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[N’-74] TAEYONG Cam in Thailand

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TAEYONG: Brother the build are you going brother?
TAEIL: We’re going to Bangkok, Thailand!
The build are you going brother?
The build are you going brother?
JAEHYUN: I’m now going to Thailand!
JAEHYUN: Or no longer it has been a really long time since I went to Thailand
TAEYONG: What are you doing in Thailand?
JAEHYUN: We’re going to Thailand to meet nctzens!
TAEYONG: What attain you verify possibly the most?
JAEHYUN: What I verify possibly the most is…
JAEHYUN: Our performances in a really long time!
…Oh? What… Gloomy…?
The build are you going brother?
YUTA: Presently we’re going to Thailand
TAEYONG: Is it wintry?
YUTA: Barely wintry
TAEYONG: Don’t get rid of a wintry
TAEYONG: nctzens hearts are gonna damage
TAEYONG: Ohh~ what’s that(3x)
JOHNNY: Right here’s a charger~
TAEYONG: Oh~ what’s that!
JOHNNY: Ah can you no longer~ can you no longer(2x)
TAEYONG: Hey every person I’m Taeyong
TAEYONG: You guys I’m Taeyong
TAEYONG: I’m within the same space as Taeil hyung
(Embarrased) Oh? What is this?
TAEYONG: Ah, I sight a fountain pen.
(Difference) Taeyong poured a fountain pen!
TAEYONG: Right here is in the end of my shirt!
TAEYONG: I’m completed.
A substantial mess…
TAEYONG: Survey here. I poured it here.
(Pen Ink)
TAEYONG: Your bag is gonna be ignorant
Or no longer it’s k~!
TAEIL: What can I attain fountain pen
TAEIL: Celebrate in Thailand
TAEIL I could bear an even time and bear an even time!
Each person!
Please verify alot!
TAEYONG: I purchased here
TAEYONG: I’m too sleepy
TAEYONG: I’m packing
TAEYONG: I’ve arrived in Thailand. Or no longer it has been a really long time.
TAEYONG: I correct arrived and unpacked
TAEYONG: This candle is dazzling!
TAEYONG: Johnny gave me a candle
TAEYONG: Wow~ I truly bear fruits like this!
TAEYONG: Combating for our demonstrate tomorrow!
Stare you tomorrow!
TAEYONG: My roommate
DOYOUNG: Hey Ahem…! Hel~~lo~~~
TAEYONG: Inch! To attain! Rehearsal!
TAEYONG: Or no longer it’s scheduled~!
TAEYONG: If I am going out, I mediate individuals will intention out once.
Or no longer it has been a really long time~!
TAEYONG: Did you relish?
WINWIN: Yeah I already ate
WINWIN: I ate loads.
MARK: Eyeglasses~
MARK: Hey every person
TAEYONG: Tag’s mascot
Tag of Thailand
TAEYONG: I’ve arrived on the avenue
Yongie hyung~ I fancy you~ ❤️
JUNGWOO: Yongie hyung did you rest well~?
TAEYONG: I’m beautiful now
TAEYONG: Our waiting room
HAECHAN: NCT U.s.a.on the aspect
TAEYONG: Is U there?
(It feels like or no longer it’s divided)
If truth be told or no longer it’s miles the same waiting room
TAEYONG: I could streak the build Haechan went
TAEYONG: Winwin what did you picked?
TAEYONG: You picked one thing tasty
JUNGWOO: I picked it down
TAEYONG: Ah~ water… Ah Poca*ri Swe*t~!
TAEYONG: Jaehyun~
TAEYONG: You picked espresso~
JAEHYUN: Stop you desire one thing to drink?
TAEYONG: Me? What Jaehyun recommends…
I could drink this
TAEYONG: (Palm) as instructed
JAEHYUN: vanilla?
(Outstanding acting)
Ah~ Vanilla~!
TAEYONG: I could drink this thankyou~
TAEYONG: Then we are in a position to
TAEYONG: I could flip it on when I will the avenue
Translated by: @jaeminoppa on twitter
TAEYONG: Each person thanks so noteworthy for becoming a member of us on the present time on this space.

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