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Thailand Exercise currently lives in Kamala Seaside Phuket and is taking pictures video of what or no longer it’s esteem to peep Thailand thru unique eyes and a digital camera. Droll, shimmering and informational.

I’m strolling thru Thailand with out a clue!

If I fabricate you smile, and also you wish this channel to proceed, that you just can well well support make stronger 20 Seconds in Thailand and preserve this channel alive the following ways. & (Thank you )

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Kathu, Phuket 83150

Art work by Sean Springer: pococe@gmail.com

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oh I speak for existence hi there guys ah let’s attain yeah that’s a factual shot hmm Leo wasn’t let me get hang of the notebook computer dwelling up here on account of buy on notebook computer dwelling up videos cuz if I wish to attain a Q&A or a question-and-resolution then I’ve bought so that you just would possibly possibly perchance peep on account of these mature eyes they cannot read the feedback on the phone so attempting to attain this and technically challenged so I’m attempting my simplest alright so livestream and then we peep the livestream and then they click on on the live movement and then I click on on the link to the live movement buy on with the feedback I’m in a position to’t read them here buy on then I’m going here restful the computer and voila now I’m in a position to peep k Kevin the truckin couple and Kevin hi there the truckin couple hi there i stake oh god how attain i how attain i sluggish this down umm Bangkok hi there Jan hi there Tommy hi there Tom hi there bababa John hi there Cindy lope hi there hi there hi there a little tight a hi there enhance enhance enhance there is no topic today so what I’m gonna attain I’m gonna authorized strive to have a conversation with you guys and um can I sluggish this down if somebody knows get hang of out how to sluggish down the equipment settings how attain I sluggish down the chat dwelling up music pop-out toggle sin suggestions identical suggestions dispute one thing one thing I check I don’t know get hang of out how to sluggish this down but hi there all americans I believed let’s authorized how fairly plenty of you is also here 220 oh yeah perchance that you just can well well whisper him at dwelling fairly barely with the beers if there turned into once one thing that I made up my thoughts to attain when all of us went in to peek down over here we mandatorily wish to get hang of the beer in on account of I what we authorized wish to oh there’s the truckin approach friend thank you very worthy thank you Vic you guys thank you so worthy for the make stronger thank you so worthy for the properly-organized probability whereas you surely surely surely have thank you properly-organized chat is continuously welcome that pops out I’m gonna strive to attain a Q&A but I I am ignorant in phrases of slowing this chat down so I wish to procure a peek at to sluggish it down a little bit but I wish to I wish to talk about to you guys first earlier than we authorized get hang of into you know what’s occurring I’ll authorized whisper you what’s occurring so I continue to exist the island of Phuket dwelling a kimella sea prance and it’s paradise it’s absolute paradise but authorized this past week they’ve gash Airways off to the island they’ve gash off the bridge for traveling any buses entering into and out executed so I am ruled in lockdown in paradise yeah I must light be support in The US I had a flight draw to transfer support a week ago land in Contemporary York obviously that will have not been a factual recommendation so I stayed in Camelot so what’s occurring here is the identical I mediate is what’s occurring for your nation you guys you’re in lockdown I mean that you just can well well’t lope available’s there’s no bars starting up the engaging locations or authorized procure away and it’s authorized it’s authorized uh I’m sorry I I’m attempting to read one of the fundamental chat to but uh yeah every daily I sit here all day long and then I’m going out in the evening after after properly I’m going out spherical 5: 00 and I will the store and I buy you know these you know potatoes today I get hang of I purchased lucky I purchased some potatoes what we didn’t have esteem these pork chops here these were out of stock for over two weeks on the Tesco the native tesco so it’s no longer easy I mean one of the fundamental shipments were messed up so as to well well’t get hang of the rooster breast or the the bottom beef or the bottom pork or the bottom rooster so it’s it’s it’s been it’s been chaotic here – oh thank you very worthy um it’s TOB stov thank you thank you very worthy thank you no query authorized the donation thank you very worthy oh man so there’s no recent update on keV any of you that are logging in on account of you know I attain live streams about Kevin Kevin is authorized the identical that he turned into once the opposite day he’s in his room isolated esteem the relaxation of us on the earth and that’s it we are in a position to’t ship him an electronic mail we are in a position to’t lope peep him and so that’s that’s authorized that authorized that bites authorized authorized no longer fun to sit down there and be in a condition esteem that but going support to Camelot we’re in lockdown that you just can well well’t lope on the sea prance perchance that you just can well well dawdle your dogs and the police would possibly possibly perchance well well just no longer ship you dwelling but the sea prance is roped off that you just can well well’t drink in public it’s it’s a whole dim dim town what is it it’s properly it’s 10: 30 here but at 8 o’clock at night at 8 o’clock at night they shut down somewhat worthy the whole lot 7-eleven has a curfew no longer a curfew but they’ve a shutdown from somewhat worthy from 8: 00 till 3: 00 I don’t know about the total other stores tonight I went to Tesco they usually were starting up and that turned into once spherical 9: 30 9: 30 or 10: 00 that’s the place I purchased the potatoes and the veggies that I purchased to manufacture some vegetable soup here on account of I’m gonna sit at dwelling and fabricate vegetable soup