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Is BANGKOK Costly? / Corpulent Condominium Tour / Designate of Living in THAILAND

How powerful does it designate to lease a residence in Bangkok?
How powerful is the electrical energy?
What are the forms of residences in Thailand?

This day I am animated you to be a half of a residence tour where I will repeat you an instance of accommodation you’ve got in a single among the most smartly-most standard for foreigners districts of Bangkok.
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Kawa HAUS Condominium https://g.page/kawa-haus?portion
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hi there hi there hi there!
welcome back to our hungry adventures!
hungry adventures in easy Bangkok!
and yeah guys right here’s one other particular episode..
on account of this day we will probably be talking about designate of living in Bangkok..
and in particular about accommodation..
how powerful attain you pay for lease?
how powerful attain you pay for electrical energy?
what are the forms of accommodation?
what are the forms of condominium that you should bag in Bangkok?
yeah.. this day we can bag the solutions..
on account of i desire to ask you for a tour..
a residence tour to 1 among the most well-liked districts for foreigners..
Phra Khanong and On Nut..
so in case you should perhaps furthermore simply hold some time and empty residence in your abdominal..
and you are prepared to extinguish your precious time in conjunction with me..
whereas i’m sharing this vital facts..
then be a half of me on this hungry adventure!
let’s lunge!
and right here’s our first challenge..
it is known as Kawa residence..
this residence used to be completed this 300 and sixty five days in 2021..
so it is surely surely mark new..
and now I am making an are attempting forward to a chum –
her title is Pat..
she’s an agent and he or she’s going to repeat us all the pieces spherical..
yeah right here she is..
Guys right here’s Pat, she is the owner of her delight in company..
accurate estate company right here in Bangkok..
and he or she has determined to repeat me all the pieces spherical..
and to answer to all of my worrying questions.. and your questions too..
sure, sure!
i mediate she’s jubilant to meet you too..
what is that? face scan?
sure it is the face scan..
can i are attempting my face?
sure sure!
stranger.. stranger.. yeah..
okay.. let’s lunge yeah!
we are able to utilize a key card right here..
wow.. that’s serious!
we enter to the kitchen.. and then the lounge..
what number of sq. meters is that this room?
about 35 sq. meters..
guys, examine out this bedroom!
yeah guys, that’s surely impressive..
i surely savor this unit..
yeah.. living room, bedroom..
they even hold got a rest room.. i forgot to repeat you a rest room..
yeah right here’s it..
sparkling bathe..
marble ground..
and a sink..
and how powerful is it for one month?
It’s about 16 thousand Baht..
60 or 16?
16.. one six..
16 000 Baht per month..
and electrical energy and water?
electrical energy is about 1000 Baht per month..
1000 baht for electrical energy..
and for water?
about 100 Baht..
so it is 16000 plus 1000 plus 100..
17100 Baht..
Can you obtain a more in-depth designate?
After all..
oh surely?
okay okay..
so yeah guys, you should perhaps contact her in repeat so that you can obtain a more in-depth designate..
and I’ve seen there is a swimming pool..
and some products and companies..
i mediate we would possibly lunge and examine them out..
let’s lunge!
oh my god.. surely?
yeah guys..
vending machine from 7-eleven..
they’ve got no 7-Eleven right here on account of this constructing is new..
however they already hold got a vending machine..
i haven’t seen it wherever else in Bangkok but..
potentially the first one (for me)..
perfect-making an are attempting!
Here is the fitness room..
and we hold something particular to repeat you..
they’ve got something particular for me on this room..
okay i’m very strange..
what roughly particular..
what precisely is particular on this fitness room..
immense and frigid..
what’s that?
right here’s a mountain climbing machine..
machine for mountain climbing..?
yeah i’m a immense monkey – that’s vital for me..
what is that this room?
this one is roughly appealing room..
can put it to use for enjoyable..
we hold a rub down machine..
rub down machine?
yeah.. you can put it to use anytime..
can i take a own?
Inch, sure!
is not very it unheard of, guys?
examine out this perfect-making an are attempting long swimming pool..
with no of us the least bit..
where is my rub down machine?
okay let’s are attempting..
let’s are attempting..
where is it?
yeah helmet all the arrangement during the attach.. even in a rub down room..
on account of it is so unsafe..
yeah guys right here’s it..
you are paying 16 000 Baht (530USD)..
perchance she can get better designate yeah..
so you are paying this money for lease..
however furthermore you obtain this all products and companies the residence can present..
this unheard of rub down room..
oh with accurate rub down..
immense swimming pool..
there is a co-working residence..
and even a gasoline recount – gasoline recount for electric cars..
yeah we live in the up-to-the-minute world..
it is 2021.. so they even hold got a gasoline recount for electric cars which is moderately obliging..
it is accurate Thai rub down, man!
with out chuffed ending!
