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Many other folks have heard the rumors about Thailand’s Pattaya.
The inquire is, can also unbiased unexcited you intend to focus on about with Pattaya?
Let’s purchase a conception.

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Thailand Procure within the intervening time lives in Kamala Seaside Phuket and is taking pictures video of what or no longer it is like to glance Thailand thru contemporary eyes and a digicam. Droll, suave and informational.

I am walking thru Thailand with out a clue!

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22nd to Thailand Thailand Procure and I am within the papaya [Music] one more shrimp lesson for all of you that don’t have any longer discovered the suitable technique to articulate papaya Pattaya Pattaya Thailand it’s no longer Pattaya this papaya platter yeah Pattaya so purchase the pitar and the yaw on the tip and separating lumber but I yeah but uh but the yeah I would possibly Pattaya Thailand and I am on soy wait a minute I’m gonna make it more straightforward to wager wager which soy I’m on in papaya this day’s Thai lesson is going to be on papaya at the tip of this video you’ll be announcing papaya otherwise you’ll be announcing shut up there are so grand of channels that focus on about papaya but they uh but they but they up has a moral rap at a putrid rap and an upside down rap and the inside rap and wrapped inside out and commence air and in and every thing in like shake and bake shake and bake don’t assemble any jokes about the shake and bake but the perceive has a moral rap I pick has a putrid rap inside rap commence air wrapped inside roundhouse leg wrap wrap around wrap around condoms you haven’t purchased my condoms yet you shouldn’t they’re moral for fun I got loads to transfer around that sounded really putrid so anyway I hear so many other folks giving papaya a putrid rap but I also glance other folks like promoting papaya and I are attempting to present you with my two cents on pathya Patea is moral Patea is putrid it relies on what you attain right here for what you’re attempting to search out what it is probably going you’ll perchance also unbiased have discovered over right here and what you build with it what your intentions are what model of particular person you are I will attach going and going and going and going patios worldwide known because the crimson-gentle district of Thailand that’s the worst rap it’s got and truthfully it has been known for that for thus long but it absolutely’s also a family commute map and I don’t have any thought why I’ll moral show you I don’t I don’t secure it whenever you attain right here as a family because of for individuals who wished to glance the beach I’d suggest that you just lumber to the islands that’s what I suggest otherwise you secure more costly but more stunning beach all of it k so let’s specialise within the negative aspect for individuals who’re on the identical SOI that I’m on correct right here or anyplace in this block neighborhood after seven o’clock it’s gonna secure putrid bit loopy over right here and I suggest that can be for individuals who’re young and proper out of faculty otherwise you’re moral searching to attain lend a give up right here and occasion like a rock giant identify hiya right here you lumber correct right here right here is your attach it is probably going you’ll perchance also unbiased no longer lumber away this nation let’s return to my historical video of death in Thailand because of that happens over right here it’s too grand for some now it’s no longer a dispute I’m no longer no longer easy you that it’s too grand for you it’ll also even be too grand for individuals who’ve never skilled a 24-hour rock giant identify ladies all over beer drinking alcohol occasion all over 24 hours a day I already stated that in Thailand nut imagine sorority which I’ve never had been in a sorority but imagine that on cases 10 Crimson Bull vodka and Jager bombs it sounds about correct oh I don’t build cocaine but imagine that on cocaine or 68 oz. of espresso 16 oz. of espresso that’s a so the negative stereotype of pattaya is moral it is what it is at evening time it will get loopy right here there are a amount of many many other folks to attain lend a hand up right here for many good debauchery and yeah it is probably going you’ll perchance even have the debauchery over right here and other folks articulate that this attach in most cases is a gross attach handy around in for individuals who’re most tasty talking about the boring evening state on the beach state the attach that that is centralized yeah it must be handsome handsome intimidating disgusting however you or it must be your have paradise I’ll show you what if it’s your have paradise the cause I’m making that face is yeah moral deem about faux that you just’re Charlie Sheen I conception at you Charlie Sheen I’m moral announcing I suggest I will imagine Charlie Sheen over right here I suggest really I suggest yeah I will also imagine Charlie yeah moral it’s potentially potentially within the lend a hand of me moral kidding Charlie I don’t even know the attach you are correct now but on an upside now you guys my channel was as soon as in accordance with me coming to Thailand and seeing issues from a singular perspective I don’t live in Pattaya so after I attain right here I glance something very completely different and irregular each day I’ve considered the areas of the boring evening nightlife and I’ve utterly completed with seeing any longer of that it’s moral too grand too loopy k maybe a birthday occasion each now after which it’s horny but what a amount of alternative folks don’t focus on about after they focus on about Patea is the actual fashioned those that live right here those that play golf those that live within the darkish aspect the attach it’s really restful and there’s mountainous views those that moral live right here and secure pleasure from a restful restful lifestyles in papaya they don’t attain down right here and occasion each evening like a rock giant identify they sit at home or they they lumber out with their mates or they build their Nation Club thing but they lumber have a tremendous dinner at pepper and salt bolt in pepper and salt because of it’s a extraordinarily moral restaurant i