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Living in Thailand – Bangkok Chronicles Living and Working in Bangkok Thailand Share 3

Welcome to episode 3 of Living in Thailand – The Bangkok Chronicles

The Bangkok Chronicles are about Living Thailand. Living and working in Bangkok to be utter. I launch this memoir the put I had left my job as a bar supervisor in Pattaya and headed for Bangkok Thailand. I had nowhere to are living and no earnings coming in but I had met a girl I turned into as soon as in admire with, and I wished to present it work.

I this series I focus on finding a condo in Bangkok and developing a itsy-bitsy exchange with my then lady friend Mem safe procuring for and selling. Observe my proceed as I yell you the diagram in which it be performed.

As constantly if you’re going to also possess any questions attach them in comments, and I might try my most attention-grabbing to reply to them.

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My channel is about my experiences and data obtained with 16 years travelling to Thailand. Getting married to my Thai wife 13 years ago and quiet going robust.Intelligent her to the UK, going thru the visa process then citizenship and passport process.

Shopping land in Thailand, constructing a home, managing two beer bars in Pattaya. Observe my experiences and proceed and also my strive against to become familiar with developing a youtube channel for the first time.
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hi all people coming Bangkok Chronicles
amount three maybe so
left Petare pass to Bangkok bought a condo
month or so in learning the put the
markets so I have faith what on a tangent
rather 2017 now if you need to work in
Thailand so many restrictions
visa requirements the a ramification of notes
Google it working inner and you might well maybe perchance perchance glimpse
it be a nightmare
a minefield relief then it turned into as soon as identical it
wasn’t as strict the term digital nomads
in my idea anyone with a
pc working from a pocket e book pc
wherever in the sphere
Thailand humidity thing for Chiang Mai
there is quite a couple of nomads there I looked
at it relief as soon as I moved to Bangkok is
there a formula of me being a digital nomad
the discover dropshipping came up loads on
evaluate my idea Fred Bloggs
sits in front of his pc pc corporations in
China are making products and selling
he gets the catalog puts it the objects
accessible on the market on eBay
folks seize thru him places you narrate
they send straight to the patron
doesn’t contact the goods that kind of
thing and I did now not prefer to present that I
did now not wanted there turned into as soon as too many
loopholes too many diversifications the put
folks might well maybe perchance perchance be let down on shipping and
things I wished to manage my have procuring for
and selling it turned into as soon as going to be very exhausting
to work out a formula of me legally procuring for
and selling now I turned into as soon as thinking I might well maybe perchance perchance also
seize objects attach them on eBay and various
portals promote them in the sphere post them
all that is simply actual-wanting
doing that you just’re going to also be kind of working it if
you usher in an earnings relief into
Thailand you are going to also possess definitely a piece in so
attempting to get a formula around it relief this
is 15 14 15 years ago they are able to quite a
lot of shipping corporations particularly
the put I turned into as soon as in platinum there had been retail outlets
the put a crew of parents there might well be also a
DHL shop or an agent and various all of the
assorted manufacturers but then there turned into as soon as
independence as properly and I started
noticing below my condo there turned into as soon as four
or five retail outlets they veritably had been all shipping
corporations I started noticing quite a couple of
gloomy-skinned African natives and I bought
chatting to quite a couple of the very funny some
of them but they constantly had these
elegant coloured robes and things on
there turned into as soon as quite a couple of them from one girl
lived a couple of doors up from my condo she
had rather shipping unit down there
there turned into as soon as four or five assorted females
working alongside with her they veritably often
acting the cafe in the carpark in my
condos and I did get chatting being nosy
asking hundreds questions what had been they
doing properly they had been shipping a astronomical
quantities I mean and it turned into as soon as it turned into as soon as a
football apparel bound away it at that
football shirt and I a bound a thousand a
tag they had been shipping containers sizable
boxes itsy-bitsy boxes ten kilos anything
fair shipping loads daily relief to I
would insist that turned into as soon as going to Africa and
being sold off on the markets and things
might well maybe perchance perchance be sinful but there turned into as soon as to one more
us and the fellows their companions had been
carrying all these perils relief to the
shop and packing them up and chicken
they’d registered corporations and I
chanced on out that the one girl
she’d registered company successfully she
had a piece allow as import/export
consultant or something love that how I
began thinking hold on a minute is it
cheap ample to region up this company that
I might well maybe perchance perchance also produce it legally no it wasn’t it
turned into as soon as a pair of thousand pound to present it
I did now not possess that kind of cash I
wanted to end above the dazzling facet of
the regulation I knew you are going to also get work allow
and then there is loads less complicated than he
can title then I met one more man it turned into as soon as
an Australian man who had a shipping
company and he did smaller boxes five
kilo 2 to kilo 5 kilo ten kilo which
had been diagram more costly than the
post just of job since the EMS post just of job
service turned into as soon as sizable to hotfoot in exiguous box
ship but I heard I had heard hundreds
tales the put customs put these EMS
boxes they straight perceive it be from
Asia resulting from anything in there that
mustn’t be it turned into as soon as going to be
confiscated I did now not prefer to get into
that faux market by the fashion but
it fair ems boxes attracted consideration so
I turned into as soon as thinking I fair utilize a shipping
agent lawful paperwork export import
papers any tax you are going to also kind it this
Australian man gave me an different he
for a itsy-bitsy rate he would back me get
work allow as a specialist for his
company and it might well maybe perchance perchance produce me aboveboard
now here’s what I did and I have faith you
charged me relief 300 pounds I knew the
formula to head and I went upon his books bought
a piece allow you are going to also doubtlessly quiet
produce that in 2017 if yow will come all the diagram in which thru a
company we’ll defend shut you on as a
consultant you are going to also bound produce it but as soon as more
an visas and things but I turned into as soon as quiet on a
tourist visa I never bother changing my
visa I fair kept on the tourist visa for
the 2
sure I might well maybe perchance perchance also possess bought I have faith it turned into as soon as a
