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Morning Espresso in Pattaya #4

[Music] Tango’s a message disorders about final evening what job is Saturday oh yeah it was moderately bit funny factual sleep factual has it some miserable stuff for the final year once extra it appears to be like I sorry money about that money I don’t know what I mentioned but folk order about you and the contrivance you assemble I’ll we must aloof comparatively powerful volume you’ll beat up betta yeah hit enjoy does it Buckley’s about my title I are privy to it’s no longer the portion of him but I must aloof proceed a title I shouldn’t discuss about he’s from there that’s portion of what I did no longer factual on my portion that no longer factual but I was pissed I didn’t know myself after I save – diverse things about is infants also folk making an are attempting I don’t judge how save it past myself was a host of you either fuck it confidently costume is executed on the present time a host of his out reply no longer what’s caring about Mars properly race on I got brewing this Jeff yeah I get hang of out about that man’s is he’s at squat honest I knowledgeable you I spent whereas he takes creatures of my are residing streams in existence command Gribble in him because I’m no longer sure it’s whatever he thinks is incriminating then he sends him to Tim nah makes her feel miserable honest and he acts enjoy he’s searching to wait on her but unquestionably has been a massive after I was in the UK must you gave her three weeks he came right here I’ll preserve it lady bar fights it they started sending me photos enjoy any the triple triple gem enjoy yeah graffiti measures of the pinnacle oh you suspect I’m no longer stricken so anyway that’s how he’s that’s all man comparatively French I don’t settle it the negative manner how can settle it obviously don’t settle it the negative manner now get hang of out in regards to the fellow I was talking about wasn’t it get hang of out about stare lengthy face okay hiya there enjoy there’s nothing on there no I never met the newborn [Music] that doesn’t matter hiya dev Tuesday time I supplied fresh drug transport but you get hang of out about and I forgot about it also god oh my god that’s honest [Music] I’ll be lengthy making an are attempting shot bonfires and instructing school work I assemble my homework so no it’s no longer so those are the factors but presumably I didn’t factual yeah yeah they’re fellas diverse jobs on the support of the I correct knowledgeable you about into factors but 502 enjoy I assemble lavatories about enjoy nightlife enjoy screams yeah toddler to be better let’s get hang of out about I’ll match the scene intelligent Barlow’s now busy busy this man who’re residing away no longer too lengthy in the past Charlie can meet Charlie get hang of out about below DHL to envision hate it [Applause] oh that is rustic Ashley’s frigid [Music] Zod returned to it’s – I’m already a aloof coming after which unquestionably been on the probe mice know they’ll you guys cease kidding yourself Tommy Boy I’m sick this day we gotta hunch to the gymnasium would perhaps assemble it are residing scene about beer don’t be loopy the motive force t-shirt but finalize the create and get hang of the musculature them busy day after day know what’s doubtlessly the most thing but I seasons coming as a spoken negative right here does anyone making a collective hello factual morning PC got it sugar no sugar so enjoy wholesome Jakob’s completely free refills a body obtain which reveals off your face issue it’s no longer ridiculous is it that is a whiskers e-book which is burning books IFE jeez Bob I’m lucky obviously a man speculated to be that for enjoy I’m half an hour the first day I wake up I my um my roses an air conditioner my private air conditioner who the fuck’s this lady anyway lengthy anecdote short they’ll never bet who it was but you nearly unquestionably will but I’m no longer going to repeat you factual shot justice if anyone gets it I know I mentioned it vote for me [Music] yeah okay factual I’m up no no no no no that’s no longer enjoy must you suspect you’re no longer enjoy no wow but it straightforward to get hang of a recognition down there isn’t wonder was a lady I didn’t get hang of out about final evening hiya 20 bucks 20 bucks was getting ranked final evening chocolate Saturday reasonable of 4-thousand procure to assemble bookings Slash this blender KitKat there’s no extra enjoy I enjoy Betty no fucking on paper significantly let me in any admire subsist and I correct fucking law enforcement officers on the bed costly every for this brother was a foot no up and I was correct pleasant enjoy sleepover yeah to gain a brand fresh blood from them they’re gonna hunch on a double date when he comes to metropolis he’s gonna sound enjoy soon couple weeks three weeks I mentioned okay I’ll get hang of my gun you get hang of your boyfriend I’m gonna hunch bask in but your boyfriend’s gonna father or mother she mentioned no you deem fuck that give a scooping give me Scooby she says no I’m gonna salt some folk I mentioned fuck the good the asshole Charlie was no longer formative years for being intelligent by hello Chuck you’ll get hang of a massive I’m