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EXOTIC THAI FOOD Tour! SUPER RARE boulevard food of Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Scheme 1. Larb dee khom khon yong restaurant
Deal with : Khuang Singh Chotana boulevard
Tel. 053 212949 , 0818819497

1 . Titillating minced buffalo salad ( Larb kwai) 70 baht
2 . Hot engaging buffalo soup ( kaeng om )50 baht
3. Grilled fermented sour pork ( Naem mok) 20 baht
4. Sticky rice ( khao niew ) 10 baht
Total price 150 baht

Scheme 2. Kroua larn ya mo restaurant
Deal with : Huay tung tao lake
Tel. 0818831942 , 0812926279

Meals title :
1. Jumping dinky salad ( Goong ten) 70 baht
Total price 70 baht

Scheme 3. Charoen suan aek restaurant
Deal with : soi Sansai tonkok Sanphisuea
Tel. 053 852778

Meals title :
1. Hot engaging frog soup ( Tom yum kob) 80 baht
2.Hot engaging eel soup ( Tom yum pla lai) 80 baht
3. Trail fried eel with chili ( Phad phed pla lai ) 80 baht
4. Deep fried pork gut ( sai tord) 60 baht
Total price 300 baht

Scheme 4 . Ruam chok market
Deal with : Provincial highway 1001 Faham

Meals title:
Deep fried cricket ( Jing reed tord) 20 baht
Deep fried grass hopper ( tak ka tan tord) 20 baht
Deep fried silk worm ( nourn mai informed) 2o baht
Deep fried bamboo worm ( nourn mai pai tord) 20 baht
Deep fried big water bug ( mang da tord ) 20
Total price 100 baht

Scheme 5 Thanin market
Deal with: Chotana boulevard

Meals title :
Grilled pig brain ( Ab ong or) 20 baht
Sticky rice ( khao niew) 10 baht
Total price 30 baht

