Lion Pub Pattaya

[Music] Malick’s am i guessing underneath no circumstances that was that extinguish that must were valid [Music] because after the Thai folks Thai folks we each and every you already know me too well like a two-share Bible College hope you don’t mind being motion footage so I dig up are you doing subsequent demand would you live what are you able to relate valid like English songs stunning but we didn’t get carpenters final time handiest to transfer any cap inches you already know yeah chilly effective well thanks desires to be valid don’t mind the desire made a requirement made a requirement already you already know mederic about this mines subsequent after this Oh we would spend to favor you your whole ultimate and why suitable [Music] is Oh about time fade outside with smoke get down I’m on high of the sector [Music] the others give me at the extinguish of the sector thanks so great thanks for asking for thanks a dilemma thanks [Music] Oh we’ll glance Bob he’s the one who invited me down there Bob there’s no smoking in right here stunning no smoking guys at situation no smoking so I do know a couple of of it’s likely you’ll per chance well care for that the Purple’s reasonably darkish in this gentle but it surely is they’re skeptical stress-free straightforward none I include to transfer compare out the smokin attic it’s gonna be like being in England again you gotta fade get your mates within the smoking dilemma right here we fade I’m gonna film these dudes my dangle non-public gimbal so end great is extremely a trustworthy diminutive patio smoking dilemma kind of facet sorry I conception it’s likely you’ll per chance well maybe maybe my pals tearing off one other spell does I will press it suitable suitable [Music] so right here’s it wasn’t in actuality that a long way it suitable appears stress-free who went down third boulevard and grew to turn out to be left onto number three or one thing I don’t know no regional and it’s called without reference to those yeah I are mindful about it’s about solid rings going to take a look at the outlet [Music] yeah I’ve restful obtained plenty Leola right here’s gonna be a massively lengthy stream I suitable wanted it’s like a diminutive video up at the bar I must doubtlessly build a hyperlink to this our Fb page [Music] yeah there’s a market like a mountainous market suitable as wicked for them mountainous money appears to be like to be valid my balloon a letter get you a shot of the trusty constructing talking all the most realistic likely device by the boulevard [Music] so like there’s a facet entrance aside fade there shrimp dogs after which shield end from his dad liable hope you guys just like the m62 down it glance glance the formative years listen to the rap music offers them the brain injury yeah it’s a terribly a beautiful valid dilemma and the beers no longer being too costly I confirmed the menu and begin up yeah voila Mia I finalized the t-shirt but if I’ll worth you he’s obtained this diminutive stripe right here and it’s obtained my fb URL there a diminutive bit on the aid though so this desires to be ready in two weeks you didn’t glance home she’s within the thumbnails filmed her twice she was recording a couple of of this to boot you already know yeah collectively barbershop suitable up the boulevard reasonably yeah I’ve viewed it they’re recasting within the background we get delivered I couldn’t fluctuate offer but you’re gonna be paying different transport so except you’re in actuality all for Game one you wicked suitable to get in but I’m you already know French flag oh yeah your whole flags wasn’t your whole truth different flags veteran pink white and blue der ezzor is infrequently purported to be in step with the mannequin the Ministry of Protection who’s that Bobby hiya Chris how are you mate as both the boss over oh in actuality I underneath no circumstances knew that why extinguish I underneath no circumstances get down there to uh but there appears to be reasonably of a hope in all fairness just like the darkish facet valid effective yeah okay chilly so right here’s your gaff I underneath no circumstances realized yeah yes I’m suitable doing a diminutive bit yeah restful going now what extinguish folks watching stunning now tomorrow’s be about and they could well per chance well goal come and compare it out yeah viewed what number of TVs are in that India guy and plenty it’s likely you’ll per chance well care for the no smoking internal I’m certain the smoking is retro Mouse so I’m suitable gonna extinguish me some extra I include a diminutive pun round internal again suitable to finalize it after which I’ll within the stream no longer as a lot as 20 minutes after which subsequent is diminutive bit that’s stunning about that about eleven maybe you already know suitable after eleven ty very lengthy time beer taste checking out the elements bar [Music] okay Bobby thanks for that [Music] they cherish you dr. Bob hiya buddy cherish you in this chat what’s – Bob that man underneath no circumstances it’s most realistic to claim stuff like that appears like a dying threat stunning yeah Bob restful sees room co-financier on and for Bob thank dr. effective things gonna fade so after we owe you reasonably extra internal than hope within the stream subsequent stream in about three hours time [Music] well thanks a diminutive my lunch I like your cheese hit the like comical puddle we’re getting hit the like was that’s mountainous we are capable of transfer in this type I’m no longer certain yeah we are capable of okay chilly again glance you on TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV every person once you want its fault you’re stunning in actuality my boys glance you in a couple of hours [Music] [Applause] folks effective like no alright glance you in three hours guys

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