suggest the duck I suggest the duck in most cases moral live a fashioned life-style on a fashioned budget without going to the kibbutz because of I secure I secure choked up about this other folks are continuously debating the trace of worse most charge-good and most costly to live it is so cheap to live in Papa it is probably going you’ll perchance even have a giant home for below 20,000 base line the water and the electricity is handsome grand the fashioned around Thailand until you I suggest until you’re running three ACS all day long backing that can secure costly that can whisk up to love 3000 or up a month that’s costly like two ACS a day would possibly maybe even be 2,000 baht a month three ACS a day would possibly maybe even be 3,000 baht a month I never thought of it that plot but that looks about the plot in which that the money works because of in Camelot I don’t whisk the AC infrequently at all I paid below a thousand for electricity each month I’ve never paid a thousand but there is a moral there is a moral aspect to Panthea it relies on what you’re attempting to search out and what you pursue and there can also be the darkish loopy wild aspect at evening and that is outrageous like what Las Vegas former to be known for within the 50s and 60s John because of Las Vegas lend a hand in Wendy Las Vegas launch 40s and 50s – too historical but you be mindful what Las Vegas was as soon as known for correct each nation on the earth has some attach that is well-known for some crimson-gentle district well Thailand’s unfortunately is papaya are we announcing it again correct yeah yeah be mindful the yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I don’t know that lady her identify is Yaya I know a girl named Yaya squirrel that’s factual so deem about Yaya and moral articulate pathi yeah you’re no longer believing every thing that I articulate how about I’ll bring somebody in to transfer Albert cooperate cooperate is that the suitable note cooperate cooperate her waffle theft can also unbiased unexcited we need a codename otherwise you had been telling me two girls folk no topic moral a man what’s your what was as soon as the principle identify of your pet will build the porn store k and what Western you lived on blank the principle one you be mindful faucet so Coco faucet sitting right here with Coco faucet because of Coco I cannot lumber you cook will moral call him John John John Doe John Doe but you attain to Papa a couple completed just a few cases there’s a Thailand a feedback just a few cases you don’t live right here elephantine-time no so that you just’re no longer you’re no longer moral the vacationers your I don’t even know what they would call your ass retired but what I need what I are attempting to show them right here’s a amount of alternative folks articulate completely different other folks is moral without me even striking words to your mouth which plot would you lumber what about what build you assemble we thing I imagine it’s all up to the non-public expertise instructed you it’s all personal expertise how dapper you are and how well that you just commute and how well you scrutinize out for stuff and what your agenda is whenever you attain right here for individuals who attain to patio with the agenda to occasion and take a look at like a rock giant identify well the principle time because of it’s a yeah it’s repeatedly about occasion it’s gross strings it’s gross again it’s the very first time then you definately attain down right here you secure that out of the plot in which and also then you definately I launch commute to glance the you know the theme the glance they do the darkish aspect us and stuff like that a long way from a stroke Pattaya correct and no topic but a young sorry very moral and for individuals who attach going south that’s known as um John John John TM TN TM which is like happier lifestyles like something is factual all I are attempting to secure across this day with my belief and somebody that comes right here each now after which every now after which is patia is what you assemble of it but completely yeah in show for you and also you need it to be the greatest crimson gentle district in all of Thailand to acquire it in show for you peace and restful in a golf route to acquire it to acquire it and it’s so cheap when put next with the bundle Bangkok that’s the principle – they did more costly correct but in show for you oh and there’s yet another thing I are attempting to chat about papaya has every thing in show for you anything furniture clothing department shops printing industry anything that it is probably going you’ll perchance need that you just deem well I don’t know within the occasion that they don’t have a you know Bangkok has it has Pattaya has it petaa has every thing that’s gonna be one of the most issues that I’m going to chat about in a single more video is the downside of Pattaya is they’re so mountainous and in notify that they have gotten so many issues right here anything that you just really are attempting to have completed can also even be completed in Pattaya so thank you for showing up for this no chitchat patio can also even be moral or putrid up to you completely it’s no longer moral one particular person that thinks that so my level is when in all seriousness don’t hear to 1 channel and articulate that Pattaya is rainbows and unicorns and nubby be completely are you able to secure paid for rainbows and unicorns completely she’s correct down the avenue rainbow and unicorn are correct down the avenue I’ve considered them they’ve no that’s moral that’s a jug like cocoa correct and in show so that you just can attain lend a give up right here with the family which I don’t realize why other folks drink I moral no longer a moral attach for family but they build they bring with them all they got a contemporary mall it’s moral for households they promote ice cream there some more all correct that’s sufficient thank you if cocoa John Cheers pudgy hop to the cup and I would possibly glance you oh oh I would possibly glance you by the level this video is up you guys can also unbiased and I or can also unbiased no longer know cam is going lend a hand to the hideaway tomorrow Wednesday the 26th that approach I got to attach this video up now please what build you build don’t omit that [Music]