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I’m a big fan of attempting assorted, provocative and unfamiliar meals in every country. My sign is from a Western level of deem, however more importantly MY level of deem, however is now now not meant to offend any particular person or culture.
though the complete lot we’re gonna consume at the present time what’s essentially the most delectable I mediate that it’s seemingly you’ll journey a leaping bean salad leaping dinky salad yeah a range of ice cream the leaping out of their car the complete substances mixed enough no nothing tastes higher than food that’s a lie accurate yeah it’s accurate so that you accurate trail I’ll make no topic you make you’re gonna be leaping around we consume them whereas they’re soundless alive the moment of pudding in my mouth it’s laborious to to find gentle to [Music] welcome to Chiang Mai right here’s my first foodie mission into Thailand on this five video collection goes to hold the complete lot amongst the southern central and northeastern regions northern Thailand has a culinary identity all its non-public and I came right here hunting for essentially the most uncommon food I would perhaps well seemingly procure I’m talking risking my lifestyles to consume raw pig’s blood soup somebody ate this soup one time certain and they got a parasite yeah why aren’t folks eating this if it’s harmful I’m talking foraging for wild food in the mountains freshly roasted bugs to start with make you hold gotten any ranch dipping sauce I’m talking quite loads of delectable meals that even essentially the most fearful traveler will be head over heels for oh my god undoubtedly one of many tip five cakes in Southeast Asia holy crap so be obvious to subscribe to this channel and take a look at support for every video on this collection at the present time I’m specializing in some of essentially the most new tasty treats in northern Thailand some of them taste sizable some consume barely of time to to find gentle to I’m right here with my recordsdata Bao I what roughly tour is this a frightening one to take a look at oh is it frightening for per chance occasion now because it’s miles excessive output because I pull out this bow I is fraction of a chef store a highly advisable tour firm that’s connecting a qualified locals and hungry company bask in me you consume all that stuff to your same outdated lifestyles rising up they build on numerous excursions right by intention of the country and at the present time Maui is taking me on a personalised tour with the neutral of getting me out of my comfort zone I bask in it one discover I resolve the Superman bamboo she’s already attempting to anguish me along with her worm squawk [Music] however I’ve but to meet a worm I didn’t bask in I wanna taste it regret the food that we can try right here is a raw Buffalo salad Raghava I imply skill Buffalo salad you don’t resolve to consume raw food no I don’t bask in it well factual however most of folks from there now now not right here to consume raw food so at the present time I’m gonna consume it raw raw Buffalo salad certain let’s make this I’ve never had Buffalo now now not to mention raw Buffalo however right here goes location 1 starts us out at a barely typical Aspect road facet restaurant the build it’s seemingly you’ll well seemingly seemingly gaze Thai style rapidly food soups and stews pour it accurate into a plastic procure for easy pickup and consume away sooner than we to find to the raw Buffalo will warmth up with some grilled pork toes I inquire you make we declare Forks for chopsticks and you acknowledged no no we consume in my hand the manner how a complete bunch folks we now hold got to knead it by hand I discovered that you’re supposed to declare bask in the pointers certain chips certain enough final time I had the food bask in up right here I was once bask in calming it in it wasn’t factual this seems very easy it’s declare some tongs yeah accurate consume them now would perhaps well seemingly soundless they dip and some dip are you gonna consume this undoubtedly one of me obvious certain enough let’s make it together Dori you don’t deserve to consume the contaminated ones I know you don’t bask in the contaminated mmm chili sauce salty engaging and the tongue is barely refined yeah that’s in actuality in actuality Juliano in most cases the men who’re to dream beyond the skin they fancy to consume a pie take into accout a accurate portal must you’re attempting to give this down in ten minutes for lunch you’re gonna to find lockjaw by the end of it however must you’re having a fight right here and there taking a shot a shot of what’s this by Oh Pablo by their surprises all over on this way in the lab the raw Buffalo salad is frequently known as larb larb is discovered in each plot in northern Thailand it would perhaps well seemingly be made with chicken crimson meat fish buffalo barely grand something else it would perhaps well seemingly be raw or scurry-fried and I in my thought discovered it to be closely seasoned with spices bask in cinnamon nutmeg cloves extensive title anis and hundreds of lemongrass our Protect Buffalo larb at the present time would perhaps even hold a sprinkling of buffalo opals blood and buffalo bile which has a deep bitterness very refined