and drink there I did buy some beer buy on let me whisper you what I’m no longer running out of authorized give me I is no longer going to be running out of Leo’s no I is no longer going to I refuse to attain that with a case of Leo beers that oh man the power went off today at 3: 15 so factor in you’re in lockdown in Camelot can’t lope out engaging locations that you just can well well’t support you they’ll handiest procure away that you just can well well handiest expose food for procure away you lope support dwelling and then the power is gash off it turned into once handiest gash off for me for 4550 minutes about an hour certain but that’s authorized it but I’m light in paradise and I I am very very very very very grateful that I didn’t lope support to The US on account of oh thank you Frank Frank cease sending me money you’ve been factual to me the total time Frank cease sending me money ship me um potato sticks no don’t attain that on account of whereas you sympathy to sticks in the airplane they’re gonna pop the bag is gonna pop and don’t I’m attempting to mediate of authorized it we’re in lockdown authorized esteem the relaxation of you and Fox my friend Fox he despatched me a message closing night and he said Exercise authorized get hang of on and fabricate a video and I’m gonna fabricate a video tomorrow I’ve one thing I wish to talk about to you guys about tomorrow that you just potentially have never never never idea of but uh I’m gonna fabricate a video about it from the entrance porch on account of yeah I’m in a position to’t surely lope out and accomplish too worthy vlogging on the streets now one there’s nothing to peep and two it’s style of prohibited yeah shouldn’t be available but I attain have the mask I’ve mask after mask after mass even have support after I turned into once in Bangkok I’ve bought the factual-factual mask for the airplanes and the airports cuz you know don’t procure potentialities there and me placing out with boomer whereas you guys have ever been over here in the camel I’ve considered boomer he’s 74 years mature positively don’t wish to transfer dispute hi there to him and get hang of him sick for obvious all authorized so what’s occurring alright so we veil you I’m gonna strive to peek at one of the fundamental feedback now whereas you guys have a question I’m gonna strive to read if somebody would possibly possibly perchance well well please say man to sluggish this down oh my oh how attain you attain how attain you sluggish this down dwelling up alright so any questions occurring in the scene oh wait there’s some of us to block here that’s funny oh the moderator has already bought it thank you thank you mods for its taking just appropriate care of this Andrew thank you very worthy sir Andrew thank you very worthy um hi there man been observing you for plenty of years one thing else is occurring with the virus thing check out mmm recent vid and procure care of be find I’ll attain that oh man don’t fabricate me haunted I don’t wish to be haunted about one thing else Oh but k I’ll check that out thank you very worthy Andrew thank you thank you very worthy for that Andrew you positively authorized sold me dinner tonight with potatoes and peek what else I purchased they they fabricate they fabricate this in a little to hand bag peek it’s so handy so a plug-fry with some rice or noodles or a rooster soup wait mine’s gonna be a rooster soup you bought the bro usually they’ve cauliflower in here but I speak cauliflower is off the menu today but I purchased that today k k so what else we bought with the questions the questions no I’m in a position to’t how are you guys doing you guys placing in there k there turned into once some loopy loopy stuff occurring authorized so my day out support to americo’s with Emirates they usually entirely shut the whole lot down so that’s that’s a executed deal I’m no longer going anywhere so I’m authorized caught in paradise on an island and yeah phox phox you didn’t wish to attain that but thank you very worthy and also you’re the Fox you’re the explanation that I’m genuinely on here tonight on account of Fox scolded me closing they didn’t scold me he authorized said Exercise please attain one thing I turned into once sitting at dwelling can you please fabricate a video and I and I will I’ve bought some photos out on the streets that I’m in a position to I’m in a position to manufacture for a video tomorrow you whisper you a little little bit of what’s occurring I hope this dream is light alive k so the place are the girls on the total girls have long past dwelling the total girls have long past dwelling on account of there’s nothing for them to attain here massage locations are closed bars are closed engaging locations are closing on account of it’s authorized surely hard for the relaxation to occur here what else is occurring the trucking couples know oh buy on we have now a troll in the residence I never usually no longer so worthy horrified about the trolls the trolls continuously dispute ship me money and by golly certain whereas you guys genuinely wish to piss off the trolls yeah whereas you guys wish to piss off the trolls yeah lope forward and ship me money cuz that’s all they bag posting on here ship me money sending me money ship me money don’t be such a debbie downer get hang of your enjoy youtube channel fabricate a little little bit of videos that folk esteem to peek about one thing that you just’re attracted to don’t be a troll k so what we bought hi there I’m late Oh Lionel tremendous to peep you in here Lionel factual to peep you if anybody has no longer considered Lionel’s channel it’s a lighthearted channel from Singapore dwelling esteem Lionel authorized write that down and dwelling esteem Lionel very esteem Lionel you bought it you bought to manufacture extra videos with the engaging girls you continuously have these Singaporeans engaging girls and also you’ve been you’ve been you’ve been very very low on that what else is long past 453 of you is also listed below are you guys hi there you’re all in lockdown yeah alright so I’m gonna strive to read the feedback again here we lope am i come Malaysia I’m about no no I’m no longer come Malaysia I mediate a flight from here to Malaysia is set an hour so no no longer shut to Malaysia