherical the rock outcrop, with seven layers. The 6th layer is the most thrilling and adventurous – there’s a total circumference of wood planks spherical the rock which would be hand carry out and anchored into the rock. You’re spherical 300 meters excessive with nothing beneath you and factual a wood plank between you and falling your complete procedure down. The Seventh level factual comprises nature and views from the high.

Wat Phu Tok (วัดภูทอก) is surely one of many most adventurous, a minute unhealthy, and provoking temples I’ve visited in Thailand and additionally one of many most gorgeous and thrilling.

Highly advisable!

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