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FAV PART OF BEING IN THAILAND 💋👬🏼🥹#HoneysInThailand #inclusivetravel #lgbttravel

We’ve never been giant on PDA unless we realised “it’s alright to spoil it?” 🥲
We realised it’s no longer correct about kissing your accomplice in public however the truth that it may perhaps in all probability perhaps neatly be freely confirmed with none judgement, on every occasion and wherever you are chuffed. And Thailand was once a sport changer by manner of that.
We felt protected, chuffed, viewed & welcomed to existing our steady selves. Most sharp hope for more countries to undertake more inclusive values, so as that we too may perhaps perhaps neatly be that couple that makes out in a pool with out the difficulty of being asked to recede😅😂😜….

#HoneysInThailand #inclusivetravel #lgbttravel

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