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eng cc) Motorway Time out to Pattaya vlog 🌴🚗💨 / jomtien seashore, khao kheow zoo, talking animals

That is the video of me traveling with my sister and my associates to Pattaya, Thailand. Hope you undercover agent this vlog gleaming 💖

ps. I’m looking for to assemble frail to vlogging so this video is all voiceover

– – – – – – –

☻ timestamps ☻
✗ DAY 1
0: 00 avenue time out begins
1: 03 the baristro at sriracha
2: 00 white dwelling café and restaurant
2: 27 disappointing 2d
3: 30 jomtien seashore
✗ DAY 2
4: 22 resort
4: 35 moderately little bit of OOTD
4: 53 khao kheow starting up zoo
5: 29 welcome to Africa
7: 06 chicken aviary
7: 53 diminutive monkeys
8: 40 momiji
9: 02 whisk dwelling!

– – – – – – –

☻ tune performed ☻
Malandragem – Quincas Moreira
A Conventional Shuffle Out – Noir Et Blanc Vie
Used Blue – Chris Haugen
Bubble Tub – The Inexperienced Orbs
Canal 3 – Quincas Moreira
Darktown Strutters Ball – E’s Jammy Jams
First Class – DJ Williams
Island Summer season Bound – Coyote Hearing

– – – – – – –

☻ about me ☻
✗ title – Kath
✗ ethnicity – 100% Thai
✗ utility – iMovie
✗ digicam – Canon G7x tag 3

#pattaya #roadtrip #zoo
Dazzling morning, everybody! Dazzling now’s enjoy 6: 30 within the morning
and we’re having a avenue time out to pattaya.
But I’m currently in one other 
city so it takes enjoy three hours power there.
I’m wearing tie-dye shirt because it’s a ways a must for beachy vibe.
my sister is the motive force for this day 
and we’re waiting for my diverse three associates
Every time we’re collectively, it’s 
repeatedly loud.
At any time when alongside time out  
Or now not it’s genuinely loud however it will not be lonely
and I enjoy it after we’re spending time collectively.
our first discontinue is the cafe known as the baristro.
We ordered brownie cheesecake and 
tiramisu however i forgot concerning the drinks  
it’s enjoy coffee and peach drink and mocktail mix
this cafe has so many spots for  
us to consume photos so we utilize some 
times there round practically one hour
and then we moved to the following cafe for our lunch  
I got seafood pad kaphao however it modified into too racy 
for me so i swapped the dish with my friend
this cafe title is white dwelling café and restaurant.
Or now not it’s situated shut to the seashore so it’s 
got diverse vibe with the baristro
in step with our opinion, we’re going to the 
island known as Ko Lan however it’s raining so  
we cannot genuinely consume the ferry to the island and 
we’ve to alternate our opinion all straight away
so i genuinely feel very disenchanted however here is 
existence we cannot management nature
then we whisk to the elephant village however there 
are so many people there we cannot genuinely  
accumulate the seats for us to sit down so we moved on
we determined on a seashore nearby known as Jomtien seashore
so we factual kick back out by the seashore and repeat 
some meals
the horrifying part is the makeup discontinue with me unless the afternoon.
I will also divulge that 
is nice for the weather in Thailand.
then, we factual trot alongside the 
seashore and ride the scenery
there are so grand of activities for other folks to attain here  
enjoy seashore volleyball, jet ski, swing or 
even the playground for the kids
it’s a ways so sizzling available so I stopped by 
a tea store and gather some refreshments
all kindly everybody undercover agent you the following day
the sky this day is roughly unhappy and
our opinion goes to the 
zoo. I hope this is in a position to perchance be honest
after we enter the zoo, the first animal that 
we undercover agent is this extensive tortoise, known as Sulcata.
and then right by the dwelling, we’ll undercover agent 
a bunch of capybaras eating grasses
you know what. these guys are 
the finest rodents on this planet
Welcome to Africa!
and you would also wonder that the 
zebra is the black horse with white stripes or
white with the black stripes. In actual fact it’s the 
black horse with white stripes
i’m gonna expose you a enjoyable reality about giraffe
that’s the darker the spots the older the giraffe.
whats up child discontinue off my contrivance
factual thoughts your obtain contrivance
so it’s clearly considered that 
the strolling giraffe is older than the standing one
dad, why you study with my boyfriend enjoy that
he stands in my contrivance first
however silent he is my boyfriend
it appears to be like to be to be like enjoy this one is a grandpa. i must pay 
my respect to him
within the reverse side there’s a meerkat
appears to be like to be to be like enjoy he is buying for one thing 
or his associates
presumably it’s seemingly you’ll well accumulate him here
oh no
factual joking
cannot you guys factual discontinue in peace 
factual within the future
nah it’s too lifeless in here
whats up however you timid me to death
all kindly all kindly resolve down honey
study those guys! having a fight again?
day by day? genuinely?
my daydream modified into ruined again. must i consume you as a replacement?
oh no
sufficient guys, I cannot genuinely model out them kindly 
now. so we are in a position to factual transfer on to the chicken aviary
guys i genuinely must ride the ambiance of 
the chicken aviary however the weather is freaking sizzling
study my face. here is what it’s enjoy it’s 
running down from my face to my toes. study that!
ah i disfavor summer in cool weather
this guy is intensely sportive. he is enjoy
we’re assembly up with the equivalent species kindly yo man
don’t thoughts those 
people factual discontinue silent i’m gonna consume your fleas
study that, study that! human ,human!
let’s reach and play!
play with us. reach on.
whats up Charlie, wait up.  
I’m so exhausted kindly now. I believe it’s 
time to head dwelling
and a monkey follows me
**** you!
goodbye, Khao Kheow. We had a genuinely giant time here.
outdated to we whisk dwelling we discontinue by 
a cafe to heal our overheating
The time has handed. We’ve to head dwelling. Our two 
days and one night time time out modified into over kindly here.
Or now not it’s sad that all of us are gonna 
face our proper hard existence again.
However, this time out has already lifted me up. 
I hope you all will accumulate the little moments  
for your existence that can even cheer you up. 
Dwell with hearts
and loads of heartsssssssss <3

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