Koh Ling-Thailand’s Monkey Island come Pattaya, 2018

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On a shimmering Saturday Morning. Richard and I uncover been accompanied by three shimmering Thai females who stay in Pattaya, and uncover been furious to talk to monkey island with us. Fortuitously, the Thai ladies uncover been as contented as we uncover been to talk to the island, as they had never been. The talk to to Koh Ling was particular. there are a quantity of islands that uncover monkeys on them in Thailand, however Koh Ling is exiguous and uncommon.
We took a non-public boat tour to salvage there, on the other hand it was no doubt rate the outing. Monkey Island is a on-of-a form self-discipline. Feeding the monkeys was a limited nerve racking merely because there are so a number of them. It is a self-discipline to uncover some fun while you are in the Pattaya, Thailand utter. Feeding the monkeys was very attractive. The island is a lot smaller than I anticipated, which if truth be told labored in our settle on. The ladies had a quantity of fun, and we all cannot wait to stride extra of Thailand. This was the most anticipated stride vlog I uncover made in Thailand. Three Thai ladies, two expats, and a talk to to Monkey Island
if truth be told was a large day. This was a fun stride vlog for all of us!
I if truth be told hope you experience these stay streams and stride vlogs as remarkable as I fancy making them. They’re correct one other motive I fancy being an expat in Thailand. For those that don’t compose one thing else else, invent particular you DoMoreLife.

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[Music] correct morning from Pattaya Sea recede and it’s Eiling – a three-week – here is as you guys all know Rashard everybody Richard hi Richard we are headed out to Monkey Island this present day I uncover a sense I’m going to uncover monkeys crawling on me one thing tells me that and we are with additionally the favourite boat captain here mr. Ryan mr. rock man stay and in the flesh correct there [Music] we’re gonna be taking this boat out to the island and we’re very furious I mediate the hats gonna compose me some correct this present day what compose you suspect yeah I do know you guys fancy this hat so anyway we’re preparing for our outing we’re going to space skim here and about I don’t know 30 minutes or so and confidently we’ll uncover some correct photos for you guys this present day so stay tuned let me provide you with guys a quickly limited shot of early morning Pattaya out here as that you just must perchance maybe look in the support of me however I’m gonna flip the gimbal around confidently you guys are liking [Music] and welcome to the tire a limited bit tree correct there in entrance of it was extra or much less threatening our survey a limited bit bit however that’s k there’s the metropolis you guys uncover viewed this a entire entire bunch we’re ready on a number of people to salvage here and then we will exercise off however here is the time early in the morning and provide you with guys a limited bit survey of beetroot when it’s no longer so busy because it’s very early as you guys can look the entire diagram down the stop there is the doorway to walking Avenue and here is a very unbusy coastline incorrect which is one thing you don’t look very generally there’s a tour of us there’s consistently a tour bus here however I uncover all over you guys exercise into narrative rock man correct about to exercise us out the build we’re going this present day there we set a Monkey Island Monkey Island and what’s gonna happen in monkey out oh that’s up my succesful people uncover a quantity of money monkey so remarkable so remarkable perchance a extra cousin how the monkeys gonna leap on me and the monkeys gonna leap yeah yeah yeah UK with anybody he treasure he fun compose they chunk know that some uncover some hits on the beat one among you guys a abominable ball I had to correct one or two however don’t alarm we uncover bought a meals for him I point out he’ll be he’ll rock man says as prolonged as we uncover meals for the monkeys we’re correct to trot so I’m gonna exercise his be conscious for a quantity of meals out of the meals out of it so here is our team for this present day one two Rashard three take a seat down so there’s one two three four 5 six of us total and we’re about to trot find Monkey Island and we are off to trot to the boat females and gentlemen I mediate this could seemingly perchance perchance be a fairly piquant fun day I hope so anyway no doubt walking on the coastline here and Pattaya be particular you’ve got one thing to your ft consistently for the explanation that seashores are as that you just must perchance maybe look comparatively erroneous diagram at all this yeah Richard consistently the gentleman carrying the entire meals till you diagram up my support and look what all I uncover strapped in my support [Music] so now we head to rock man’s boat here we fancy this boat it takes as many areas and he comes and picks up your sneakers for you correct treasure that so listen and rashard tells you we uncover these as an alternative of bananas so Rockman and his companion urged me that the monkeys are very ancient to drinking Madonna’s on each day basis on each day basis so they salvage one thing various for the monkeys corn they’re gonna fancy it it’s treasure having steak while you’ve been drinking chicken the entire time so have to be correct that’s frigid correct [Music] [Music] k guys welcome to monkey island and as that you just must perchance maybe look we uncover a feeding frenzy on our palms here I compose no longer uncover meals in my palms so that’s presumably why they’re no longer coming to me however here is an mesmerizing limited diagram at one thing I’ve never viewed sooner than so generally they’re correct taking the meals that we give them and then they’re going out here and purchasing on the on the floats and drinking it they generally’re playing on the water at the same time how frigid is that Teddy’s guys that here is comparatively frigid they generally’re effectively behaved this man correct here he’s he it appears to be comparatively hungry howdy this man is drinking treasure crazy diagram at this so we brought corn they generally’re all correct these guys was hungry absolute self belief they was hungry liquor Richard the expert the expert corn feeder and the monkeys are no longer shot here at all test that out so I if truth be told have to wade through this direction however I don’t know how this guys are gonna feel about it extra or much less terrorized to be correct excuse me sir can I salvage through here unintentionally thanks so remarkable the kind of gentleman oh wait that within there he goes k thanks thanks thanks thanks confidently I obtained’t salvage attacked by monkeys here is the assorted aspect of Monkey Island homeboys chillin on the tree correct there and here is a limited bit sitting web site the build that you just must perchance presumably come and uncover some lunch even even though I wouldn’t counsel it no longer here anyway cuz the monkeys would presumably exercise it over astronomical boats tour boats out here on the album and a few Red Rock I have to characterize you guys test up on the Red Rock that’s comparatively frigid one thing attention-grabbing that you just don’t look on each day basis no longer particular what that comes from on the other hand it appears to be attention-grabbing and here come the ladies and he or she is swinging treasure a monkey it’s it’s goals a monkey this limited man correct here is correct picking out man so anyway that’s a examine monkey island guys come strive it accessible’s some higher monkeys down there we’re gonna strive to stay a long way from them cuz they diagram unhealthy and these ladies are having diagram too remarkable fun so we’re gonna exercise some photos I if truth be told hope you guys experience this you stay tuned for the subsequent one

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