greetings from Eire Alexander thank you very worthy ship me money prank from B Wayne certain B Wayne please ship me money whereas you form that then I’m authorized gonna repeat it oh my moderators are on board now Thank You Lionel and thank you for all them anybody that’s moderating on here tonight but Lionel factual job what else we bought [Music] hi there Exercise how’s it going it’s going quietly I’d prefer it turned into once going quite a bit higher than than it genuinely is yeah I hope you guys are doing properly yeah I hope the whole lot is gonna be k for you guys I’m getting a disconnect feed here so I’m gonna lope forward I speak authorized in in this movement authorized now and peep what I’m in a position to attain to get hang of the k no it looks esteem it’s k we’ll strive it a little bit longer British Airways has stopped taking half in yeah Emirates of cease flying Asia Air Asia has stopped flying they usually’re brooding about stopping even home flights no longer all but some that you just can well preserve going factual I’m in Bangkok now staying dwelling end find yeah end dwelling end find attain what you attain lope to obliging seed lope to tops market at some level of the day buy the whole lot that you just wish and lope dwelling and subscribe to Netflix or HBO or irrespective of channel that you just esteem to and then authorized hunker down and authorized get hang of thru this I’m I never idea I’d dispute this but I’m pleased that I didn’t get hang of support to the United States I mean I had a draw to transfer seven days ago support to Contemporary York and that potentially would were the worst conception ever and then I’d lope peep my of us who were in their 70s and that will have not been factual so I’m authorized I’m pleased authorized to be on my little tropical island even supposing it’s mute and there’s no tourism occurring here and of us are all but we’re we’re all placing in there all americans the total time of us that work here they’re genuinely no longer as horrified they’re no longer they’re no longer as haunted as you think they would possibly possibly perchance well well be on account of they’re susceptible to having very very factual UPS and surely very factual downs and authorized they’re placing in there the they’re extra haunted of getting sick than shedding money some of them I know some of us that are very horrified about their money and a few are authorized horrified about their health unnecessary to claim we’re all horrified about our health k agreed you’re worthy safer and k thank you thank you if I ship you a case of sprite how seemingly would you convert sprite we have now sprite here you don’t wish to ship me sprite I attain esteem sprite blended with vodka no no no I don’t but they attain sell sprite here I haven’t had a sprite in a long time now you’re gonna fabricate me lope buy a sprite sorry properly it’s the identical identical firm so we’re k have you ever noticed the water is changing into cleaner now that certain certain has the water turn into cleaner for the explanation that tourism has been shot down fully I’ve heard experiences from patia and Phuket and here and the water has turn into cleaner yeah properly there’s some rumors that rumors that perchance some hotels sewage genuinely would possibly possibly perchance well well get hang of jumbled along with these kinds of waters in some ingredients of this nation I don’t know that to be genuine nonetheless it can probably well well fabricate sense that if there’s no tourism here and no sewage going into the water and the water comes clearing I don’t know but yeah we’ve considered that the water is getting it looks to be very blue very tremendous factual query Sall video simplest that peek esteem The Strolling Lifeless Boulevard I’d like I had the digital camera available authorized now to whisper you the contrivance scarily scarily this role is at night there’s authorized one motorcycle one automotive that’s it it’s nothing’s starting up and all americans you lope into a store and all americans’s washing their fingers with sanitizer we’re no longer no longer as paranoid Li haunted as as as that you just can well mediate we’re we light engage with one but any other with the mass again place the mask on or place a mask on and dispute hi there sorry to approach support up somebody fabricate hop and also you know attain your thing and then wash your fingers along with your little sanitizer whereas you’re executed and we get hang of along that contrivance over here it’s it’s been somewhat somewhat frigid Oh guys I mediate we’re factual for tonight I’m gonna fabricate a video tomorrow about one thing that most of that you just can well just have not idea of in a long time oh the truckin couple out digital camera on strive on the support of the notebook computer face Frank what are you cryptically writing out digital camera on truck oh yeah I don’t have a studio Frank I’ve been attempting to dwelling one up for a whereas and I authorized don’t have it I’d like you to ship me lamps a desk I’m joking I’m joking but I attain want a job of job I attain wish to manufacture our other halves jam role of job you guys have a factual night be find be careful I’m gonna fabricate a video for you tomorrow on my entrance porch talking to you about one thing that uh we haven’t talked about ever in the tip of five years that I’ve been doing YouTube practically five years I’m gonna talk about to you about one thing tomorrow I’m going into Stewie store deli I’m going into storyteller mode on account of then I’m style of hunkered down and there’s authorized one thing I wish to whisper you thank you provocative by the whole lot please place a observation down below I will read the total feedback and if I didn’t get hang of to question I train be apologetic about I’m no longer very factual at this and I don’t have somebody sitting here to read me the questions so I wish to peek this vogue and if I place the digital camera the model Frank wants me to then you’re blackened lounge that is no longer wise be find buy some beer hunker down at dwelling have your food attain you guys understand how many babies are going to be made this yr we’re gonna have one other little one enhance you know that No peep you later along with your little one booming

