Flooded In Thailand

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I’m singing in the rain dazzling singing in the rain what a beautiful mule and I’m satisfied I’m laughing at you darkish the solar’s in my coronary heart now sign you dazzling evening to sign it effective city in Japan I’m filming geek Gaby Salah nonetheless Johnny so I’m dazzling snappy filling up my drink puny after which I’ll whisk to the market in truth feel possess some free a puny possess arduous nonetheless I dazzling prefer exercise oh my god I’m going loopy while you happen to grasp you dazzling prefer me to exercise possess it’s no longer even I dazzling genuinely prefer to I’m guessing promote nonetheless it surely’s pissing down rain so that’s so noise that genuinely my body feels so well-known higher on the present time and I in truth feel possess getting support on the bike nonetheless I’ll well perhaps perhaps perhaps give her a puny bit more as a change crime social rain perchance welcome to the safe haven thanks generous take a look at out the market nonetheless yeah my wounds are well-known higher possess I in truth feel so snappy genuinely my arm you conception that nonetheless entirely dry can you conception that it’s possess nearly butter nonetheless yes that develop into once dazzling I’m so lucky possess fellows constantly manner to provide an clarification for that might well perhaps perhaps occupy to you dazzling never know can occupy to you’re crass and you understand what paying extra money for a blinding helmet is so rate it because I ever felt glorious dazzling conduction and at hell it develop into once heavy responsibility nonetheless yeah so philosophize from the Rose and half of coronary heart so because curiously in some unspecified time in the future of smells these students is the model you scent dazzling we’ve to smuggle it in in a fetch he’s dazzling varied it’s possess execrable from my hotel so yeah I’m dazzling gonna felt possess [Music] so this puny bracelet develop into once given to me by my household for my household members my auntie and cousins it’s a moonshine bracelet and this might well perhaps perhaps supply you with dazzling success whereas touring so I motivate that with me at it I set on it because I don’t going to lose it whereas using so yeah beautiful so filling up reside 1.5 2.0 1.5 liter drink model only ticket one bar and that’s possess 25 Spa is settle for possess $4 so that is all of it as which possibilities are you’ll even justify we don’t prefer to salvage away the bride has literally flooded and I occupy to salvage across what sign I sign oh my god and so as I want a boat okay so I’m a genius and I genuinely must salvage to an island guys in overall I climb up a hill and that’s arduous I salvage soaked in water the motorway is literally flooded I’m kidding genuinely dazzling copied what these folks did I didn’t even possess of it myself [Music] whoa here is a fetch of chips oh my god that is so sizable who what the hell I’ve never had snappy possess a chip in my lifestyles she only has any individual doing that weekly grocery haul leer the least bit that lemony original inexperienced can even you imagine a flavored at motorbikes in Crimbo central markets and Adelaide neatly a pushbike or even possess a puny bit car on a facet of the motorbikes I don’t possess that would happen leer behind me it seems possess 200 the very finest suggestions in the brawl oh my god this chili [Music] banana hammock are we placing on and this closely um true now getting I’m so overjoyed now I appointed it with every puddle after I got finished [Music] it has a runt flooded my faster swimming pool so we want a trace of the heartache you understand are you re and society bored to death in I and so that you so we’re dazzling going to whisk out and conception if we are able to genuinely scoot and libros the rider bull nonetheless largely we’ve some fruit advance off it it’s slack yet again possess true here once I had lunch for Hungary and I possess it [Applause] [Music] and here’s my possess I’ve got my possess form of on the present time Hollywood I got a pineapple so we got one pineapple [Music] let’s philosophize let’s slam [Music] you [Music] leer at this nonetheless is no longer pretty [Music] so while you happen to sign this no longer prolonged coaching true so neatly I’ll must note [Music] you

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