exchange B visa or maybe even a non Oh
things a B visa but I did get a allow
work allow on the entire produce me felt in actuality feel a
lot better I assumed safer
I loved the 60-day runs up and the total formula down to
the borders for the visas so I wasn’t a
I did now not bother pursuing that visa but
it made me safe properly I assumed I turned into as soon as
safe having a watch relief on it now I doubtlessly
wasn’t resulting from I’d possess needed to
must possess declared all the pieces for tax
functions at two years later as soon as I left
the nation mmm undecided but I did
all the pieces I might well maybe perchance perchance also at that time to present
myself safe but most attention-grabbing with goods
clearly that weren’t pretend
products and things love that I region that
up inner the first couple of months and
that turned into as soon as a safe pass it made me in actuality feel
more relaxed and might well maybe perchance perchance severely insist
about export products temporarily present
earlier than there are such a few quite a few kinds
there might well be hundreds and hundreds of parents in this
world and hundreds and hundreds of products the sphere
revolves folks are procuring for and selling
products each day but most
folks’s lives you seize something that
has come from in assorted places in the
world so it does produce the sphere Carender
loads of my idea turned into as soon as to get itsy-bitsy
products the safe solution will likely be a
itsy-bitsy product that suits in exiguous box
you are going to also seize for tell 10 pounds and promote
for 30 pounds and produce a effective elegant
profit and selling amount in all probability the
most attention-grabbing scenario but now not easy to get
it be crucial to take a look at out hundreds of products to
get wherever shut to that but there turned into as soon as in
Bangkok I moderately great lined inner most
market are living the rag exchange the put
all the pieces turned into as soon as what they had been selling
inner and out in that market my next
steps had been to take a look at out and follow the route
the put they came from the put they had been
coming into Thailand is that more cost effective
places and it led me to a just called
Bob a market Bob a bo Bay which turned into as soon as a
evening market 10: 00 11: 00 at evening
thru to 4: 00 5: 00 in the morning time
by the river what are the docks but
folks had been procuring for in amount coming in
on containers bringing up the river on
boats and shipping in smaller quantities
into the market and selling folks had been
procuring for a thousand objects at a time
and who did get hundreds of objects at
the time you goodbye I spent a evening
doubtlessly atmosphere the day as soon as I denied
popularity the market very fair actual it be worth fair
a take a look at with hustle and bustle but it rapidly
turned into obvious that turned into as soon as a venture I
chanced on some some effective shirts very identical
to football shirt but no badges and
things on fair straightforward shirts but they
had been the an identical shirts 100 at a time and I
made quarterly made screen of that later
on in my time I did defend shut a punt at that
map also from boba market I turned into as soon as
constantly fooling around in the pc
market all the diagram in which thru the toll road in panty Plaza
every pc say turned into as soon as coming in
from basically China you constructing your pcs
if any of you are going to also be staring at now on a PC
you are going to also possess bought a box inner is maybe most attention-grabbing
10 or 11 sizable substances that fair slot
in that you just’re going to also seize all those
substances individually to get pc programs
repairs upgrades memory upgrades those
monitors then all of the instruments might well maybe perchance perchance also
keyboards cables there is hundreds of
products in that panty Plaza they all
promote properly folks prefer them but it be
whether I might well maybe perchance perchance also get them at the dazzling
mark from there ship them to wherever
the folk in the quite a few end of the bay
had been the topic of shipping is it took
a safe 10 days and the discover it irresistible wouldn’t
wait but if you’re going to also promote successfully
and it took me years to learn the
actual wording for things love eBay or
any ports or you are going to also be announcing on the
actual formula of wording things the
actual given all people watch the facts
here is coming from Asia here is you
perceive it be going to defend shut this long by
being ineffective straight and fair I attempted
quite a couple of pc substances the memory
as time went on the first year that
panted Plaza mobile phones had been turning into
more and more accessible prices had been
coming down it turned into as soon as that era from in the
eighties as soon as they began they launch
as soon as more smaller as properly as more early
two-hundreds that the nokia the one
that they fair bought to the simpler
application they had been color screens they
had been fair getting on the internet the
screens had been getting larger a most popular
one and there turned into as soon as an instance Nokia 6600
that absorbed numbers hundreds assorted
objects but and the 33 tens they veritably will
fair pass out from that phone to raised
elegant phones origin of smartphones
but as soon as more mountainous instruments Oh phone
conditions phone covers USB cables if the
market turned into as soon as exploding dazzling at that time
pantip the phones had been taking medications
in every single just but as soon as more he turned into as soon as all coming
from China now I turned into as soon as constantly
in pc programs and phones
however the sellers impound tip they had been
they weren’t they had been earning money by
selling their so I knew they had been coming
in in assorted places and as soon as more fair being a
in fashion face in pantip day after day for a
few weeks coming to the an identical stalls and
asking identical questions and announcing hi
it turned into as soon as a meals court upstairs bound up there
eat folks there so as that those sellers
are going and eating it chatting to know
them and I bought a lead that as soon as more coming
in from the river but they’d bound into
an put called Sam ping si m PE kenji
Sam pains that one lead changed my two
years in in Thailand resulting from it led me
to that facet of the time to quiet Tom
something something it opened up my
entire two years one put I might squawk
all the pieces about those areas resulting from
that is so great the starting level for
so many products and all of it turned into all
took just from chatting to a girl whose
works in the phone shop so as that turned into as soon as
lustrous lucky second for me
in those early days in Bangkok so I had
a piece allow as such
with any luck it turned into as soon as a safe one he fair
never know but had a piece allow
I had my condo I had rather bit of
money I had my pc pc I turned into as soon as region and also
being there maybe four five six weeks in
Bangkok initiating to get lonely at that
phone amount from that girl walked into
my bar those two girls one brought me
the paracetamol I might glimpse you on the following
one bye for now