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  • April 1, 2020 at 12:31 am

    Rattling!! I'm consistently 8-12 hours later. It desires to be due to I'm asleep on my facet of the sector when Decide is awake on his facet of the sector.

  • April 1, 2020 at 12:56 am

    cant study the comments on the phone they absorb this contemporary invention known as GLASSES

  • April 1, 2020 at 2:36 am

    you have to want hand sanitizer? I couldn't purchase it for something. The cupboards are naked. The leisure related to sanitizing or cleaning is long gone. TP, Paper Towels, & Kleenex are very tense to search out. Originate you have to want that knid of scenario over there? PS Bask in your videos follow it. Thanks.

  • April 1, 2020 at 3:27 am

    Set digital camera at the attend of computer, and then set a sheet up at the attend of you, rapid studio. However I may quiet take into fable while you enact it this kind.

  • April 1, 2020 at 6:23 am

    Week three of lock down here, in Mallorca Spain. DIY is passing the time. I reflect it’s now not lower than two extra weeks, Spain getting hit tense.

  • April 1, 2020 at 11:44 am

    Most high-quality one case of Leo's, what are you going to enact the subsequent day! lol

  • April 1, 2020 at 2:14 pm

    Ever belief of getting the chat subsequent to the digital camera on the identical table?

  • April 1, 2020 at 2:24 pm

    I reflect that is a honest reset on your entire world. Governments bitch they’ll't creep eco as a result of disruption. Well guess what? Obedient time to creep eco now. A extensive range of of us the identical. Pondering of transferring to Thailand or someplace identical however can't creep away job, neatly that has been looked after for you. When it ll gets up and running then that is a time to relate “Ok, I am starting all all over again so wherever I start up I may be starting from scratch.” So you have to also enact that anyplace.


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