for me to to find gentle to we’re now now not going to be ingesting and both file at the present time however that is undoubtedly one of many substances in our log right here no intention how we consume it we hold a sticky legitimate then accurate this and declare the family support to befriend the food I did that seems barely straightforward so that you accurate to find a little bit ball and gold on there it’s miles try placing cherry on top and as she leaves and it in actuality afterwards oh yeah holy why now now not Ali oh that is sweet there’s so many herbs in right here about 13 spite that already in right here it’s miles loaded with spices herbs and flavors a range of lemongrass coming by intention of you don’t even in actuality in actuality feel the abdominal it accurate gives a little bit extra texture on there one other delectable bite of raw Buffalo [Music] yeah I’m a big fan it’s barely bitter the vial for at the present time’s dessert grilled a fermented sour pork after fermenting for some days the pork is heated up on the grill right here’s the manner how now now not in folks preserve the food for fides a little bit bit salty reason of the fermentation for a pair of days yeah they hold got something bask in this in central Vietnam yeah and make I make the sticky rice falling to your eyeball but again with the ball it gives you bask in something to construct the food but again and with the garlic yeah Wow these are some intense flavors going on right here pork already it’s salty it’s sour I fancy the rice because it’s so chewy it gives awesome texture to it however so delectable it makes sense this way of cooking a hundred years in the past no one had a refrigerator however is one it’s seemingly you’ll well seemingly seemingly befriend gentle bulb every per week as resplendent right here’s awesome what a sizable starts with a mettlesome let’s befriend going up subsequent something I never even knew existed leaping dinky at this barely lakeside retreat correct at the support of us is the kitchen the build they’re making the leaping dinky there are completely leaping dinky in there I don’t know if is making the best discover there the build they’re gonna hold the dinky soar those are dinky or now now not that you must consume it raw accurate wanna procure out about me enough tastes delectable candy I will’t even imagine how this works so let’s accurate trail procure out after starting with a cramped bowl filled with new herbs chilies and spices the dinky peas are invited to the occasion the chef needs to be snappily so quite loads of dinky EES are now now not misplaced in the course of some more mettlesome amongst the best half neutral for a snappy getaway whereas those that remain will be shaken up and served with a beer it’s potentially undoubtedly one of essentially the most new issues I’ve seen and I bask in viewers mixed together enough the proprietor of this recipe is frequently right here which is a unbelievable ingredient because she’s gonna sign me how to make it in actuality I’m gonna build that one support is that coarse was once that coarse is that dirty I don’t know so that you accurate trail I’ll make no topic you make oh however they’re getting out enough you accurate consume it and then make you consume it some lettuce yeah I bask in that she’s also bask in bowled over enough I don’t know I was once gonna build it support however I wager I’ll build it in my mouth sorry oh I missed it Oh got it yeah crispy juicy lemony taste in there if the dinky is a little bit too grand for it’s good to you in actuality feel equivalent to you’ve beaten too many dwell creatures you’re gonna accurate nosh also on some vegetables oh my god plus we got some beer don’t neglect about this complete ingredient and opening it opening the lid correct right here to direct deem at these guys so that they’re soundless leaping out they haven’t misplaced any gusto folks accurate befriend eating and ingesting eating and ingesting and he’ll consume all these why why consume them alive does she know per chance it’s seemingly you’ll well seemingly inquire her to reveal that if the dream is now not practical now now not non secular accurate the wonder from the dream must must consume it when alive to be factual it’s miles it it’s bask in juicy yeah crunchy yeah and then the seasoning in there is extraordinary salting and then there’s a bunch of citrus explosion surprising however it’s barely factual even when she’s the proprietor of this establishment the build they reduction this dish she soundless jumps once they soar certain you bid that watch out must you consume a meat rim salad often the circulation leaping and then they’re the complete chilies and spit into your eyes Oh watch out it’s their entirely weapon their entirely technique to fight support mmm it’s factual it’s delectable it’s accurate lots to to find gentle to then it confirmed him a laborious time I don’t bask in the Thai food that practically all foreigners know comes from Thailand central plot the north is understood for having more brothy dishes and no more coconut milk more chicken and pork and no more seafood and our food from the now now not fraction of Thailand receive little one from India Burma and China our subsequent vacation location we now hold got a frog soup and a soup with