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Drone photos follows 10,000 ducks “cleaning” rice paddies in Thailand

After the rice slash changed into harvested on a farm in Nakhon Pathom province in Thailand, a flock of spherical 10,000 ducks changed into launched from a pen – and instinctively streamed in the direction of the flooded fields to love pests equivalent to snails hiding in the rice stubble.

Drone photos, shooting the spectacle that resembles naturally-occurring animal migration, shows the birds zig-zagging across the fields as they headed in the direction of the nutrient-successfully off rice paddies.

This methodology of elevating ducks in rice-rising areas has lengthy been a tradition in the place and other facets of the residing. Thais call it “ped lai thoong”, meaning “self-discipline chasing ducks”.

The Khaki Campbell ducks, a British breed, are introduced to rice fields after 20 days in nursery and is doubtless to be raised on the shuffle for the next couple of months. After roaming free for approximately 5 months, they’re returned to the duck farm to invent eggs for as much as 3 years.

“The profit (for the breeder) is that we minimize costs to feed the ducks,” acknowledged Apiwat Chalermklin, 34, a breeder who took over the commercial from his father. “And in return, for the rice farmers the ducks wait on eat pests from the farm and the farmers can minimize the utilize of chemical substances and pesticides.”

Apiwat has four flocks of ducks that shuffle spherical completely different rice fields in the province the place farmers generally domesticate three rice crops every 365 days.

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