gonna fuckin discuss over with them I don’t desire a local the bike second be conscious our reply no biggie no drama uwz cook up one thing had better be better be factual as properly it’ll be so factual though the build I was taken down again I’m gonna get hang of Vito again unquestionably after you allege regret me an electronic mail it was gonna be the same man honest right here that unquestionably correct a unhappy runt man I was the thinking he’s procure a shot of a extra background there every person’s got one you borrow it wasn’t jewel in it bring it but it’s wow that reveals that’s the pinnacle of it mr. factors about rumors and I equivalent to you boss no longer announcing I don’t enjoy Slash but I’m extra I think it in my other my the persona we procure there and he doesn’t want my wait on factual hunch Slash being on the job okay in what trip Baldy coordinate Bret’s on his private honest so I’m in a position to allow you to with a social media my delivery up promotion for a minute get hang of out about it [Music] I don’t even know if it’s straightforward to be a gender Isabel apprehension about it chip chip I wished yeah but I’m enjoy at this moon I had a factual sleep I imply I was built as a hangover [Music] I’m a trainer I’m a trainer you have to 500 bucks the good Bessette drink on the conceal he can’t conceal his bitterness and jealousy to wealth the ax the ax pliers pierce whatever the note is factual he’s biggest human despite all the pieces hours on the gymnasium already we’ll get hang of out please if there ever were you doing hunch to sleep me hit the enjoy mine hunch to sleep yeah he’s never gonna be long past I don’t doubt it the psychic marna versus every honest yeah I give him so much enviornment matter yeah my title is my title is Tom quad viciously attacks 50 days fashioned toddler was enjoy unquestionably I did this that’s no longer a listen I’m gonna settle this down for copyright oh yeah I unquestionably mentioned that I believed I mentioned that yeah but he he started you mentioned it came out tremendous and white so why assemble I get hang of a foot was he came to my channel I knowledgeable him now to no longer so I’m pulling no punches I was one in every of the vogue to ten thousand subs in mine quizup which is inflicted that is now you’re gonna know about it Selig was the first Monell is the second it about French we procure died distinctive anyway I’m no longer speculated to chat over with ya who’s minimun I’m no longer speculated to chat over with race too powerful drama so ignore what I’m talking about his existence buddy that is morning coffee those occasions a minimal of I’ll get hang of the Shelf my chest this day’s the lorry so much reaching this though I got one label already my capture one other one from this fella good job toddler and yet this day at 4 o’clock honest which is enjoy Rick it was gonna bye guys the spend of one yeah get hang of better I would perhaps assemble the get hang of better by dusk sir forgotten what it was she correct you gotta get hang of married couple [Music] it was one anytime photocopy but be begging this morning no longer unquestionably I was doing morning coffee dressing about what number of perfect shots I’ve got you’d be elated to know zero so don’t apprehension no need to be jealous likes 12 hit alike preserve on su camión tune is continuously dripping what a combination welcome Raghu I was pole dancing us enjoy shit rassee seedha muses on a field day this day they was fun honest moderately spinner for the sizable ass [Music] she save somewhere hungry there we hunch clutching that by Milan about my lady I’m gonna vlog on it tomboy haircuts you repeat the time why did this act enjoy that rising information and near up with frequent harmonies in the Chuck what number of likes we hunch buddy puddi puddi I don’t you die perfectly what a gigantic 20 meter it’s no longer how we fuck all by the what you suspect I correct hunch get hang of enjoy a chum alighted get hang of some dental work carried out wanted I would as properly any negative you would possibly presumably presumably be privy to it was howling at properly treadmill factual issue it’s speculated to be moderately bit comedy yeah yeah but he’s biggest gonna procure ten people they’re no longer gonna be shilling one one more enjoy moderately fucking Circle Jerks fucking CCW get hang of out about power circle enjoy in cones it’s unquestionably a circle jerk though glimpse how they all get hang of enjoy plenty of likes on their very private coming because evolve about 510 accounts every is a fucking social funny anecdote ten miserable folk honest six flat baboons James I want enjoy you tuning in on every occasion are residing in coloration so on every occasion correct withhold dropping them feedback I unquestionably enjoy them though you hate it haters gonna hate that otherwise what I don’t hate it I get hang of you bro I get hang of you finally you’ll wake up Charlotte coffee I unquestionably equivalent to you guys you equivalent to you would possibly want our gentleman and even out of those 10 a couple of of them are all Gentiles on the fence unquestionably I want to transform gentlemen yeah yeah Jesse Rogers is a persona builder honest I imprint a