freshwater eel with a facet of fried pork gut and scurry fried eel this one seems fiery and harmful however that’s accurate tamarind sauce the usage of texture we can squawk entirely to our retina they’d resolve to take a look at out these items all correct however why now now not I in actuality feel bask in more Westerners deserve to consume gut declare soup oh enough right here’s roughly a cramped you comprehend it seems in actuality engaging certain it’s a bone soundless in the eel yeah I consume it or spit it of it no don’t if they born yeahjust even meat ma’am spit ball all correct some accurate chunks of eel internal let’s try it out [Music] mmm that is engaging I accurate I taste lemongrass and spice and fireplace however that meat is delectable ain’t nothing unfamiliar about eel eels sizable mmm that’s terrific we got one more we’re gonna try right here and sooner than we switch on and right here’s a frog that’s now now not so stoom and it’s seemingly you’ll well seemingly seemingly soundless gaze the frog skin on this good Wow so correct there that’s accurate straight-up contaminated something’s gonna befriend frog all correct let’s try it out fatty rubbery oh that’s also tremendously engaging Wow when there’s soup with bask in the bones internal that’s bask in a landmine that’s harmful on this case we accurate hold a straight meat skin no bones so that it’s seemingly you’ll well seemingly seemingly accurate to find a big heaping scoop of frog factors and accurate consume it with out a care on the planet it’s very delectable how had been corpulent flavors I imply deem at that a complete frog leg correct right here it’s bask in a quadricep hamstring that is a sturdy leg I’m sweaty the sweat is coming already for you that’s even engaging yeah very engaging I cannot to find engaging food wow that is intense however I bask in it I bask in it lots though some of at the present time’s dishes are entirely foreign to this bandana sporting dude from Minnesota the flavors had been extraordinary however our subsequent food will in actuality build that to the take a look at [Music] we are in a native market the build they’re promoting make fruit vegetables meat and bugs wait that’s all correct is this the bug plot certain and bugs would perhaps well seemingly soundless we trail consume bugs obvious enough um lettuce I’ve seen that sooner than that’s no big deal broccoli no big deal no doll the build make they cowl the bugs enough well let’s trail there I mediate we’re impending oh oh yeah we hit the jackpot bamboo lungs and warmth swimsuit lung and somewhere there are this kind of range of worms right here this lady accurate works your son worm certain oh why – what why um why did she gain the bug bask in quite loads of folks from the more than a couple of fraction of the country once they attain right here in chairman holiday they fancy to take a bamboo worm and sit down deserve to consume support bamboo worm is mainly the most costly one counterfeit bamboo worm fried bamboo worm those tools intention more dear than the the leisure cricket is mainly the most rate-fantastic sorry cricket no one cares about you I would bid I’m unnerved however I’m now now not I’ve executed this lots I’m deep into the bug sport the ingredient with bugs if they’re fried it’s no project in actuality they’re accurate crunchy and they roughly crumble to your mouth so we’re gonna to find a little bit bit of the complete lot let’s commence with some grasshopper enough they’re stuck together it counts as one and a cramped grasshopper – accurate cuz it’s adorable water bugs I’m hunting for the largest baddest water bug they got right here this one seems freaking tall that is a monster water bug oh gosh for my eating accomplice – oh it seems bask in they’re assaulted though that’s good the crickets are cheap because they’re accurate these are bask in popcorn veritably crickets are factual oh now this cricket this cricket is the build it gets a little bit assorted because that is a big head it’s a big the complete lot thorax abdominal oh however those are some good legs on there very meaty and I’ll to find one other buddy for him – from the tip they deem accurate bask in cockroaches and then right here we’re gonna to find this procure of seasoned and fried bamboo worms that in actuality seems tasty I gotta bid even as you’ve had bugs for essentially the most critical time you’re bask in enough it’s now now not a big deal they deem frightening however the taste is frequently comely yeah however there’s a range of haters accessible and a range of folks don’t comprehend it so can you level to why make some folks in northern Thailand consume bugs bask in this hunting for line need of more chicken is dear they cannot take it so the native folks in the village exit and procure this in the jungle however now it’s getting standard in town if a wing lands on this food certain is that enough I’m gonna bid it let’s commence with the crickets all correct a little bit country taste and there otherwise it’s salty it’s crunchy they’re bask in the peanuts of the insect world now now not injurious in actuality I passed the grasshopper are you fearful of this no I’m now now not you don’t bask in him I try it enough what about this big one though yeah now now not a range of taste and papery