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Husky cafe in Bangkok, Thailand | #tanyakhanijowshorts #travelshorts #Thailand

Corpulent YT video: https://youtu.be/7dB2wXzeHDM

When I became as soon as in Bangkok, I no doubt wanted to set up this keep out for myself! For an entry price of 350 Baht, you acquire to play with these magnificent dogs for 1 hour!! The keep is called Honest esteem cafe. But talking objectively, listed below are some stuff you’d like to understand.

What I loved referring to the keep:
✨ The dogs are very thoroughly saved and happy, with a fat-time workers dedicated to their wants. They acquire to be pleased effectively, play, slump around and so forth.
✨ The owner treats every of them relish her kids and so that they’re thoroughly loved.
✨ Each and each dog has a distinct persona with names that suit them and that you simply could well no doubt acquire to understand them.
✨ Each and each dog became as soon as bred on the skill over the course of 11 years or so, with out exploitation.

What I mildly disliked:
✨ The dogs looked to be trained for photography, which is both magnificent and rather questionable of us humans. Anyways, I spent a honest evening with these cuties and had a form of stress-free getting to understand them as effectively.
✨ I visited this keep at a time when it became as soon as empty, but it’s a long way legendary to be a tourist sizzling space with long traces that lengthen to the automobile parking lot, for site visitors who must leer the dogs. So visit at your beget discretion. 😄

Furthermore, no longer me getting influenced by my boyfriend to switch to the Honest esteem cafe! 🤪 Thanks to the unparalleled, beautiful, humble, down-to-earth, easiest person ever Eshan (Completely no longer narrated by him, himself)

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