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Dwelling Tour: CONDO LIVING in Thailand

We demonstrate a brand contemporary Dwelling tour: Home residing in Thailand, Chiang Mai. We’re going thru the total necessary facets contained in the rental. Model gray shade rental with intellectual Thai and French contact. And as you know, all house has some additional areas outside: pool, gym and spa!

Romantic Honeymoon Siam Suite, Central Chiang Mai:

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Me and Engin each and each are digital nomads.
He works as an editor and I`m an interior designer.
We started our bound 9 months in the past with an realizing of residing in 12 varied nations in 2 years.
Welcome to our adventure!

#homesurfers #2year12nation #Thailand
Hello from Thailand, Chiang Mai!
Today we arrived to a brand contemporary Home and this can even surprise you. Due to this of it’s runt bit romantic one 🙂 Let’s poke and sight togrther!
Good enough! Engin, are you ready for a honeymoon suite?
Effective, I’m
Frigid, we own an electronic key and we purchased a permission. Let’s poke!
And we are in!
Right here is our contemporary house. And we can sight that on the very foundation we own this minimalistic kitchen.
It made in white shade, so it doesn’t wretchedness you. All this house and zone is adorned a lot like you own a non-public kitchen.
We own varied dishes, pans and a few things for tea and wine and the leisure that you simply desire.
And we own electrical oven
Fine fridge, washing machine, microwave
And all collectively if truth be told looks tremendous
Let’s poke additional
Gape at this Avangard drawer! I advise it’s from fashion Art Deco.
You would per chance perchance per chance also sight that it if truth be told has a range of necessary facets and this intellectual and purple shade
And right here is our dining house. Gape, the desk is so at ease.
It be luxuriate in a square shape
We own additionally decoration, luxuriate in intellectual art work and this lighting fixtures
Also some funny colourful dry plants
So we can own dinner right here or lunch or breakfast or we can work right here
The next one is our lounge. The lounge has two sofas
This one is a greater one. It is miles so at ease. I’m in a position to now not sing to you
Oh mu God, you prefer to be right here with out a sign of ending 🙂
And in entrance of this sofa is found TV and TV wall
It has a range of drawers and varied relaxing decorations, which additionally if truth be told makes it extra relaxing and brighter
And we own this tea desk. Also huge icy. It has one additional drawer
At the actual facet, we own a smaller sofa, it be a purple shade. Wait a 2d, I will invent our gentle better
Right here is that if truth be told so tremendous adorned, colourful and Iove this lighting fixtures. It be so Avangard and Extravangard
By the capability, this sofa you might per chance per chance also delivery and recognize it
At the actual facet, we own a ultimate balcony – Wooow
It presents a range of sunshine and we own this kind of romantic house
Engin, attain you fancy it?- Effective, I attain. It looks aesthetic actual
There is a deem of the lodge known as I advise Chiang Rai lodge. It be the one amongst the smartly-known one in Chiang Mai
They’ve a aesthetic icy pool, and they own this tennis house, basketball house
You already want to head there? – Yeah, why now not? We are in a position to realize it 🙂 next time per chance. So the place attain we poke next?
And we poke next to our bedroom. After we are passing this house – we own a colossal art work, which made by oil
and right here we own this kind of at ease and tremendous carpet, which made additionally in a purple shade and it suits the sofa, drawers and all decorations inside of
And let’s poke to the bedroom!
Wow. It looks exceptional. Let’s poke and sight all the pieces one at a time.
So this fragment of the wall so intellectual and icy.
In actuality, our landlords made a ultimate job right here. They made a dusky dim wall and attributable to this all this decoration looks so icy right here
Butterflies, vegetation…by the capability, it be steel, no paper
And right here is this decorative desk and altogether is ultimate
The next one is the mattress. We own facet tables and icy lighting fixtures
And the middle of our interior is the image, this art work
As I comprehend it made by Thai native artist. And we own such particular lighting fixtures right here
So it if truth be told makes this romantic environment
And can own to you create now not want to exhaust this lighting fixtures – you might per chance per chance also exhaust candles
And the mattress made in red, red and purple colours, which is additionally icy
but we own a huge surprise right here, hit upon at this loo! right here is the bathroom!
so we can gaze each and each varied if truth be told 😀 – What?!
Effective, you might per chance per chance also be appropriate
Yeah, it be so uncommon. And hit upon, we are passing luxuriate in dresser right here
The place you might per chance per chance also dangle dresses and to find your stuff
By this glass door, you might per chance per chance also be coming contained in the bathroom
Lena!! – Hello!!
A huge mirror with a distinct additional lighting fixtures
Some plants, vegetation, this house is ultimate
I create now not know, I’m in a position to live right here
You would per chance perchance per chance even own pure gentle, some candles, temper, altogether. Oh my God, I didn’t own such an abilities. I’m worried
And late we own this tropical bathe. It be used factual pure marble tiles and altogether is so up-to-the-minute and fashionable
And right here we own separated relaxation room
And additionally a huge mirror, sink, bathroom and right here additionally one surprise
The place are we going? – We’re going out. We’re in the kitchen!
I create now not know did you realized it or now not, but this rental has a distinct contact as a result of our landlords are a world couple luxuriate in us
So the landlady is a Thai lady and her husband is French.
And by the capability, they didn’t hire any specialist luxuriate in a designer
They did all the pieces by themselves and it be if truth be told impressive
And as you know we are in a Home and Home comes with particular things. Let’s poke and sight! – Let’s poke!
You would per chance perchance per chance also originate with this!
We own a runt gym right here, but it be aesthetic precious. As I studied sports science – I’m in a position to sight that all the pieces we wanted factual right here
And late the gym, there might per chance be a SPA and sauna and additionally you might per chance per chance also get a therapeutic massage right here
Nearby the gym they made a ultimate pool with terrace deem
True a runt sitting house, which we are about to recognize it and you gonna sight it 🙂
I if truth be told luxuriate in this home, it changed into so grand relaxing for me
Let us know and observation down beneath, what did you luxuriate in the most in this home
And can own to you liked the video – please, hit the luxuriate in button. And we can sight in the following home tour. Bye-bye! – Bye!

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10 thoughts on “Dwelling Tour: CONDO LIVING in Thailand

  • October 22, 2019 at 4:55 pm

    Would you admire to are residing in this kind of condo? 🙂 What did you admire there and what you didn't?Böyle bir apartman dairesinde yaşamak ister misiniz? 🙂 Orada neyi beğendiniz ve neleri sevmediniz?

  • October 31, 2019 at 3:42 pm

    Thailand… broad for furnishings….residences

  • June 10, 2020 at 9:50 am

    hayatı yaşıyon ha engin. Zamanında parkour yaptığım için az çok tanıyorum seni. Yengemiz de öğrenmiş edit işini valla. Tebrik ediyorum. Ama hala soğuk davranıyor sanki biraz daha samimiyet iyi olur 😀

  • September 17, 2020 at 10:26 pm

    You are indubitably so lucky and breave on fable of you have got a life-style which I’ve ever dreamed.

  • January 31, 2021 at 7:31 am

    Gözlükler çok yakışmış Lena ama o güzel gözlerini kapatıyor🥰


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