oily from being fried and then salty however now now not a ton of taste beyond that these ones deem frightful because from the tip they deem bask in a cockroach make folks ever consume cockroaches yeah why now now not we don’t disfavor cockroaches dirty however right here’s intact bask in this from the tonto so grand bask in when I was once in Vietnam some folks in the country would consume rat and it’s because that rat was once a rice rat it wasn’t eating rubbish it wasn’t diseased it was once bask in a nature Paleo rat folks aren’t eating cockroaches from the boulevard or something else bask in that these insects are all from the jungle they’ve been eating pure ingredient certain per chance make consume a rat that lengthen from in the rice self-discipline yeah that’s you oh I gotta try that you’re giving me tips I bask in it I hold to take a look at out these worms these worms in actuality deem yummy my current doctor prefer yeah right here’s essentially the most costly one to two thousand five hundred mat-su kilo per kilo practically $80 certain for these worms yeah these are essentially the most bougie worms I’ve never eaten that’s loopy it’s practically bask in a rice cake they accurate bask in crumble it’s bask in a procure of Lay’s potato chips largely air I know accurate a little bit bit of bugs I imply chips wait what I got barely of a surprise for you I got the cramped one for you I I passed did this now now not however everyone staring at now would perhaps well seemingly be declared that you’re passing we’re going to take a look at out it sooner than what you never charted never try this man because it seems frightening correct yeah so now we are in a position to admit per chance it’s frightening for everyone and now now not accurate for me oh she acknowledged that then hit laborious can consume – oh sizable guys it’s seemingly you’ll well seemingly seemingly consume the pinnacle – enough enough Hi there be mettlesome yeah right here we trail your canine has a Sherlock this mama what make you think Oh too hot to shoot oh he didn’t rub off I don’t mediate I will chunk it I don’t mediate I will apply it and we now hold got a tissue flavors factual hmm it’s accurate intention too laborious to chunk that’s bask in an accurate bask in thick fingernail sort texture factual job your first water bug certain let’s keep on with worms yeah [Music] we are on our technique to our final food our final vacation location in one other market right here the build they’re grilling up some piggy brains however per chance now now not in the manner you think I mediate it’d be laborious to grill pig brains accurate bask in loosely surroundings them on a grill so right here they’re wrapped up in a banana leaf yeah banana this one this one certain ah you’re correct it says brain correct certain Bob however of course so we got brains right here yeah they hold got a complete assortment of varied qualities and factual Christmas gifts wrapped up in banana leaves I gaze brains I hold to consume brains let’s make it let’s expose attain on greens please correct now he’s opening up the leaf to direct a little bit roughly sq. brain cake with the complete assorted substances in there it seems accurate good accurate good let me to find a sticky mislead consume me the brain sounds factual to me we’ve got some sticky rice right here now to combine the hue I gentle a ball consume it my hand bask in how now now not some folks we consume it hmm so the brains are in most cases bask in in actuality fatty salty let’s gaze let’s gaze how it’s miles oh I imply attain on it’s creamy fatty and filled with salt and bask in lemongrass taste accurate ton of that lemongrass coming by intention of him same with many of the stuff we ate at the present time however you never to find ill of it must you combine it with the rice it’s perfect that they steadiness every assorted out and right here’s immensely inventive delectable and thoughts-blowing it was once largely thoughts blowing for the equipment his thoughts was once blowing all over this leaf Cheers yeah I hold to thank a chef store but again for taking me along on this extraordinary culinary chase guys this video was once in actuality made that it’s seemingly you’ll well seemingly seemingly imagine by one outing excursions they appear to be a tour firm in Vietnam and I know what you’re thinking what Vietnam however you’re in Thailand that’s correct one outing excursions has made it that it’s seemingly you’ll well seemingly seemingly imagine for me to consume journeys bask in this hold videos bask in this right here in Thailand so I hold to reveal thanks one outing is a firm placing on excursions all right by intention of Vietnam it’s seemingly you’ll well seemingly seemingly make Meals Excursions chase excursions something else it’s seemingly you’ll well seemingly seemingly imagine my interior most current is the Mekong Delta tour they resolve you up they raise you to all these extraordinary areas you to find to take a look at out extraordinary native food meet the oldsters gaze how they hold candied coconut I imply attain on for more recordsdata on one outing take a look at out the hyperlinks in the outline down below I’m gonna gaze you subsequent week a peace [Music] [Music]

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