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Insane THAI FOOD!! Amazing Cooking Abilities in Khao Lak, Thailand! 🇹🇭 สุดยอดอาหารใต้

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🍽️ Khrua Luang Then ร้าน ครัวหลวงเทน: https://goo.gl/maps/yDjEh7k1ubG4uwqc8

Khrua Luang Then (ร้าน ครัวหลวงเทน) – Right through my day out to Southern Thailand, and particularly the southern Thai province of Phang Nga, one of the restaurants I became once most having a explore ahead to sharp became once Khrua Luang Then (ร้าน ครัวหลวงเทน) – it became once a design I may maybe maybe maybe feel I became once going to like earlier than going – like minded from the peep of highly superb spices in the dishes, and the laid-reduction ambiance. Became out to be one of basically the most efficient Thai meals meals I’ve had in a truly prolonged time, one of my recent well-liked restaurants in all of Thailand.

We arrived in the morning like minded as they opened, and already Chef became once extremely good and welcoming. We ordered a bunch of dishes – and so that they procure got some unfamiliar southern Thai meals dishes that you simply won’t receive in assorted locations – so I became once extremely wrathful.

Here are the main dishes we ordered:

Bitter curry sea catfish แกงส้มปลาดุกทะเล
Pork dry curry คั่วกลิ้นเนื้อ
Fried fish turmeric ปลาทอดขมิ้น
Dusky stingray curry ผัดเผ็ดปลากระเบนดำ
Crimson ant omelet ไข่เจียวมดแดง
Octopus pineapple โวยวายสับปะรด
Sea shells หอยชักตีน
Scramble fried morning glory ผัดผักบุ้ง

Whole price – 1,800 THB ($55.46)

Earlier than sharp, I had but any other to demand Chef as he masterfully cooked the entire dishes. His insane talents and exercise of enormous portions of spice blew my type buds earlier than even starting to consume. He makes all his secure curry pastes, and sources all his substances in the neighborhood.

The meals became once completely insane, fearless, inspiring, tingly, and a sensation for the tongue. Recommendations blowing flavor, and strong to the max curries. I cherished every chew, and the entire abilities.

Khrua Luang Then (ร้าน ครัวหลวงเทน) is positioned in Khao Lak (เขาหลัก), Phang Nga province (พังงา) in southern Thailand. Khrua Luang Then (ร้าน ครัวหลวงเทน) will be featured in the Thailand Michelin Data. Must consume ought to it’s most likely you’ll maybe maybe maybe maybe be a inspiring Thai meals lover!

Thanks for watching and hope you’re having an improbable day!