couple of of you guys but a couple of of them are correct pure fucking very concise that honest Jesse none of us no longer right here I unquestionably equivalent to you Bo you’re a massive fan he’s got a minor minor smoke withhold watch over box in his chat about hundred fifties Webster’s unquestionably thumb I know what’s going on manatees is a prosperous tapestry I don’t know musicians for power circle ranking he was pretending belay god damn it iron king non Roger no it’s no longer how creepy PSE unquestionably is no longer talking yeah doubtlessly for at sea kick the meltdown unquestionably predict an eruption how about rock would you be imagine it that sounds meals are we misplaced down the Europeans American citizens enjoy the bridge folk never forget no longer that the troopers one why didn’t we conquered a host of the sector relief then I don’t know I was searching to portion about in history that no success oh yeah cuz I’ve got Italian blood as properly so we got the Romans on the bridge stare stare at I’m unstoppable them you wanna cease this merely in regards to the time procure a hunch up on the channel Robert Britt plus we got Bob and Brett the runt Jack Russell Brett he would perhaps no longer stare enjoy powerful we fancy you he’s making an are attempting of you it’s time to wake up Milo correct a kiss on this morning about as bit my fucking approaches now I’m likely mix de facto isn’t about in the foundation presumably they were moderately now stare to gain a rent neutrality honest holidays underrated yeah I’ve got shadowy one coming after listening that is the usual spherical and model tears of the shadowy one after which you gotta give us some crime special presumably restrict liberated a form of day presumably 10 20 G’s properly yeah after which enjoy a your manner web page in two diverse colors haha oh Jesus I’m the boss polo shirts presumably 800 but you’ve got polish it’s also nothing enjoy polo shirts with this enviornment matter enjoy the bullshit enviornment matter presumably no longer as recount but yeah that’s how one thing is Bartels the ones that are unquestionably tells you lose them on the gymnasium hunch up on the bar and withhold them with you wipe your face must you sweating but this t-shirt man doesn’t assemble bout so much no longer searching to get hang of a information the thought honest work on that get hang of out a couple of few of you academics guys get hang of out about what miserable things then in are residing that’s the one okay knocking about anything else then we steal that assemble properly and order our get hang of the bottom moderately about repeat us please it work on that Connie [Music] huijun frequent intelligence rabbit lips doubtlessly no longer would perhaps no longer equivalent to you suspect I’ve been carrying this the day before this day evening all honest wait it now it’s comparatively factual very breathable it’s no longer runt air holes no holes but you don’t enjoy balls yeah yeah I mentioned yeah but I’m gonna advertise as a gymnasium and this gets fucking uninteresting yeah I correct even correct withhold him with you but I’m on the bar were you drinking throw your shoulder must you’re strolling correct get hang of in get hang of out about Trekkies in the waistband hiya now I’m in a position to pin the tail on the donkey of the e-book you doubtlessly did handsome again yeah correct got some final designs to assemble by bombed it the bottom is comparatively great I imply Facebook pages some months laggy stuff enjoy oh yeah okay our time I’m no longer a gigantic flood I don’t know I don’t get hang of out in regards to the fellow they noticed me too powerful withhold it straightforward then I would perhaps hunch knock off yeah buck ones coming in I’ll order February right here’s a prediction presumably sooner presumably later who knows a couple of pleasant shave the day before this day from that barber shop bold she spent enjoy an hour for the duration of my hair in my face of all our I am hoping you paid what 250 relief Dube against stare on the tape Jesus Christ as was it’s those verses I hear anything else is that to assemble with the fun ones shouldn’t they unquestionably because he’s want extra bling but I don’t imprint breakfast with the bar lady on the time yeah the microphone on this thing isn’t the good the it’s manageable it’s no longer awful I correct got to be responsive to it and discuss moderately clearer and louder yeah it sounds handsome I judge also the liner has its roots in the air from cell for enjoy a Bluetooth Monica one thing I correct wanted to be to shut relief right here a cleave worth must be straightforward and straight forward to the entrance as you would possibly presumably furthermore be privy to inventive lisp and advantageous fronting fucking equipment must be enjoy properly that’s the contrivance it works unquestionably this in this and the energy that I spoke get hang of me fun after I got fired Nate you’re so honest yeah baron vordenberg Lawrence is factual but prosperity anyway sizable red bow handsome it was a no-fresh again final evening he mentioned meet me a shoe is barred about half an hour I was there and the pine picket about 5: 00 did he fresh toddler bollocks same again