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HEADLINE NEWS from Pattaya & Thailand (14 October 2022) from Unheard of 103fm

Gun control in Thailand because the authorities and Police focus on various potentialities. With some referring to it as a knee-jerk response to closing week’s slaughter of over 3 dozen children and adults within the northeast, others are referring to gun control laws launched decades within the past in a whole lot of worldwide locations of the Western world, which peek licenses issued ONLY to those who gallop background assessments AND might perhaps well even be canceled at any time. Plans consist of the revocation of present gun licenses issued to of us known to fill psychological problems, use remedy, or are thought to be a threat to society. The staunch enlighten for all though is that, in all honesty, gun control laws will doubtless be not likely to adequately police, seeing many widespread participants of the public unable to protect shut weapons legally BUT the criminal and the deranged finding it EASY to desire them, albeit below the counter. Shall we direct, in worldwide locations such because the UK, which HAS strict gun control, criminals form no longer fill any field whatsoever in sourcing weapons illegally. HERE, chances are rapidly we are able to peek a gun amnesty, identical in each and every manner to those provided within the previous in a whole lot of worldwide locations, and engrossing the widespread public helpful in any illegally held weapons and ammunition at police stations without any dread of reprisal.

Thailand, along with China and India has abstained from balloting ON a UN resolution that will peek ALL UN International locations refuse to safe the legality of the enforced annexation of 4 Ukrainian provinces. The resolution was once handed without enlighten, despite the abstentions. 143 member states in favour, 35 abstentions. Belarus, the Democratic Other folk’s Republic of Korea, Nicaragua, Russia, and Syria all voted in opposition to it.

Two residents of Sakon Nakon face court after videoing themselves beating the residing daylights out of a 26 twelve months weak whom, they claimed, stole a generator and motorcycle from them. Every of their slack 40s, the males took the errant thief from his home, filmed themselves on their phones as they beat him badly, and then instructed him that if he instructed them the set their instruments was once, he will also place himself from being drowned. They then sent the clip to his family who, duly, known as the police. Amazingly they claim they’re no longer responsible.

In Ayutthaya province, shut to 6 dozen temples and ancient structures are reported to be in hazard of collapse attributable to flooding, with many serene flooded and water ranges reportedly rising. Consultants are hoping that the foundations WILL help out despite water tables being above floor.

Police barely saved a lonely-hearted girl who was once beaten so badly that as smartly as to facial injuries, 10 ribs were broken, by a man she had met on the safe. Acknowledged to be recuperating now, below scientific supervision, she has instructed police that she was once held in opposition to her will and beaten day-to-day for shut to a month after she traveled to fulfill what a gentleman ONLINE. Within hours, he had space up on her and it was once totally because police were looking out for HIM OUT on costs of assassinate of one more girl within the capital, that she was once rescued at all. Because the CSD sought him out, they received a tip-off that led them to the room. Now charged with assault, tried assassinate, and assassinate of the opposite girl, he was once being transported to the capital the day earlier than this day for further questioning.

Elegant data for football followers. Without a Thai-basically based TV firm expressing pastime within the World Cup franchise and rights to repeat the video games on tv here, the sports authority of Thailand has instructed the click that if no one else goes for it, THEY will protect shut on the license and ensure that that that the fits, kicking off in a months time are screened FOR FREE throughout Thailand. Meanwhile, at home and in Pattaya, Thursday was once pudgy to the gills with traffic as these coming for the long weekend filled the streets. From the Sukhumvit to all functions along the seafront, traffic was once gridlocked for hours. Hotels document a high occupancy rate and businesses can rely on a dangle really. Be aware is that nighttime venues will, for the most, be expected to shut at the finest 2 AM and that police will doubtless be enforcing closing times, and roadside assessments might perhaps well even be expected for these riding slack at evening, so, per chance, these cellular telephone apps for rides are the most attention-grabbing wager.

Lance Whitmore, who was once arrested in Thailand some 9 years within the past, and stumbled on responsible of dealing in remedy, spending a big series of years here in Thailand in reformatory, earlier than being allowed to transfer to a British reformatory, has this week within the slay been released with the approval of the Thai authorities. Whitmore was once transferred to the UK penal advanced machine along with his pudgy sentence within the beginning following him. It be not likely he’ll ever return to Thailand, however now others who were arrested throughout the identical period, and for identical crimes, are having a peek to peek whether their sentences will doubtless be diminished as smartly.

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