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  • July 24, 2017 at 8:14 am

    Upright morning again Simon. I am hoping you peaceful contain stories every now after which while you decelerate on the channel.

  • July 24, 2017 at 9:53 am

    I did some errors when i sent packages to guests in europe who worked in markets. Virtually the complete lot i sent ended up in the inappropriate metropolis, in most cases 300 km inappropriate. The complete packages my better half sent got here to the categorical recipient with none problems.When i asked here why she acknowledged Idiot contain you quiz group on the thai post to be ready to attain English…:)

  • July 24, 2017 at 10:17 am

    you are convalescing while you originate up a fresh avenue, simon. This becomes a true witness-opener. Been with you as a result of the bar stories, will discontinue so long as you retain it up inserting out your vlogs. will def. search the suggestion of with you on the snooker club.

  • July 24, 2017 at 11:47 am

    Any time you contain drop shipping on Ebay, or no longer it is a need to need to make sure that the firm ships within 24 hours, and or no longer it is a need to need to make sure that you blueprint up your PayPal fable so that they guarantee to duvet any bogus funds. I received burned as soon as as a result of I didn't possess my PayPal fable blueprint up accurately.

  • July 24, 2017 at 1:45 pm

    Stroke of success with that connection but graft and persistence had lots to contain with it . The 2 years in Pattaya laid the foundations providing you with a tentative pick of the Thai folks . Without problems as correct as the bar stories .

  • July 24, 2017 at 1:59 pm

    What a charming length of time as to tech and change.  As a facet grunt,  the States,  contrary to  what the sphere thinks,  has few restrictions on foreigners partaking in standard commerce.  An illegal alien  can  take grasp of a dwelling and expend title,  catch married (no bother).   Salvage a job true straightforward,   factual concerns,  but  Illegals even working and  paying earnings taxes.   What a numerous time in your lifestyles, Simon,  after which there's the phone quantity you saved and a fresh chapter.  Cheers,  JP

  • July 24, 2017 at 3:02 pm

    Okay, OK, I'm no longer buying it anymore! The depth of research you did, your investigation abilities and the concept you effect into developing this export business….as successfully as the grunt in numerous videos of the Thai companies you’ve got blueprint up (vehicle wash, bar, snooker club, pork cattle, etc.) suggests an acumen some distance above the “average” taxi driver. What possess been you “in true lifestyles” sooner than Solomon's tales and with better half #1 (or extra)????? Engineer? Banker? MP? 😉 Like I acknowledged, the extra you expose, the extra we wanna be taught, “The remainder of the story.” 🙂

  • September 3, 2018 at 9:33 pm

    “…got here about from talking to a girl in a phone shop.” What language? English or Thai? Turn out to be there a minute bit allure eager, or modified into as soon as she drawing shut? Brief chat or long chat? Turn out to be this over the course of 1 afternoon, a day, a pair days? It's such most necessary data it's correct to grab how she arrived on the sphere.

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    It is advisable to rip the Audio out of your tale videos and plop them onto podcast and provide read-selling to native Thailand eating places, attractions and hotels to manufacture it value your while 🙂


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