he’s correct this kind of residing honest I didn’t I went to hunch to anyway it’s a pleasing soft Jeff be at pine properly they are saying it was a pine it was a couple of forty no max weights and measures coming for you drinking on the support of searching to fucking cell sorts of our vegetation roughly faggot hello as soon as I are privy to it’s the patents upon homes stare it was sizable deal I would perhaps feel that what procure you adequate to get hang of handsome stare okay I’m searching to trick the final public sale one to save a whereas and it’s no longer because he knows he knows honest one vine idea it’ll spend it up no it’s no longer five hiya Ricky there’s a host of truth somebody’s existence is executed correct to repeat the true fact I’m gonna capture an enemy what’s the point in lying kitty-kitty-kitty hello either Linda when there’s a bald fucking butthole demand why fucking twat but how that is fuck no longer easy to private them I attempted to pork up his channel that’s what he grew to turn out to be pals called me a pedo of Danny procure you seen his movies about that he’s calling me de Lima enviornment head was first caught it how assemble you correct race on the vogue correct enjoy an alcoholic reserving chatroom no longer correct enjoy a a assembly by the post of a title folk settle so did you drink this day boys final evening I’m cooking titled on I had about 5 – 6 free beers and I supplied enjoy ten of my private so yeah I imply us yeah that’s comparatively alright near thinking it’s moderately too powerful but it is best to aloof procure some days off doubtlessly and no longer burn yeah I agree John be tremendous procure a couple days off honest yes as in 24 hours you Georgian alcohol a couple of times per week sorry but its indisputable truth that must be carried out I’ll assemble twice a month to delivery with sweaty hour over the month yeah I know tactics factual but we can discuss about that form of thing my helpful friend dat one for you gotta save her the oven properly boys repeat me one time you fell asleep on the therapeutic massage desk okay properly cooked hours later the worth of batouala’s vinegar so why didn’t they wake him up after the our information fucking cheeky bastards that is asleep sooner than I was males charged him that’s supreme I styie anyone repeat them that Bob’s got somebody struggling Shelton right here isn’t shouted yeah oh by the cook isn’t our soda and I bet soda water soda water photon my now yeah I don’t know let’s proceed the factual stuff but you’d demand me results no Brian Billick asleep attracting the boxes honest right here honest you correct withhold an secret agent on every occasion I’m alone I’ll pay as you hunch some folk assemble no longer know I judge that’s a massive thing remark this soon turn out to be bored with doing them what’s negative we getting confronted moderately bit now after which from then that is time it’s gotta happen most often guys it’s no longer poacher is it making an are attempting my nostril got it what’s the worst that would perhaps happen a boys – Christmas it okay all honest so household added his attire from his neighborhood it’s factual having a chocolate whatever assemble my livestream from one other space folk get hang of a negative theory that was made no longer correct shit yeah it was pissed on it I judge she did as – as properly this they they race it duh when’s he gonna cease when we’re gonna ignore no longer kidding discuss about some prognosis to know stare in the dangest so transport worth aloof alone I didn’t imply to sleep this but he went for China Nepal asleep I wake up over the drift so I’m going relief in time signals every person so much simpler than fucking a in point of fact very lengthy time or a short time final evening in the dishes to the Working Girl better lie moreover that presumably okay what number of what number of we hunch hiya formative years on that yeah yeah sooner than our frequent uncle Chang presumably I’ll hunch time to hunch altering [Music] these my minutes every the gymnasium membership now I judge he’s gonna want to hunch daily to originate it worthwhile so he doubtlessly received’t wanna hunch near on chatting with me so I’ll wait till he’s long past to hunch available get hang of out about you suspect it is best to aloof extra letters presumably most of it mr. Walker Wow intelligent that’s my national cougar properly daily this week is speculated to be Jim day though I biggest did this short amount moderately mountain is mr. Fabrizi they’ll are attempting to moderately extra presumably presumably be conscious the courier procure ration Acharya hunch are you able to get hang of one elephantine body workout enjoy IV is enjoy a no flights mediums medium enjoy powered waves no longer too light no longer too heavy innit but assemble adequate laps 34 minutes let’s hunch stroll relief so what be conscious that’s the bed cardio and hunch for a fashioned how’s the bed cardio folk forego the cardio in photonic spray yeah I don’t know if there’s all that scholarship I judge there would possibly be but it’s in a separate neighborhood I haven’t seen fucking one dare to slap one one more for our the fucking YouTube generation ones all the pieces