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MASSIVE Ice Cream Sundae, 22 SCOOPS!!! in Bangkok Thailand!

I ate this wide ice cream sundae, but I did need a diminutive of support 😉 All over again, if I invited you to draw support me exercise this, I wasn’t looking to be creepy. It changed into once inquisitive about the staunch of the sundae.

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Nowadays is barren region day in Bangkok, and I’m at Siam heart, and I’m on the fourth floor. This in most cases known as “Meals Republic.”
They’re correct cherish restaurants and meals stalls in every single place. There may be one particular dessert
I’m right here for, but let’s originate up off with some appetizers! These are the usual diminutive mini pancakes.
I’m sure they correct potentially correct taste cherish diminutive mini pancakes. I ordered some special ones, I’m in actuality eager on that!
Thanks. These are filled with Nutella and these are filled with Cheesy Lava.
Mmm. The Nutella one’s in actuality staunch. Now let’s strive a tacky Lava…
Wow. I changed into once expecting something candy, but this tacky Lava, it tastes cherish melted American cheese. Wow that is goofy.
So at closing I obtained these and that is with mozzarella inner.
That is my current one in every of the total mini pancakes. I correct wish there changed into once some Marinara sauce to kinda dip this in.
I’m at this cafe known as “Audrey.” This role has some ridiculous cakes. I’m environment out with some peppermint
iced tea floats – so there’s vanilla ice cream on top with a mint leaf and peppermint tea.
Wow, that is in actuality barely perfect
I changed into once hoping that the tea would now not be too candy.
It is barely candy and the total sugar correct in actuality draw from the ice cream. That’s correct cooling and refreshing. One thing else I obtained…
Stare how barely this thing is! Stare at it! Stare, how stunning! Right here, right here, right here, blow their own horns all of your aspects, and all of your wedges, and
Oh, it be cherish cutting into whipped cream. Oh my goodness that is subtle.
It is cherish I correct ate a a part of cloud, if clouds tasted cherish Thai Iced Tea by some capacity.
I’m now not exerting noteworthy strength at all and in most cases correct
pushing on the fork correct a
runt bit, and it be correct falling the total formulation by draw of. You guys are looking to expect the most savory falling over ever? Compare this out.
Stare at all those layers of savory cake
That really is a stunning a part of crepe cake. Each single layer, you would uncover about it,
The sauce is soft and velvety, the flavors are rich, soft, and creamy.
Devour your heart out. That is the cause I came right here. Compare out how barely that is!
Women! Wouldn’t you barely have this any day than cherish cherish an staunch flower. You cannot exercise valid flowers!
What are you gonna model with them?
Potentialities are you’ll per chance well successfully be gonna gain them, put them in water and die! This is able to per chance well successfully be section of you with no kill in sight! It may per chance most likely per chance well nourish your body-
Smartly, it be now not gonna nourish your body on account of it be so candy, but they’ll assemble you tickled. It may per chance most likely per chance well assemble you happier.
Okay, the frosting is a diminutive of tough. I’m hoping that is now not a kind of issues that that appears to be like to be formulation better than it tastes.
There may be the frosting… space it on the plate. It has a cookie crust on top
And then be conscious at this. Stare at that stunning cake. I assemble now not know whilst you occur to can uncover about or now not, nonetheless it be obtained orange
Uh, I trust that is tumble apart, that is cherish some form of Jam
I will exercise a mountainous chew of frosting, of cake, of this inexperienced leaf thing, and a few of that Jam.
Wow, that is in actuality in actuality staunch. It appears to be like to be staunch, and it tastes staunch.
I took off the frosting so we are able to extra or less dig inner this. Stare at this stunning cake. It is in actuality layered. There may be valid chunks of oranges in right here.
Mmm! How relaxing is that this?
the explanation for this video!
This wide ice cream! 22 scoop ice cream sundae! It appears to be like to be cherish something that Hey Kitty would exercise! It is actually
half of my body, but yeah, I’m gonna dawdle exercise. That that is my ice cream- successfully, the corrupt of my ice cream correct there.
And she’s about to place 22 scoops of ice cream in right here.
Oh my lord
This thing is ready the scale of my desk
I will be succesful to conceal my total body within the serve of this. It is miles so heavy! This thing is-is I in actuality feel cherish that is now not lower than
20-25 kilos.
And it be obtained all the pieces. direct that is parfait on the backside. We may per chance well by no formulation know, on account of I assemble now not understand how I will gain down right here. Recent
strawberries, cake, waffles,
22 scoops of ice cream, three servings of relaxed-support on top that is melting correct now on account of I’m standing beneath this lamp, and three applications of
Pocky sticks. I assemble now not direct I will be succesful to exercise three packets of Pocky sticks on it be own.
The tools I in actuality have to model out this are these. Adore, this
This doesn’t, how-how, I need a spatula or cherish an ice cream scooper. That is cherish for ingesting Lobster, or a diminutive of Macaroon.
That is now not- how am I direct to model
this. And everybody’s having a be conscious at me on account of no one’s ever considered an
fool pick this mountainous of a Sundae for himself sooner than. I will originate up off with a strawberry on account of you understand
this also can support me execute out all the pieces else I’m about to exercise on the fresh time.
Now that we obtained the wholesome thing out of the model, let’s gain to it. That is now not a tell video!
I’m now not going so as to exercise all this. That is now not that you simply would trust. So, I will originate up off with some relaxed-support
and a pocky, which they put the opposite draw up in there on account of they’re looking to assemble it be conscious barely.