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– Hey all people, hope you are
having an improbable day.
Or no longer it’s Heed Wiens.
I’m in the southern Thailand province
of Phang Nga, perfect in Khao Lak.
And one of the restaurants
that I became once most having a explore
ahead to visiting,
successfully being here is a cafe
called Khrua Luang Then.
They specialize nonetheless they take it
to a subsequent stage Southern
Thai Phang Nga meals,
and so we’re gonna consume
all of their specialties.
Optimistically, I command they’re indubitably wintry.
We’re gonna procure but any other
to peep them cooking.
We’re gonna procure a Southern
Thailand meals feast.
On this video, I’m gonna fragment
the entire improbable Southern
Thai meals with you.
(upbeat tune)
We like minded arrived straight away
perfect as they opened
and already I like minded like
the peep of this design.
Or no longer it’s so aesthetic.
Or no longer it’s like a barefoot seaside extra or much less design.
You may maybe maybe maybe for trail be
sharp and not using a sneakers on here.
There’s sand.
Among the tables are
indubitably in the sand
and there may be like minded tables form
of round under these shelters.
However the finest thing about
the restaurant so far,
like minded the look of the
restaurant is that this huge tree,
which I admire that they kept the tree.
Or no longer it’s extra or much less shading,
it’s extra or much less sheltering
the entire restaurant.
There’s like vines, there may be
greenery all round.
Or no longer it’s aesthetic enormous wood
tables and a few bamboo tables.
I admire it here earlier than
we even type the meals.
– (talking in foreign language)
– Or no longer it’s like minded this form of fab design
and we’re like minded talking along side her now attempting
to invent our reveal attempting
to get some of the strong point dishes here.
However but any other wintry thing about
this restaurant is that it became once
in the Michelin Data 2020
for Phang Nga in Thailand.
– (talking in foreign language)
– [Mark] (talking in foreign language)
– (talking in foreign language)
– (talking in foreign language)
– That ought to nonetheless be adequate.
We ordered eight assorted
dishes, eight dishes for us.
However there may be so many wintry
issues on your menu.
There’s so many unfamiliar dishes.
There are some substances
in some seafoods
that I procure no longer tried earlier than in assorted locations
in assorted ingredients of southern Thailand.
And yeah, they’re like minded so wintry already.
We’re going into the
kitchen to demand Ping Ken
as he begins to cook.
(upbeat tune)
So he’s first making
(speaks in foreign language).
So awesome.
Chef Ken,
and this one is is named
(talking in foreign language),
it’s a minced meat curry.
So he first sizzled down that curry paste.
The aroma, extra special.
Oh yeah, it’s most likely you’ll maybe maybe maybe smell that.
He charred that curry paste
and put in the minced meat
and he’s like minded searing that over fire.
In Thai it’s called (talking
in foreign language).
Or no longer it’s like a dry fry.
Or no longer it’s like a dry curry.
– (talking in foreign language)
On fable of we are the first ones here this day,
they’re like minded getting
started on all of our dishes
all around the
entire meeting line.
She like minded made our (speaks
in foreign language),
which is an omelet with ant eggs in it
and the entire ant as successfully.
That’s one of the finest
omelets it’s most likely you’ll maybe maybe maybe get.
And now, there may be some,
literally some substances
I’ve never viewed earlier than.
One amongst them is is named
(speaks in foreign language).
I command it’s one of those octopus or squid,
nonetheless in the neighborhood from this house
after which the plenty of main
dish that we’re going
to get is is named (talking
in foreign language).
I’ve never viewed that earlier than.
Or no longer it’s a black form of grey.
That’s improbable.
And he’s also searing
off that curry type.
Nicely, too many issues going on.
I’m like minded at a loss for words and chuffed
and sweating and the aromas are (laughs).
(talking in foreign language)
(upbeat tune)
The black stew and curry,
he sliced up some (speaks
in foreign language)
after which caught it into the curry.
And again his type,
his type,
in a pot,
like minded holds in the juices,
holds in that curry paste.
The aromas of the exiguous paste
and the (talking in foreign language)
and it’s extra special.