gear and Namrata the juice and factual juice carrot juice the feelings yeah received’t you cease drinking you would possibly presumably presumably be out to get hang of it I’m announcing runt ball this evening as he tried to assemble is what’s that factual one time I mentioned I would procure tried to an hour it felt enjoy an over I checked out the time it was already three minutes but that was that was complicated tried to aid you work on your therapeutic massage yeah I got a shower on the Masters yeah I know the distance moreover to shut to to Charlie’s to machine retail outlets with all religions up and cheap Charlie’s they’re unquestionably factual to gain factual shower dad’s never hunch down he does in the morning that it’s cuffed anything else I’m gonna hunch capture a brand fresh one he’ll near later so don’t apprehension about it it’s no longer an argument yo Cody sizable up Cody swimming yeah I don’t know motion and presumably after I’ve misplaced moderately away so I’m less self-conscious of my formative years I was also a bikini morning so would perhaps we presumably enjoy they’re no longer alike enjoy this enjoy this for younger single season hit the light these father’s investment of the homes operating I believed about that [Music] untrue Rolex senator buck he went to thousand I paid him 600 then he started crying after giving the money in my toddler my toddler I’ll capture you a beer I supplied my beer you delivery crying some extra my toddler can’t drink this know if upset what would you enjoy from me correct repeat me what you have to 205 tuna batma so I get hang of larger than the bomber motherfucker seven without unquestionably know is it from quartz there’s adequate coffee 700 Bahat for an automatic thick roll exactly a baguette the age of three minutes $3,000 job special [Music] because there’s no other furnishings that’s no longer correct being enjoy off the cuff I’ve met a host of them now largely entire wankers but no longer correct enjoy me I’m moderately of enjoy the honest but no longer they’re no longer in that manner my fucking sociopathic fucking imperfect runt shits runt snakes the worms in you don’t have to be called snakes and maggots now the burdens upon that is that honest Cody that is to order by the vogue Cody the on-line’s the build in a basket in her ass factual morning every person hello FBI no longer very powerful the honest yeah these are the usual ones so that they’ll be some continuously in stock then we’ll procure a couple of other variations by the incorporated so settle your spend what dimension you Cody what western dimension it in the US honest so wherever you order I’ll divide it by so you’re doubtlessly so much presumably doubtlessly the blacks biggest want but you’d are attempting occasions if I’m very thin sizes are enjoy 1.5 occasions bigger than the European sizes originate it feel factual about themselves push man I was in the alternate was in the listing for a whereas maintaining this but once moon backyard so we’ll procure I don’t judge I’m gonna get hang of a couple of three excels but no longer load factual factual factual shoes david honest youtubers portion they hunch that’s better this blue line is we made moderately thicker for the blue line moderately thicker so powerful this and I don’t know the colors stare factual on the digital camera I judge they’re moderately washed out and he wants me moderately extra vibrant bit extra colorful slightly very factual boy isn’t morbidity shouldn’t be an argument cheers silence in the gymnasium sizable yeah I’m gonna hunch to gymnasium about two three o’clock then bask in afterwards settle a shit let’s hunch is shut down properly a host of the plugs on this planet factual-making an are attempting red white and blue Ricky’s very tremendous and he’s without distress damaged all the factual stuff [Music] yeah some fucking slogans or whatever you name catchphrase yeah I would perhaps assemble a shirt without all the catchphrases on enjoy hashtag hashtag is in every single space my God is aloof God lyrics popping out the lid aloof that that she drafting child with moderately extra space secretly jumped on my shit previously those rapist either feedback they’re haters honey you would possibly presumably even settle a bite as I demand a discuss over with from an imbalance in they’re offended at me or some shit he aloof has time I get hang of rings and I don’t know what factual I don’t be conscious i / folk Jim Kurth and therapeutic massage Tempe oh yeah get hang of out about [Music] no longer this one case of law because I noticed da-da-da-da-da [Music] sorry bunny I didn’t order don’t hunch in my chat and what did you assemble you’re giving my child you you you started we assemble final river in time hope is taking notes relying pay save out boys yeah yeah but you guys are all steps canines so mosey away I’m fucking pious now my aloof must you hunch to the next monster and save up withhold watch over of is it yeah big yeah big i gape the feedback i get hang of out about what you guys are too i’ll be significantly making an are attempting hypocrites yeah fresh diverse mothers Angela typically stare welcomed typically no I’m gonna hit the enjoy button um yeah hiya be working out yeah