And I correct consumed about 0.001% of this total Sundae.
Which if this changed into once a meals tell will likely be very very very demotivating. And, right here is the article:
I assemble now not even understand how they gain all the draw in which down to the ice cream itself.
That is cherish a fortress, correct? To gain all the draw in which down to the ice cream, I will have to devour the relaxed-support right here
Devour the strawberries, devour the pocky
Then I in actuality have a gamble to really exercise- gain to the 22 scoops of ice cream.
And I’m in actuality queer to expect what the backside, that stunning red backside layer tastes cherish. Oh!
So I
Purchased the superior tools, and I’m, cherish, I in actuality feel cherish I’m a circus enchantment correct now, cuz everybody is correct cherish, “Who
is that this random dude correct, cherish, stuffing his face with this wide Sundae?”
I in actuality feel cherish I am unable to lower than give away the Pocky. Sharing of my Pocky wealth!
No, please, please, exercise two! That you may only have two though, on account of I desire the relaxation. No, I’m correct kidding. That is how you assemble friends in Thailand!
Come on, Pocky!
So, I realized one draw to unravel this Sundae! I will share it!
I will share it! You guys are excellent! Please, have some- have some extra Pocky. Have some ice cream
Would you cherish a strawberry?
Someone cherish a strawberry?
Yeah, you would successfully be looking to be wholesome! Yeah!
That changed into once some ice cream, that changed into once some strawberry. Yep!
That is the upsetting section. Adore, 10-15 other people came by, and took some Pocky
and a few ice cream and strawberry, and it hasn’t even made a dent!
Let’s model some advertising and marketing right here. There may be now not ample other people passing by. We would favor extra other people. Come on! Come on! Have some ice cream!
I am unable to bring it to you. It is too heavy. Yeah, you’ll need to draw to me. I’m sorry. (I’m on weight loss program)
Potentialities are you’ll per chance well successfully be on weight loss program? Have a strawberry then!
My Pocky advertising and marketing has slowed down. I assemble now not have ample other people coming right here to aid me. My ice cream is ready to melt, so
I’m gonna gain to the backside. I are looking to taste the numerous ice cream
I’m gonna taste that red stuff within the backside. Help me! I’m being in actuality uncommon correct now…
That is a scene I’m painting for you. I’m standing right here in Bangkok in a mall, ingesting this mountainous ice cream with this wide spoon.
Infrequently asking other people to be a part of me. I’m getting past this relaxed support section.
I’m getting to the sorbet, and the sorbet has in actuality a staunch flavor. This the foremost ice cream I’m tasting. That is the strawberry ice cream.
Strawberry’s in actuality wonderful. I’m nearly to the ice cream and the diminutive waffles, and there may be collected different Pocky left.
I will exercise away the Pocky, and
There we dawdle. There may be about a of the ice cream. I are looking to take a look at out about a of the ice cream. I assemble now not know what flavor
this ice cream is
Oh, Ardour Fruit! Mmm!
There may be for sure different passion in that Ardour Fruit. Then now we have this blue ice cream
Mm! I trust that is Cottom Sweet. Hey! Come on! Help me! Help me! I’m actually calling out to aid!
With other people strolling by, I’m correct cherish “support me!” It is cherish I’m trapped inner this bowl of wide Sundae. I’m actually cherish, “support me, please! Please…”
And other people are correct cherish, “Why are you being so creepy, inquiring for support, you random stranger, with a mountainous, wide goldfish bowl of ice cream?”
Finally fished this waffle out of right here, and the waffle
is soggy
Which I mean obviously you desire it hot and crispy, but I realize you
can now not put a bunch of hot and crispy waffles in right here. It may per chance most likely per chance well melt the total Ice Cream straight.
That is correct. It correct wants extra ice cream…
Mm! Rum Raisin! That’s my current, Rum Raisin, my current Ice Cream.
I will gain one in every of those objects of cake outta right here. This cake is frozen tough!
That is a terribly tough cake. It is cherish biting into a a part of ice… I in actuality feel cherish I’m deep ample!
Let’s uncover about what this red yogurty thing on the backside of this glass is! Reach my spoon in there…
And I will… oh my god
Right here we dawdle
Right here we dawdle, whoa
Finally the backside of the bowl!
That’s strawberry whipped cream! Gentle and fluffy. I cherish it! I’m correct in actuality stunned,
I did now not know so many scoops of ice cream may per chance well correct lay on top of whip cream. Guys, it be been an hour…
And that is, I carried out cherish
10% of it. I’m gonna sit right here and exercise a be conscious at to exercise some extra.
I will take a look at out to give some to passer byers, regardless that now
It appears to be like to be barely disgusting, I assemble now not direct I will gain any takers.
but that is a terribly relaxing journey coming right here and ingesting a
Ginormous ice cream on account of I assemble now not in actuality feel, I assemble now not in actuality feel cherish that is something you will score in Recent York
I trust, in Recent York, you will score something in actuality expensive, cherish a
$1,000, one scoop of ice cream that is by some capacity covered in Caviar and Golden leaves, but in Bangkok you will score an ice cream Sundae
That’s higher than a diminutive of one! Anyways, in actuality relaxing dessert day!
I had the chance to fulfill different locals. Each person’s extremely wonderful, so I had a terribly staunch time. All correct guys!
Hope you loved the video, and whilst you occur to may per chance well successfully be a kind of oldsters which will likely be strolling by and likewise you saw random dude, cherish, asking you to
draw over and exercise about a of his ice cream, I wasn’t looking to be creepy, I changed into once correct decided. Alright guys,
Thanks again for looking at, and till we exercise again, I will uncover about you later! 🙂

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