Mountain Biking in Pattaya

Oh gonna love it the love I true did took on wanting for a up to date tripod and you had this love well this thing you ready to detect what this is on chronicle of I’m self-pacing the different course however it’s agreeable for the bike agreeable construct of love digital camera MA so let’s take a look at it out anyway I gash itself now take a look at it on my other phone he’s crazy man absolutely crazy so I hit the love [Music] yeah what’s the inferior dimension crazy how are they’ve invented many of things for bloggers China my by mag tomorrow to come that you may maybe hire one the full bike now not on chronicle of detect I’ll attempt to expose you oh the seat prime real it’s the inferior bike [Music] now that whoops laughs okay sighs body I concentrate on it’s a 16 I’m able to inch any dimension with no waste in sight as prolonged because it’s on 29 wheels in the seat facet up love a smaller body makes it a shrimp more I pronounce you know if you dipping inner and outside of site site visitors construct of thing flip the digital camera emissions weapon at Tisha’s in future anyway detect at it by let’s gaze how it goes if the digital camera flips while I’m driving in Soviet I’m now not going some distance every fucking zipped up yeah so I love these Chucky bottoms oh yeah it’s gonna be a busy time besides now they’re gonna watch out Oh – detect out you know as we’re realizing all real the sooner the motorbike this [Music] zeliha are we doing I’ll fit the digital camera are there no doubt didn’t disable the digital camera click on what I purchased doing wheelies I’ll waste a culture however now not wheelies Leona Benson Leona be a arena of interest earn some meals besides yeah secure meals it’s um we’re bobbing up on the left prove on the left here we are true in time for delighted hour this may maybe maybe well be enjoyable Oh [Music] I must be alright their colleges performed reach as much as college [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] oh my gosh oh you doing my supreme is water surprise it [Music] mother burden well stop by what some these are very proper no doubt [Music] – the sister relaxation room [Music] you know or the relaxation room [Music] um I desire a fucking layer I’m thinking what a flexible [Music] well in most cases you true secure servile I’m time for beer and about four cases [Music] know about you know you gotta put money into the culture you know proper hear well no doubt one of the shrimp toes fell off already abandon I imply Maya [Music] sort out Chinese goods [Music] I no doubt cling already next time next time family on the present time thanks I place your line ID okay you secure me you know I’m police tobacco tobacco on the airport okay [Music] form of it low [Music] this goes down [Music] the angles dwelling [Music] nah inner of our on hand intriguing detect around you know wanting out wanting out in the gymnasium I’ve been on my back to step cardio you know my back already what must I waste it may maybe maybe well merely detect love let’s discuss it out I’ll stop by what Lotus you [Music] what it’s [Music] we’ll procure this off [Music] place it on this contrivance [Music] Batman I’d display screen about a 21-amble learn sooner than yeah it changed into fine and stuff however agility wise you’ve purchased nothing in the day real the seat prime goes up and the wheels are the same dimension 29 amble real let me display screen this to you now however your buddy is now not to your contrivance as unparalleled you know I’ve been mountain biking for slightly some time you know what I knew what that you may maybe well even be showing to be real now I attempt for it’s time to love frigid however it stands out love a sore thumb you know which is interesting on chronicle of I’m now not love one other stutter real anymore well I’m now not the smaller the upper however it’s now not mandatory real I’d engage one other one real and that you may maybe well even be feeling me I’ve purchased to to head out one for love proper mountain biking I want for a site site visitors you know we reach back sulfites however I’d in for my vulnerable back and I secure chance that is lovely back up kiba’s perspective 2016 in gravy [Music] Thomas mother to waste the backyard quite a bit that’s obviously there’s no real thing doing the backyard in me for real follows [Music] yeah gem stones don’t secure no recommendations fuck I secure some meals hunting [Music] John oh my gosh else is typically station changed into the avenue that changed into it that’s it [Music] okay one girl lift all you don’t true a mother okay box who it may maybe maybe well be there’s no bun phrases yeah I’m gonna work out a checklist of enjoyable phrases for definite controls are true welcome congratulations [Music] I went to varsity goodbye recount however I’m still reach back here you contrivance back to Brett’s bar from Berkeley on the rep well I’ve performed my exercise on the present time I’m now not gonna inch to gymnasium to this I’ll waste tomorrow to come waste more Chester dance cardio will delimited by doubtlessly now not inch the back here Jimmy however I’ll possibly waste a detour love volt second Road the full formulation to knock the light up just a few there and reach back off he’ll doubtlessly phone I don’t know dependent [Music] this station is to rent mountain bikes besides yeah zip you were to reach in an beautiful for just a few weeks it’s a proper formulation to secure around Pattaya it’s greater than any other plunge offense for those that you may maybe inch a bike you know [Music] I’m diving it up well that’s establish down flying the Lumina droplets of Pleasant mindful about overtaking both containers [Music] yeah I imply if it’s no doubt that you true pedal slowly that’ll slowly relax let’s true love welcome [Applause] piggie centric [Music] you detect possibly you guys skip on from I’ll be 40 sooner than down we’ll support [Music] please love Brian changed into now not had you with you Tyson plastic God the usage of them secure rid [Music] well you heard about it [Music] no doubt one of us 5 [Music] love enjoy the been on a bike or you now reversed our [Applause] don’t disaster about it mother [Music] possibly despite the indisputable reality that how are you [Music] that’s my helmet mate you know costly the helmets other I’m gonna secure my let me inch secure my bike helmets [Applause] house owners delivery-confronted ears are in fella so don’t know what they parted this are residing streamers cling purchased no battery on chronicle of it changed into true assured by the contemporary tripod thing he guarantees to the quiz central Items where homework [Applause] are you all ready real you’re gonna waste greater one okay you gonna [Music] after beer [Music] now hear to me still so uh few minutes slither after I grew to alter into it off smile anyway so yeah it’s a show for love I didn’t I to the bomb yeah whatever Bob Gilbreath Wired the Aussie barbecue that’s what we delivery about now summer sooner than this fee my phone may maybe maybe waste a livestream however you know and then yeah welcome man [Music] and a proper one drops a proper level [Music] it’s been clickbait I wasn’t a shit I changed into driving a mountain bike that’s why I changed into true making an attempt to secure the level across no it’s now not mother yeah well body with out you this can real anyway so let me secure off Thanks formative years making an attempt out the thing hit the love real away if you secure a love that’d be frigid if the pre-light will delivery [Music] and I’ll be ready to stream again from purple flower and cling ample our so many two hours possibly I don’t know two or three hours

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