Infinity Agogo on Walking Side dual carriageway Pattaya by Love Pattaya Thailand

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Doubtlessly the latest addition to the Walking Side dual carriageway scene, comes Infinity Agogo. Opening its doorways on 14th September 2014, Infinity Agogo used to be a fracture with locals and tourists alike. One motive it used to be this type of fracture used to be down to its neatly-accomplished marketing campaign. That fact that it’s far owned by the fellows that brought you Booze Lounge and Oscars Agogo didn’t wound both.

Nonetheless a tough marketing campaign and word-of-mouth will entirely accumulate you so many bums on seats, we popped down on a Saturday evening to expend a more in-depth look.


Infinity AgogoAs which you would possibly quiz with a newly refurbished venue, every thing in Infinity Agogo is lustrous, lustrous and sleek taking a look. It’s a laborious venue to omit. With its brightly light, red ticket which juts out, doubling up as a conceal, it in actuality draws you in, esteem a moth to a flame.

From the out of doorways Infinity Agogo is a slim taking a look venue, but as we have gotten learnt with many of Pattayas bars and golf equipment, seems to be can even be deceiving.

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