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  • July 3, 2019 at 6:14 pm

    Don’t disregard by no device mess with treatment because Thailand’s known for zero tolerance for any drug offences especially at the airports. You by no device have to gape the within out any foreign penal complex together with Thailand. Even within the event that they are known for these sad side of things.

  • July 9, 2019 at 6:18 am

    Certain, that how you snort it…Expend it from a Thai person…No longer pah-tie-ya…!

  • July 18, 2019 at 2:38 pm

    You didn’t snort what SOI you were sitting on, and I dont worth why you continue to follow the pronounciation instructions of Thais…finish you whisper japan, nipon as successfully?

  • September 3, 2019 at 6:05 am

    While within the north, I heard mighty negativity on Pattaya. But Expend, Kev, Ed Sweeney, Geoff Carter appear to journey it. Kev has fair correct data on living in numerous aspects of the metropolis. And I even occupy other pursuits I will pursue there. So my next stay soon.

  • September 23, 2019 at 2:25 am

    I use to hear negativity about Pattaya. But then noticed a few of Kev's movies. Fine locations to stay, far from the walking streets. Also, a truthful noxious for visiting other locations

  • October 2, 2019 at 11:32 am

    Like most locations within the realm you occupy the most life like and the inappropriate , Its all up to you on what you call inappropriate or fair correct with Pattaya, yes red mild district is crazy alternatively its up to you to know your limits, i gape these that design there for the necessary time and loose the distance and birthday celebration beyond their device to the level that they’d got them selves in a incident of some sought and them blame it on Pattaya , In a nut shell its a huge space to occupy a truthful time , when im stressed and had adequate with the celebrated pressures of life i jump on a airplane and trot to PATTAYA and leave there refreshed and re energized

  • November 21, 2019 at 5:59 am

    GOOD or BAD ? Even thais doubt it too. But for me .I'm cushy with a truthful side and journey with a inappropriate side. 😊

  • December 5, 2019 at 6:29 am

    ” now not a truthful space for a family ” whereas you survey at the background 11:38 😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣. Silly vid Expend👍👍👍

  • January 12, 2020 at 10:22 pm

    I travil to thailand many time its fair correct however what time ur drank be cear elephantine

  • January 31, 2020 at 10:24 pm

    What is the most life like space to stay lengthy time interval ( 6 years) with narrate compile admission to to the laem Chabang sea Port?Hubby doesn’t mind commuting for us to stay in a accurate, gated neighborhood. I want a single family dwelling.


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