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Meet the QUEEN of PAN FRIED NOODLES (Bangkok, Thailand) | GH5

PAN FRIED NOODLES Bangkok Thailand Aspect road Meals Handbook GH5 mft
This episode of my cinematic avenue food recordsdata to Bangkok is ready Jay (wide sister) Hong, the queen of pan fried noodles. Her legendary restaurant is hidden in a heart-broken alley. Nonetheless don’t anxiety: be ready to be joyful!


0: 00 Intro
0: 19 The stall
0: 34: The chef „Jay Hong“
0: 45 Making ready the dish
1: 17 Cinematic food
1.30 Tasting

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Tim Thorer (*1979) is a german journalist who travels the arena and movies what he eats. He’s been to 38 international locations including North Korea, USA, Barbados, Guatemala, Kenia. His joyful assign is Thailand because of the of us and the appetizing food. Since 2017 he writes a Thai Meals Blog. Since 2018 he movies memorable moments in Thailand. Accepted locations: avenue food stalls and markets. He inclined to film with a Panasonic GX8 (Lumix GX8). Nonetheless after staring at Cooks Desk and Stamp Wiens he switched to a Panasonic Lumix GH5 (with Rode mic). The Panasonic GH5 comes with minute lenses for a micro four thirds (mft) mount and recordsdata photos in frame charges from 2 frames per 2nd to 180 fps. Depend upon behind motion, timelapse sequences, Thailand vlog.

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