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so we’re leaving monkey Sea trail with the biatches and chuffed fresh twelve months and it’s all lawful with the ladies bye bye monkey beats and emojis what the fuck man you most exciting live once there’s no 2nd day out no no no 2nd day out you most exciting blueprint one time revel in it no I’m talking about existence in wintertime yep I’m talking about existence you most exciting live one time folk mediate that blueprint help again no you blueprint this world one man no 2nd gym no round-day out value I purchased a lawful the place you from so we are announcing beaten up did e-mail Dede mouth I’m able to issue Vietnam yeah along with your boost-boost because they’ve TV ba-child Matthew [Music] The United States we deem 90,000 babies in Vietnam Warfare 90,000 I’m going Vietnam I peep dusky folk subsequent bin white from the up from the war thirty thirty twelve months war dude most exciting teenagers bought one in every country military shaggy dog story but I gonna speak the title houyan and no annoy Saigon Ho Chi Minh City Kanto Kanto my toe ho Chi Minh City Mike canto cancer fighter canter my toe can scurry Michael could well well even Oh same same Kento same same but different he’s so horny me love you lengthy time same same but different muttering the triangle China Sea trail China Sea trail with the biatches very lawful a extraordinarily advantageous China and very advantageous Allah and in any advantageous jungle Data superhighway’s a jungle advantageous huh taking a see lie ahead don’t deem the gain so bullshit I said within the course of the island : on a jungle see at this fucking jungle fucking shit so frigid : snorkeling and jungle but the Vietnamese poontang pretty lawful man offensive blueprint reductions over now

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