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Manc Bar Pattaya Are living Movement 17/04/2021

Have Yr Fav Lady A drink 🍹160 Baht $5.50 £4.60 https://www.paypal.me/stevenbines1

Ring bell 🔔 Have All Females anDrink 1590 Baht / £39..$54

Have a lady a drink the usage of the Have me a coffee hyperlink below, type in the woman’s name and what drink you would fancy to maintain for her.

Have Lady drinks right here with name lady 4 pound or ring bell 40 pound for each person https://www.buymeacoffee.com/themancbar1

Have a Manc Bar T Shirt

Hi from Manc Bar Females ….🥰

Chat Suggestions: Pleaase respect Workers / Potentialities / The Chat / Other Channels / Thai Regulations & Culture. No Barfine Questions Concerning to the Bar or Soliciting for Women Non-public contact Data.Thank U.

MANC BAR CAN NO LONGER ACCEPT “TIP” FOR LADY by project of Pay Pal. To Tip Lady you may maybe presumably resolve on to send to W U. please email rnmsij@gmail.com
with your name & lady of preference. We are in a position to than email you aid with Ladys stout name. The woman will need your Name & Cellphone quantity for her to web. Thank you

Please Hit the “LIKE” button & Press Subscribe & place aside the Bell on. Thk U.

1.Myth name :Waraporn Chaiyasol 2.Beneficiary’s bank nam :Financial institution of Ayudthya (Krungsri bank). 3.Myth quantity: 5501101533. 4.Address 196/36 moo 6 Muengchonburi 20000. 5. Email:Jeenajjnn@gmail.com

IF YOU HAVE Transfere Wise A/C –The principle points or no longer it is a have to to pay for lady lady drink 150 baht or Ring bell 1590 baht are : A/C name Waraporn Chaiyasol A/C quantity 5501101533. Email Jeenajjnn@gmail.com.

Tequila Rose /Tequila Rose/ Tequila Rose

Beer Bomb Beer Bomb Beer Bomb!!

We resolve Beer, We resolve Beer We resolve Beer !!

Women Game Time, Musical Chairs

🔔Ring the Bell 🔔Ring the Bell 🔔Ring the Bell

💃 lady drink 150 Baht https://transferwise.com/register?utm

💃Have Yr Fav Lady a Drink 160 Baht https://www.paypal.me/king33166

🔔Ring the Bell 🔔Ring the Bell 🔔Ring the Bell

Ring Bell 🔔 BUY ALL LADIES A DRINK 1590 Baht /£40 /United states $54 /https://www.paypal.me/king33166

Chat Suggestions: Please respect workers/prospects/chat/ & varied users channels, Thai authorized pointers & culture. No barfine questions or asking for girls deepest contact infomation. Thank you, Earn pleasure from.

English Most productive in Chat please. Thank you.

Thks for input & Strengthen & Comments.
Please, Indulge in 👍 Subscribe ✍ & place aside the Bell 🔔 on

Have Yr Fav lady a Drink 160 Baht – https://www.paypal.me/SumaleeAnapan

Have All Females a Drink Ring The Bell 1590 Baht – https://www.paypal.me/SumaleeAnapan

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