And this one is a (speaks
in foreign language).
– (talking in foreign language)
– I’m like minded flying all around the kitchen.
They’re like minded flying all around the kitchen .
Three stations going on
nonetheless I’m loving his hot cooking type
for the next dish (talking
in foreign language).
Or no longer it’s one of the final
dishes of Southern Thailand
nonetheless we’re getting it with
(talking in foreign language)
which is catfish, sea catfish,
and for his (talking in foreign language)
he added in a big spoon
of the (talking in foreign language)
which is the orange curry paste feeble
for this with tons of turmeric in it.
And he added in like a heaping spoon
of exiguous paste as successfully
and that exiguous paste,
it’s most likely you’ll maybe maybe maybe glance the effective of it,
it’s most likely you’ll maybe maybe maybe glance the chunkiness of it.
And that smells amazing.
The orangeness that’s like minded
bubbling and fire is raging.
The aromas are out of alter.
My mouth juices.
Saliva is popping into
uncontrollable on my tongue.
(upbeat tune)
– (talking in foreign language)
– And then my well-liked vegetable
to toddle in (talking in foreign language).
Or no longer it’s called pond dip,
which here they call
(speaks in foreign language)
which is the taro stems rising out.
They’re so that it’s most likely you’ll maybe maybe maybe even glance
just like the bubbliness of them.
That it’s most likely you’ll glance the airiness of them.
They’re so crunchy, they like minded
absorb all of that broth.
That’s why I admire it so extra special
for (talking in foreign language).
And he’s about to add it into the curry
with the (talking in foreign language)
– (talking in foreign language)
– I like minded like the total lot about this design,
and here’s extra or much less the
outside kitchen section
in the yard here,
and he’s showing me the entire assorted fish
that they procure got for the day.
So many assorted aesthetic fish.
Novel fish, enormous fish, exiguous fish,
chopped up fish.
What a aesthetic situation.
– (talking in foreign language)
– So the final dish that we’re getting
is (talking in foreign language)
which is fried fish with
turmeric and garlic,
and it’s most likely you’ll maybe maybe maybe glance that mortar and pestle
is appropriate fully orange
from the quantity of turmeric he’s pounding.
Turmeric goes in, a
entire stick of turmeric
after which garlic after which he’s going
to be making it with a fish called
– (talking in foreign language)
– And he acknowledged here’s the
simplest fish for the day.
He acknowledged here’s his well-liked fish.
In yelp that’s what we’re getting.
(upbeat tune)
– (talking in foreign language)
– Pounded turmeric and garlic,
then he mixes in slightly of little bit of flour,
slightly of little bit of water,
after which he like minded like indubitably
soaked the entire soup
with that mixture.
That goes straight to the
hot oil to the deep fryer
that goes in the (talking
in foreign language).
Oh, that’s aesthetic.
(oil boiling)
(jazz tune)
– (talking in foreign language)
– Ok, I command that became once the final dish.
I’m indubitably gonna
trail reduction to the desk.
I’ve never been so wrathful in my existence.
Oh, he’s a master.
He’s so perfect.
I’m no longer like minded asserting this frivolously.
I notify this loads
nonetheless I design no longer command I’ve ever
been so wrathful in my existence
to set up out this meal.
All the pieces is so his form of cooking
and like minded it’s most likely you’ll maybe maybe maybe voice
like he’s doing stuff
with out even focused on it.
That it’s most likely you’ll voice he’s this form of master.
He knows what he’s doing.
He has an acute relationship
with the curry pastes
and the substances and the fish
and the issues that he uses.
That it’s most likely you’ll like minded have faith him
for from now on or much less Southern Thai meals.
I’m particular I guarantee earlier than
I’ve even tasted the meals
that the leisure that he cooks,
that the leisure that’s on his menu,
Ping Ken, it’s gonna be famed.
He’s like minded a genius.
I’m practically worried I’m so wrathful.
Rice into the bowl.
Ping says I indubitably procure to start up
with the (speaks in foreign language).
Here is the Southern Thai.
One amongst the main staples
of Southern Thailand.
It’s a bitter curry, we
obtained it with the catfish,
sea catfish, ocean catfish
to boot to pond dips
which steadily is the taro stems.
And then yeah.
