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June/2024 – Building update of venture – Substantial Solaire, Pattaya, Thailand

The absolute highest skyscraper in Pattaya with the most opulent 5-star apartments can turn into your unique home or a huge funding and cost for cash. Will you spend this opportunity? This funding is at your fingertips.

The S.L.R constructing crew have been focusing on the inside of of the primary tower within the last few months, to ship the work up with the beginning air skeleton:
– Indispensable Substantial Solaire tower constructing forthcoming the 30th ground.
– Exterior walls being skimmed as a lot as the 25st ground, and as a lot as the 15th ground interiorly.
– Q-Con walls and M&E methods installation ongoing.
– Poolside leisure constructing constructing underway.

Nejvyšší mrakodrap v Pattayi s nejluxusnějšími pětihvězdičkovými apartmány se může stát vaším novým domovem nebo skvělou investicí s výhodným poměrem ceny a kvality. Využijete této příležitosti? Tuto investici máte na dosah ruky.

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