ah i mediate i’ll take a seat right here accurate for hours..
having fun with it..
from swimming pool to rub down..
from rub all the arrangement down to swimming pool..
oh god.. examine out the arrangement it is taking place..
this thing is accurate.. oh god..
okay let’s proceed our tour!
let’s lunge!
oh unheard of swimming pool right here..
it is so immense and no of us the least bit..
would it is predominant to swim right here?
Inch, undoubtedly!
i asked you, however she said “yeah she wants too”..
i desire to swim right here as successfully..
so even now it is spherical 4 p.m..
yeah and it is not very hot right here..
and you should accurate come and relax right here along with your loved ones, along with your mates, along with your young of us..
relax in swimming pool..
man, this attach is unheard of!
even a distinct swimming residence for young of us..
you learn – accurate 60 centimeters depth..
accurate a resort.. it is not very a not a residence it is resort!  
16 000 Baht a month..
5 hundred thirty bucks US..
perchance 500 USD a month.. for all the pieces right here..
even a accurate limited backyard subsequent to the canal..
and naturally..
ghost residence.. spirit residence.. not a ghost residence.. it is a residence for spirits..
we are in Thailand..
each condominium has delight in spirit residence right here..
i used to be wondering..
there are so many devices right here..
however where are the general cars?
right here is the underground parking..
there is a parking right here on ground stage..
however perchance loads of the of us quilt their cars interior a ways flung from the sunshine.. from the sunlight hours..
oh they’ve got password right here..
yeah we are able to utilize the password too..
how immense is it?
it is about 50 sq. meters..
2 bedrooms, perfect?
sure 2 bedrooms..
Here is the master suite..
i’m a master – i want a master suite..
cloth wardrobe..
perfect-making an are attempting.. easy opening doors..
right here’s a swimming pool, guys..
and again limited backyard..
i create not desire to transfer back to my delight in condominium.. i surely desire to protect right here..
right here is the 2d bedroom..
savor for young of us or for mates?
perfect-making an are attempting.. so it is a single mattress..
and we hold a balcony too..
so you should perhaps exit for birthday party whereas of us are sleeping..  
and come again later.. no one knows..
okay let’s lunge to learn the kitchen..
can you put collectively dinner?
undoubtedly, Thai food!
right here we hold electric cooking range..
and a hood..
we hold genetics cooking retailer and then the horse
and then we hold the microwave..
and then washing machine..
and in the bathing machine we hold washer and dryer too..
washer and dryer – two in a single..
oh that’s aesthetic!
you should perhaps obtain a quantity of rice..
a quantity of rice and chili..
and then we’re gonna lunge to the lavatory..
i mediate i got to transfer to the lavatory alone…
okay again sparkling blue sink..
and a bathe.. all the pieces made of marble..
is that this Jap lavatory?
is not very it?
Howdy.. or how ought to aloof i enlighten..
Howdy! Thank you!
sparkling surely sparkling room..
how powerful is it?
it is about 35 to 30 000 is dependent on the unit..
depending on the ground..
depending on the own.. depending on the furniture..
and electric and water?
it is about 1500 Baht.. is dependent on how powerful you spend..
and water ought to be 140-120 is dependent on utilize..
okay i obtain it ..
so yeah guys, about 30-35000 depending of the own, of the ground, of the furniture..
which is about 1000 USD..
plus 1500 baht for electrical energy..
which is fifty bucks..
and fifteen bucks extra for water..
however it is approximate..
however yeah this condominium is 50 sq. meters..
the old one we hold seen 35 sq. meters..
man, i desire both.. i surely desire both..
What’s right here?
right here’s a mailbox..
Every letter and a invoice will come right here..
depending on choice of room..
accurate up-to-the-minute thing.. 
and the final scene for this day..
right here’s a co-working residence..
a attach where you should perhaps come along with your computer and work with none distractions..
that’s what they call a co-working residence..
i’m able to permit you to!
And what is right here? is it attach to hold a birthday party?
yeah it is savor a kitchen..
you should perhaps put collectively dinner right here.. we hold this electric cooking range..
a sink..
we grow natural..
natural vegetables..
impressive.. surely impressive..
okay.. we are able to transfer.. we are able to transfer..
okay thanks very powerful for unheard of day.. for unheard of tour..  
yeah guys..
i hope you’ve got enjoyed this tour..
in case you are trying for residence for lease – you should perhaps contact Pat and Bkk1property.. perfect?
and it is not very a paid promotion..
accurate i’m helping a chum..
you asked me to repeat you all of these condos..
perchance she is having condos on the market too so you accurate hold to to inquire her about it..
can you obtain them factual designate?
sure undoubtedly!
okay yeah..
with any luck you’ve got enjoyed this video..
in repeat so that you can learn extra videos savor this write me in the comments..
examine out her web situation..
and i’ll learn the subsequent video moderately quickly, perchance subsequent week..
and even this week.. who knows..
okay bye bye!

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