Mediate on the thickness
of that (speaks in foreign language).
Mediate at that color.
Mediate on the thickness of that
and here’s a water basically based curry.
Oh, wow.
That’s masterful flavor.
And yeah, I may maybe maybe maybe voice
when he when he made this
he put in rather a few exiguous paste,
extra exiguous paste than typical,
that affords it this form of rich umami,
this form of shrimpy flavor
and here’s a water basically based
direction so it’s miles no longer rich
or it’s miles no longer thick from coconut milk.
That’s most efficient thick from the exiguous paste
and or the curry paste
which is krill paste,
maybe krill or exiguous
paste I’m no longer entirely particular
and the curry paste, that
turmeric that garlic.
Yeah, that is extra special.
Or no longer it’s much less bitter
than some variations,
nonetheless extra umami from the quantity
of exiguous paste that he feeble.
That’s graceful, extra special.
And like minded to set up out the the
catfish subsequent on the next chew.
Oh, it’s indubitably firm.
That catfish is improbable.
I command the sea water catfish
has slightly extra of a firm texture
than the freshwater catfish.
Freshwater catfish is
usually slightly of extra mushy
and like soften on your mouth,
and like minded wrapped up in that
curry, it’s extra special.
Ok, subsequent up dish that I will no longer wait
to set up out is that (talking
in foreign language).
Here is the dry curry with beef
and like minded peep at that color,
the quantity of curry paste
in there, the inexperienced peppers.
And he added in an enormous handful
of assorted herbs as successfully.
There’s some bezels in there,
there may be some inexperienced peppercorn
there may be some (mumbles).
Factual peep at that closely.
The amount of texture in
there, the quantity of spices
and herbs the pounded
curry paste, it’s elephantine.
This quantity on this
spoon perfect now may maybe maybe maybe be
a flavor overdose and
I’m prepared to threat it.
Wow, it will nonetheless toddle on top.
Oh that is masterful.
All of that flavor is
wrapped up in that paste
which he seared down, which he dry fried,
mixed with the meat cooked
till like dehydrated,
so it’s dry, the flavour
is fully condensed.
The inexperienced pepper in there.
You type the the variety of
herbs, the bezel in there,
that will maybe maybe maybe be a flavor overdose.
Or no longer it’s inspiring,
nonetheless it’s so successfully balanced,
the total lot together.
And while it’s nonetheless hot and fresh,
I will toddle perfect into
that (speaks in foreign language),
the fried fish with turmeric and garlic.
And I admire the scheme he reduce it,
strategically so as that it absorbed
extra of the the turmeric and garlic
and also so that it’s most likely you’ll maybe maybe maybe form
of like minded pull it straight
off the bone structure
like minded pull off those fillets
which may maybe be like minded like aesthetic and crunchy.
Put apart that onto the rice
after which I will straight away
toddle for some of the sauce.
Oh, that’s graceful.
I watched him as he made this.
He took such care,
to invent particular it wasn’t overcooked,
to invent particular it wasn’t dry.
You type the juicy oiliness of the fish
so successfully fried completely.
And then like minded that improbable
like mustardy type
of the fresh turmeric, the garlic,
it’s crunchy slightly of
little bit of flour in there
to defend up it extra crunchy,
which is supreme.
And there are the (speaks
in foreign language)
the garlic sauce will be indubitably perfect,
very garlicky, frigid, lime
juice with that acidity
and no longer too candy.
That mixture.
I admire the pillowishness of that fish.
He suggested this fish,
and now I do know why, you are like minded like,
it’s unbelievably like fluffy and oily.
Or no longer it’s completely scrumptious.
(jazz tune)
Now that we now procure tried a couple dishes,
now would be an acceptable
time to explore the plate of,
in Southern Thailand it’s known
as (speaks in foreign language),
which is the plate of uncooked.
You are continuously given a plate
of uncooked fresh vegetables.
Oftentimes ought to you’re taking
a chew of inspiring curry
after which you’ll need like a mouth
cleanse earlier than the next dish,
here’s what you draw to.
So here’s an acceptable time perfect now.
As of late we procure some eggplants
we procure these forms of,
(talking in foreign language)
I neglect what it’s,
nonetheless it practically has a
licorice type I consider.