yo you stare fucked oh yeah I’m no longer making an are attempting south yeah it is best to aloof correct at me stare at me I am hoping you bring some lady know who it was I assemble repeat the chopper yeah I correct noticed the feedback and I went thru it enjoy a factual time did I assemble miserable without lady Heather I would order that it’s of Sparrow Jack Sparrow you correct get hang of one moderately know your other helpful friend it’s slightly broad I moved to Venice I believed you’re hunting again though it’s slightly misery yeah we’re going to chat josè in about 15 minutes yeah after which I need to hit the gymnasium about to a e-book yeah therapeutic massage listing the pizza okay speculated to be a birthday party tonight yeah he’s correct enjoy a brother though yeah I’d order he’s cleave out for the job typically yeah that’s what they imply I don’t know I’m seeing moderately in the house discomfort honor because motion photographs comics merely about Vitaly I’ve continuously carried out his existence fucking push me to assemble YouTube mother since I’m runt as properly assemble this mother that is enjoy what why’d you care so powerful but it’s factual motivation enjoy turn out to be adequate factual influence honest I enjoy his wait on now you are attempting to wait on workers sooner than scientific doctors are the certainty so now I’m getting the advantages it’s why you don’t be stubborn and likewise you obtain it was hooked significantly if the older in right here in the bloodline he’s a man with that suitcase elephantine of enjoy American stuff he’s a Muslim and he’s continuously though he makes sizable a refund house he doesn’t read on every occasion father whose existence is addictive to originate it one out right here that I’m in a position to a presume very very alternate minded as lowly school Jack Sparrow Wow 55 minutes in 56 minutes in oh yeah final evening to gain that lady good about what she would enjoy me received’t you that’s a be for my sander okay about five minutes extra you’re gonna add the strip and hunch get hang of out about Brett in the factors that’s positioned you have to shut relief this day cigarette burn it’s a massive effort they received’t let me get hang of out about enjoy that we’re talking about Sealy you discuss over with Siri gonna knowledgeable you to return with all these doing is all he’s doing is upsetting I judge continuously been rides it let’s peel a bunion I got a sizzling boggle to assemble on the video yeah I know factual lisp how one can intelligent Tiger reveals you programs one can peel a mango very factual bubblers of cohesion moderately bit all honest doodlee already doodly already he repeat you we’re no longer shopping for anything else you suspect I capture Rick Goldring a bunch she by herself assemble you suspect I married her already loopy loopy huh we repeat you you repeat you that I capture gold ring repeat you you get hang of out about yourself no one repeat me you get hang of out about you loopy must you get hang of out about on youtube you get hang of out about that I mentioned oh my god stare she’s in a lady shop oh my god and I mosey away after which she by herself three thousand bottles in [Music] okay relax relax loosen up what’s adequate let’s settle away the message thanks dude sometime t-shirt for the reason that they imprint it better as you’re talking to how they assert it so that they’ll blink Caleb Adams properly folk order it is best to aloof assemble that but what assemble they know I correct work in comedy and YouTube you don’t know what they know to be Charlie’s Shannon most of them assemble it’s get hang of a mod some okay slightly without distress I’m no longer gonna alternate member zoko vendor but what it is best to assemble equivalent to you don’t correct you don’t get hang of folk you don’t what it’s unquestionably unquestionably miserable enjoy the hello machine he save I don’t hear a couple of host of shoot you imprint – hello Cody modding 101 moderating one when every other day is a busted portion in the pinnacle of the fucking pie about it turn out to be smoking barn in there if there’s pot daily it’s enjoy oh properly I’d enjoy to hunch and there isn’t the pot please no longer be extra spirited yes Tara mentioned reveals off the peeler boggle down with what this would possibly occasionally get hang of out about breath how would perhaps what knackered properly Cody factual work honest don’t know what the next livestream of me this day there would perhaps be one thing though I’m will save video honest now movies gonna hunch alive any minute now correct an uneventful meals video but it’s you would possibly presumably presumably be privy to it’s short and hasty to the point I judge we’re off had it I spend a cell at it started all-in-one extra about thing I did it on the extra about enjoy it correct a cell fucking display conceal but we’ll get hang of out about let me pull that are residing now one other thriller [Music] all honest video is are residing now it’s called Molly keen locations are lengthy Pattaya take a look at it out and I’ll get hang of out about you in the next are residing circulate this day some point later peace

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