There’s some stink beans,
there may be some prolonged beans
after which this one here.
Here is the particular tournament of the day.
Our pickled stink beans.
In Thai it’s called (speaks
in foreign language).
Yeah, that’s improbable.
That like pungent juiciness
like minded overwhelms your mouth.
Oh, I admire it.
And then I will do this one subsequent.
And the brininess of that stink bean
after which like minded that aroma is
existence changingly scrumptious.
I admire them.
Stink beans are one of the
finest natural substances
in the sphere in Southern Thailand
and particularly the Malay Peninsula
and all through Indonesia.
Oh, yeah.
That leaf is for trail licorice.
I’m extra or much less talking (mumbles)
Oh and that chili sauce.
Wow, that’s unfamiliar to that
(speaks in foreign language).
That chili sauce is improbable, it’s inspiring.
Choky and inspiring and like licorice.
Oh, it’s making me trail slightly of bit.
Incredible, what a mixture of flavor.
That like like minded lifeless
mixture of (mumbles).
Factual blows your tongue away.
Next up here’s also the dish
that I’m most having a explore ahead to sharp
which is the black stingray curry
(speaks in foreign language)
And that’s the reason like minded like a
hot mess of curry paste.
Even peep on the color of that fish.
Yeah, peep on the color of it.
Wow, that is spectacular.
The inexperienced pepper flavor,
and he added a handful of
(speaks in foreign language)
which I give it some idea’s tree bezel in English
nonetheless it gives like practically
a licorice bitter herb.
It practically has this like
licorice type to it.
And then he added in a bunch
of (speaks in foreign
language) in there as successfully,
then wrapped up in that curry paste.
The fish, the stingray
practically tastes like rooster,
the mouthfeel of it and the texture,
and it’s like minded big flavor.
And then a inspiring dish like that,
you design want to race with
some of the fresh vegetables
like some fresh stink beans.
The fresh, natural, aesthetic
dietary vitamins, nothing beats,
There’s no longer any higher single
one natural ingredient
in the sphere.
Appears to be like like an acceptable time to set up out
that (talking in foreign language).
Which is the omelet with ant eggs in it.
And it’s most likely you’ll maybe maybe glance there may be
entire ants in it too.
Oh, and there, they’re perfect in there.
When you hobble down slightly of
bit, that’s an egg.
A exiguous bubbly, buttery chew of joy.
And basically the most efficient thing to
design with this omelet is
to like minded drench it in some
of the (speaks in foreign language).
The combination.
Omelet, (speaks in foreign language)
with the red ant eggs.
They’re so buttery,
after which ought to it’s most likely you’ll maybe maybe maybe maybe be feeling one on your tongue
it extra or much less has like a
exiguous bubble a texture
and you chew down.
It literally is like that
creamy buttery texture
that like minded extra or much less is released
into your mouth, into your tongue.
Ok, subsequent one they call it
(speaks in foreign language)
nonetheless a native octopus
after which we obtained it fried with pineapple.
This one will be a much less inspiring dish
nonetheless I command they may maybe maybe maybe
add a exiguous paste to it.
Nicely, we’ll glance.
However then there may be pineapple,
there may be some onions
in here, there may be some chili.
Or no longer it’s like so refreshing.
I design no longer know if it’s exiguous paste
or if its like minded the juices of the octopus,
nonetheless it’s like minded slightly of
candy from the pineapple.
Light and refreshing,
then you will procure got obtained the onions
which may maybe be nonetheless beaten.
All that’s scrumptious.
That’s like minded like soothing.
Appropriate to enhance all
the plenty of inspiring dishes
with this extra or much less like citrusy
pineapple sweetness dish.
And that’s supreme.
Ok, and the final dish we obtained
is is named the (speaks
in foreign language).
And it’s called the (speaks
in foreign language)
on account of it has this exiguous foot
that you simply usually it’s most likely you’ll maybe maybe maybe
indubitably like minded exercise the
foot and pull it out.
However these ones are extra or much less caught in here
so that you simply wish extra or much less exercise a toothpick
or a kebab stick here.
There, that’s slightly of foot
and the exiguous foot it’s most likely you’ll maybe maybe no longer
consume on account of it’s indubitably exhausting.
It appears like, oh, I like minded
broke off the foot. (laughs)
Ok, I will procure to re-get the
stick and re-dig this man out.
There we toddle.
And get this into the
(speaks in foreign language).
Or no longer it’s like minded pure, it’s like minded scrumptious.
The (speaks in foreign language),
the seafood sauce is scrumptious.
It extra or much less has the texture of squid.
At any time when we draw to this
situation of South of Thailand
and Phang Nga and Krabi,
Ying loves (speaks in foreign language).
I admire it too.
We continuously reveal it.
They’re like minded fresh,
they’re like minded scrumptious.
They’re from this house.
(jazz tune)
I command we now procure now tried all
of the plenty of dishes.
Actually each
dish, extra special flavor,
packed chubby of gear,
packed chubby of spice,
packed chubby of herbs.
Here is appropriate final happiness for me
after which on top of that like minded this design
below the tree, my
ft are in the sand.
A supreme eating ambiance both.
I’m like minded loving this
and we are gonna now strive
to raise out the entire leisure of the meals.
I will circle reduction round
to the (speaks in foreign language).
Factual the color, like minded that
hot mess of curry paste,
wet curry paste
and slightly of inexperienced pepper corn on there.
Factual like wet curry paste, chilies,
that’s like minded flavor overdose.
(jazz tune)
Or no longer it’s like so addictive.
You want minded can no longer, you is no longer going to live.
That it’s most likely you’ll no longer live you,
you design no longer want to live.
Yeah, the (speaks in
foreign language), wow.
These exiguous guys I command
they’re called (speaks
in foreign language).
They’re like exiguous sprout with beans.
They form of procure a stink
beanie extra or much less aroma
and type to them as successfully.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, those are fresh, like
slightly of gashes poof,
like minded extra or much less corresponding to you combine into your mouth.
Oh, I admire it.
(upbeat tune)
Oh, I admire it.
That became once, indubitably
one of the higher single
Southern Thai meals meals
that I’ve ever had in my entire existence,
and Southern Thai meals
is one of my well-liked
regional variations,
regional forms of cuisine
in all of Thailand.
I admire Southern Thailand.
I admire the meals of Southern Thailand,
the curries, Ying, my partner
is from Southern Thailand
in Krabi and so largely I consume
rather a few Southern Thai meals,
nonetheless that became once indubitably
standout, indubitably spectacular.
His mixture of curry paste, his
(speaks in foreign language)
is beyond your wildest
imagination of flavor.
I will like minded feel like curry paste like
practically the herbs and the spices
and chilies like minded practically
coming out of my face.
Khrua Luang Then, and
his title is Ping Ken.
He’s the chef.
Here is what I call a
five star restaurant.
The combination of the extra special meals
and the care that he takes,
the friendliness of Ping Ken
and his his partner and the employees,
it’s most likely you’ll maybe maybe maybe maybe be feeling corresponding to you are at dwelling.
That mixture of
the total lot put together
makes this what I save in mind
to be basically the most efficient restaurant
type design in the sphere.
That became once,
(talking in foreign language)
When it’s most likely you’ll maybe maybe maybe maybe be in Khao Lak,
this design is payment using
to from wherever it’s most likely you’ll maybe maybe maybe maybe be in Thailand.
I did scheme down here
from Bangkok to consume here,
nonetheless for trail ought to you are in Phang Nga,
ought to you are in Khao Lak.
What a cafe.
I want to state enormous thank
you for watching this video.
Please undergo in mind to give it a
thumbs up ought to you enjoyed it.
Crawl away a comment under I may maybe maybe maybe
like to hear from you,
and ought to you are no longer already subscribed,
click on Subscribe and also
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so that you simply straight away,
oh yeah, I’m the entire draw to the live
with curry paste perfect now. (laughs)
I will’t even consider
it, I will’t comprehend.
Ok, click on the exiguous
bell icon and subscribe
so that you simply get straight away
notified of the next video
that I submit.
Goodbye from Phang Nga,
and I will glance you on the next video.
Thanks again for watching.

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